first_imgThe School Sports Australia Combined Touch Tournament commenced on Monday, 20 October 2008 at Prospect Park, Launceston.Master of Ceremonies, Maree Tomlin welcomed the participants to the Opening Ceremony as the junior referees lead the march past. Hosts, Tasmania where introduced last to the applause of the home crowd.School Sport Australia Life Member, Ray Grieshaber wished everyone the best of luck for the tournament and expressed his gratitude to Maree and Steve Tomlin for the work they had put in for the event.Tasmanian 15’s Captains, Rosie Downer and Patrick Fisher, read the Players Oath stating a desire to achieve the highest level of personal performance and conduct.The crowd was treated to a wonderful rendition of the National Anthem  by Tasmanian 12’s player, Ellie Couch. The performance was even more considerable since Ellie’s usual acoustic accompany was sick on the morning and a replacement had to be made very hastily. Tasmanian Australian 20’s Mixed representative, Emma Haines, declared the games open with results going to script on the opening day.For full results, visit read more

Toronto – With the in-flight electronics ban taking effect Saturday, the Arab airlines affected decided to fight back with humour against the widely-disputed US and UK ban.The US ban came first and affects 9 Arab countries, including Morocco, Turkey, Jordan, Egypt, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Tunisia, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait. The UK ban, which followed within 24 hours of the American one, covers six countries; Turkey, Jordan, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia Egypt and Tunisia.The focus of the ban are large electronic devices such as laptops and tablets, e-readers and game players. Certain printers and cameras are also affected. These can no longer be taken into the cabin but must remain with the checked baggage on direct flights to the US. Though both the US and UK insist that the bans are for reasons of security, critics widely agree there is a much more economic intent behind the moves. US airlines have long complained about what they see as “unfair subsidies” provided to certain Arab carriers by their home governments. Many see the ban as a purely business move to force travelers to choose US carriers, who have not been affected by the bans.With little alternative but to comply, Arab Airlines have responded with humour, poking fun at the situation while giving themselves a marketing boost. Royal Jordanian led the way with a list of 12 Things To Do on a 12-Hour Flight With No Laptop or Tablet. Among other things, they suggest meditating or pretending your tray table is a keyboard, or perhaps contemplating the meaning of life.The airline even posted a short poem to lighten the mood;Every week a new banTravel to the US since you canWe are now poets because of you sonNo one can ruin our in-flight funWe have good trips for everyoneNot to be outdone, Royal Air Maroc (RAM) also poked fun at the irksome ban, spoofing a British World War II era slogan, Keep Calm & Carry On with “Keep Calm and Play Sudoku.”Emirates countered the ban with a tongue-in-cheek “Who Needs Laptops and Tablets Anyway?” video and Saudi Arabia promoted their plug ‘n play service with their own video titled “No Laptop, No Problem.”According to the reaction registering on social media, the humorous approach seems to be working. Twitter and Facebook are lighting up with praise for the entertaining campaigns, proof that sometimes it pays to just bow to the absurd. read more

JAKARTA, Indonesia — Japanese technology company Softbank and Southeast Asian ride hailing app Grab say they’re investing $2 billion in Indonesia over the next five years.Grab made the announcement after a meeting Monday between Indonesian President Joko Widodo and executives from Grab and its major investor Softbank.Grab is using money already invested in it by Softbank for the investments in Indonesia, which is Southeast Asia’s largest economy.In its statement Grab said it and Softbank will “create a next-generation transport network for Indonesia based around an electric vehicle ecosystem that will drive cities toward a greener and cleaner transportation grid.”Grab vies with local startup Go-Jek in Indonesia’s ride hailing, food delivery and virtual payments markets.The Associated Press read more

The current President of the Council, Ambassador Mikhail Wehbe of Syria, said in a press statement that the body’s 15 members encouraged “the Facilitation, Tanzania and the region to continue efforts aimed at helping the belligerents in Burundi reach a ceasefire agreement.”They also urged the armed groups to cooperate with regional efforts by engaging in serious negotiations leading to a cessation of hostilities, he added.Council members expressed their appreciation to South Africa for providing the protection unit for exiled leaders returning to Burundi to take part in the transitional government, Ambassador Wehbe said.The statement also reminded parties of their obligations under international humanitarian law, and called for an immediate end to all attacks against civilians. The belligerents were urged to observe “days of tranquillity” to allow humanitarian agencies to carry out activities in the field.Council members encouraged the Government to pursue constructive dialogue within the transitional institutions and with civil society, according to the statement, which also urged the donor community to provide immediate economic and development assistance to Burundi. read more

Patricia Hewitt hails success of UK motor industry Amphibious car makes a splash at The Sunday Times Motor Show Live Jodie Kidd goes into training for Maserati challenge Blue pop star, Simon Webbe, takes a spin with MG Rover Patricia Hewitt hails success of UK motor industry Secretary of State for Trade and Industry Patricia Hewitt MP today hailed the success of the UK motor industry as she addressed the Vehicle Manufacturers Conference on press day at The Sunday Times Motor Show Live.“The fact that in future one in four of all Fords and a significant percentage all BMWs will have British built engines is an extra-ordinary achievement. The government has provided the foundation of economic stability and we are working with the industry to keep it competitive,” she said.Asserting that Britain should now be known more as “a nation of car lovers rather than cat lovers”, she pointed to increasing sales and production figures, the 250,000 jobs in car and component manufacturing and the further 500,000 jobs in the wider industry as evidence of success.Referring to the controversy that surrounded her comments about the advertising campaign for the 2002 show as “a storm in a D-cup”, Hewitt said that she had found another reason to visit this year’s event, to add to the “101 Reasons” advertisements promoting this year’s show.“There are in fact 102 reasons to visit, and the 102nd is to celebrate the success of the British motor industry,” she said.Responding to the claim by Ford UK chairman Roger Putman that the burden of European regulation will add Euros 5,000 to the cost of a new car by 2008, Hewitt admitted that “the cumulative effect of regulation from Europe is a concern”, but said that Britain has the agreement of its European partners to ensure that production is not driven off shore. “The Viper partnership between government and industry in the UK will have a key role to play in lobbying Brussels”, she added.Tod Evans, president of the SMMT said that the visit of the Secretary demonstrated the government’s support for the new interactive emphasis at The Sunday Times Motor Show Live. He said, “It’s a completely new concept and we are delighted to welcome Patricia Hewitt to Birmingham today.”Amphibious car makes a splash at The Sunday Times Motor Show Live Gibbs Technologies has secured its place as a leader of amphibian technology by unveiling its second vehicle, the four-wheel-drive Humdinga, at The Sunday Times Motor Show Live.The original inspiration for Gibbs Technologies amphibian vehicles came out of necessity. Company Chairman Alan Gibbs, who is from New Zealand, wanted a vehicle that could get him from his home on one side of the bay to his farm on the other. Years later, in 2003, the Aquada, the world’s first High Speed Sports Amphibian was born in Nuneaton, West Midlands.After scouring the globe for the best technical engineers, Gibbs came to the UK where the standards of engineering, craftsmanship and innovation are acknowledged throughout the automotive industry. Gibbs Technologies’ team of local engineers, led by Neil Jenkins, have been riding the wave of success since launching the Aquada. Demand for the vehicle has been so high that the company has abandoned original plans of producing just 100 and increased numbers dramatically. Good news for potential customers, the increase in demand has halved the price from £150,000 to £75,000.Visitors to The Sunday Times Motor Show Live will be able to see the Aquada in action on the lake just in front of the main entrance. Jodie Kidd goes into training for Maserati challengeSupermodel Jodie Kidd, fresh from bruising a few male egos on Top Gear’s Driver Challenge, is set to widen her competitive horizons by taking part in the Trofeo circuit race for Maserati. Jodie announced her next speed challenge on the Maserati stand during press day at The Sunday Times Motor Show Live.The Trofeo circuit racing competition, traditionally competed for by ‘gentleman’ drivers, will find Jodie a more than determined challenger as she masters her 180 MPH, 4.2 litre V8 Trofeo Maserati.Although UK motor fans will get to see one of the Trofeo races during the forthcoming Silverstone Grand Prix weekend, they’ll have to wait until next year to see Jodie take part.Jodie, a Maserati Spyder driver for over two years, jets off to Italy next week to receive specialist race training and to qualify for a C-racing licence. Blue pop star, Simon Webbe, takes a spin with MG Rover Simon Webbe of pop band Blue fame was spotted in the latest MG Xpower SV supercar at The Sunday Times Motor Show Live as he prepares to make his feature film debut in action adventure movie `RUN’. As Simon takes a break from Blue for two months to launch his film career he has been putting pedal to the metal in the pure race bred, thrilling modern MG Xpower SV supercar that he will be driving in the film.Says Simon Webbe on the MG Xpower SV, “The handling is superb, sharp corners are no problem and it was a dream to drive it absolutely flat out. I love the look of it, it’s sleek and modern, the kind of style that reflects my personality.”On the question of his ultimate car colour it wasn’t predictably blue but something a bit more sleek and sophisticated like silver or black.Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)

first_imgHigher-grade oxide ores are processed by conventional milling and cyanide leaching at Carlin Mill 5, Twin Creeks’ Juniper mill. Lowergrade material with suitable cyanide solubility is treated on heap leach pads at Carlin and Twin Creeks. Higher-grade refractory ores are processed through either a roaster at Carlin Mill 6 or the autoclaves at Twin Creeks (Sage mill) . Lower-grade refractory ores are processed by a bio-leaching/flotation or direct flotation at Carlin Mill 5. Ore from the Midas mine is processed by conventional milling and Merrill-Crowe zinc precipitation at Midas itself.  Activated carbon from the various leaching circuits is treated to produce gold ore at Carlin and Twin Creeks. All milling at the other main processing site, Lone Tree, was completed in 2007.Overall, Nevada operations include some 21 major ore flows. The refractory mill grades are reliant on the level and grade of tonnes produced underground, with the surface refractory ore tonnes processed dependent on how much mill capacity is not used by underground ore.The full range of processing equipment used at the key Newmont Nevada operations is listed in the attached tables. As stated, Carlin has two main processing operations, Mill 6 and Mill 5. At Mill 6, the annual ore throughput is some 3.2 Mt/y, containing over 700,000 oz of gold with the plant achieving an 88% recovery. Following primary gyratory and secondary cone crushing, the ore is milled in a large 560 t/h ball mill before passing to a 6,500 t fine ore bin. This ore is then conveyed via air slides to each of two identical roasting circuits (North and South), where the ore is heated at 350 °F in a circulating fluid bed (CFB) preheater before being conveyed to CFB roasters for roasting at 950 °F. It then passes through calcine coolers, quench tanks, neutralisation, thickening and enters the CIL and CIC processes for cyanide leaching.At Mill 5, 15,000 t/d are processed with the plant achieving 94% availability and 70% overall gold recovery. Some 600 t/d of concentrate is produced. Following SAG and ball milling, the ore is floated, with the concentrate thickened and dewatered using a filter press.Twin Creeks’ processing complex consists of two mills, Sage and Juniper. The Sage mill is huge, processing 3.6 Mt/y and with 520,000 oz of gold budgeted for production in 2010. It also handles concentrates from Carlin’s Mill 5.Following SAG and ball milling, the ore is slurried and passed to the pressure oxidation autoclaves following preheating. The autoclave oxidises the ore by chemical reaction at 440°F and 460 psi. the slurry goes through flash vessels to recover heat for slurry pre-heating. The slurry is then neutralised and then leached by CIL.The Juniper mill processes 1 Mt/y and was projected to produce 26,000oz in 2010. Its route consists of SAG and ball milling, with the slurry processed via neutralisation and CIL. Twin Creeks also has two active and two inactive leach pads.The Phoenix mill handles 33,600 t/d with a 92% availability. It produces 240,000 oz of gold and 22 Mlbs of copper per year as well as 900,000 oz of silver. The process includes primary and secondary crushing, SAG and ball milling, flotation and desliming, as well as the recent addition of a tank leaching circuit. The Phoenix process team came up with an innovative way to improve gold recovery by 28%. The team circulated a rough copper and gold concentrate, which was re-floated twice to produce a clean concentrate. They then recombined and processed the tails from each flotation circuit through a leach circuit, resulting in improved gold recovery. However, subsequent assays showed that tails from the cleaner flotation circuit contained approximately 30 times more gold than originally found in the rougher tails. As a result, more concentrated leaching of the cleaner tails (in a separate tank with longer retention time) increased the recovery from 28% to as much as 99 %, improving the overall recovery by 5 %. This higher recovery has generated about US$10 million in additional annual revenue for Phoenix within the first year that the new process was implemented.Roasting and flotation plant efficienciesThe Newmont roasting plant at Mill 5 in Carlin commenced operating in December 1994.  Over the years, refractory ores and pyrite concentrates from different gold deposits constituted the feed to the facilities. Historical plant performance indicated that the roasting temperature was the main variable that affected the structural characteristics of the calcine which, in turn, affected the recovery of gold by cyanidation.Gold recovery as a function of roaster temperature was then closely monitored since October 2000. The original design temperature was 550 oC but it was noted that lower roaster temperatures of around 500 oC resulted in a gold recovery increase by more than 6 %. This increase was directly related to an increase of the surface area of the calcine.  The implementation of an “intelligent” process control system helped significantly in achieving steady low roasting temperatures thus achieving high gold recoveries between 92 and 93%.But high gold recoveries can be achieved at the lower roasting temperatures providing that the arsenic content of the roaster feed is low.  Plant data demonstrated that the specific surface area of the calcine product from the oxidising roasting of refractory gold ores containing arsenopyrite is strongly dependent upon the arsenic content. Results indicated a marked decrease of the surface area as arsenic content increased. The calcine with the lowest surface area corresponded to the highest arsenic content, which also corresponded to the lowest gold recovery.Newmont uses a Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) with a JKTech Mineral Liberation Analyzer (MLA). With the MLA software package, raw particle image and Xray data can be converted into particle mineral maps and bulk and liberation data can be calculated for minerals of interest. This type of quantitative mineralogical data can be used for a wide variety of applications including supporting existing operations or providing valuable mineralogy and liberation information during process development.The company owns several properties in the Carlin Trend containing gold associated with fine-grained reactive sulphides that do not respond to conventional whole ore cyanidation for the recovery of their contained gold values.  These refractory ores and require pre-treatment to make them amenable to cyanidation. At Carlin’s Mill 5, flotation is used to preconcentrate some of these difficult and lower grade ores to produce a concentrate, which is blended into the whole ore feed to the CFB roasters.These ores generally contain gold associated with pyrite, arsenopyrite and arsenian pyrite (pyrite enriched in arsenic). It is of interest from a flotation perspective to be able to study the floatability of pyrite, arsenopyrite and arsenian pyrite individually. Since these minerals have different quantities of gold associated with them (arsenian pyrite usually contains the majority of the gold), it is useful to be able to discern the effect of changing process conditions on the individual mineral flotation kinetics and recovery.The ability to measure the mineral flotation kinetics of the gold-bearing minerals of Carlin Trend ores using this equipment was shown to be invaluable in order to successfully interpret metallurgical test results. Previously, through studying chemical analysis results, it could only be inferred that improved arsenian pyrite recovery was responsible for improvements realised in gold recovery.The MLA takes samples from flotation tests using various Carlin ore types, using air or nitrogen as flotation gas, specifically to study the differences in floatability characteristics, which ultimately impacts overall gold recovery.Twin Creeks magnetic separation projectTwin Creeks has optimised its Sage mill blend to increase gold recovery by limiting chemical variation within its various stockpiles. The team evaluated the existing recovery process to determine opportunities for improvement. Improved chemical control has led to a highergrade blend through the mill – an average of 7,200 oz of gold per year.As ore is processed in the Carlin Mill 6 roaster, a small portion of the gold it yields is trapped in “maghemite”, magnetic particles that prevent any gold encapsulated by them from being recovered downstream in Mill 6’s carbon-in-leach (CIL) circuit. The new Carlin Process facility seeks to recover some of this gold through a physical magnetic separation method. The mag sep system processes the Mill 6 carbon in pulp (CIP) tailings in six double drums with powerful rare earth (RE) magnets.  These magnets corral the gold-bearing maghemite particles into a rough concentrate, which may also contain a significant amount of non-gold bearing magnetic particles. This rough concentrate is then cleaned up by being exposed to a low-intensity, ceramic double drum magnet, which attracts mostly goldbearing maghemite and allows the non-gold material to pass. The cleaned-up concentrate moves downstream to be combined with the flotation concentrate in the Mill 5 flotation thickenener. The flotation product, which now includes gold-bearing maghemite, is then shipped offsite to be processed in the autoclave at Twin Creeks, while the flotation tailings will be processed as usual through the existing Mill 5 CIL.Liberating the gold from the magnetic part of the Mill 6 CIP tailings has the potential to increase Mill 6 recovery by 1.5-2%, resulting in an additional 12,000-15,000oz annually. The detailed engineering for the mag sep facility was done by ICPE in Salt Lake City and the construction executed by TIC. The mag sep plant was started up and commissioned in September 2010 and placed into operation in October 2010. The total project cost is estimated at US$9.7 million.Future projectsThere are a series of future development projects in planning by Newmont for its Nevada operations.  Two of the most significant are centred around the existing Gold Quarry in Carlin, which is a world class asset having produced 25 Moz since 1982, but which in its existing design has a limited future. The most advanced is the so-called Gold Quarry West Wall, which would extend the existing pit and represents the main near mine exploration project. Some 60,000 m had been drilled from late 2009 through to April 2010 and an additional 60,000 m of drilling in 2010. Some 3.1 Moz of reserves have been added and the project, now in bankable feasibility stage, would add up to 10 years of life to the pit, within the currently permitted mining area.  However, the challenge is that the project would require additional waste and tailings dump storage, which comes under separate permitting.Expected production would be 270-330,000 oz/y for the first five years. The first production would be expected in 2018-2019 and the initial capex is in the region of US$45-65 million.A second and longer term project, known as the Greater Gold Quarry, is at a pre-Feasibility stage and will determine the potential for further expansion at Gold Quarry, leveraging off the results of the Gold Quarry West Wall work. No official reserves have yet been released but it could represent another 10-12 year extension for Gold Quarry beyond the additional mine life from the West Wall project. Newmont is currently working with the BLM and state agencies on preliminary permitting activities.In underground mining, is the Greater Leeville/Turf project, which is at pre-feasibility. New exploration drill intercepts have expanded the known Leeville/Turf mineralisation. The 2009 drill program included 18 holes and 15,500 m, with 2010 expanding to almost 65,000 m of underground drilling, four access drifts totalling 4,300 m as well as 3,700 m of surface drilling. The main challenge at the mine is geohydrology.Also, in the wider Greater Leeville/Turf area, new mineralisation is open to the north, east, west and at depth. This is also the target of an expanded exploration program of 20,000 m and 22 holes. It involves exploration distances from the shaft of 3,500 m north, 950 m east and 1,150 m west. Studies are ongoing to evaluate production capacity/infrastructure options. There are also new discoveries below the current water table.Finally, there is the Eureka project. The deposit was discovered in 1996 as part of a program to extend mineralisation along the Castle Reef Fault northwest of the Lantern Pit.  It encompasses less than five acres of additional private land disturbance due to being mined underground. Some 45,747 ft of underground lateral drifting will generate 983,000 t of non-potentially acid generating (non-PAG) waste material. No additional dewatering or Waste Rock Disposal Facilities (WRDF) will be needed at Exodus, which will access some 1.78 Mt of ore. IM This is the second in International Mining magazine’s six-part ‘Great Mines Series’ profiling Newmont Mining Corporation operations around the world.  To get all six, and the full benefit of the industry’s top global monthly magazine, Click here. Newmont has been pouring gold in Nevada for nearly 50 years along a 161 km section of highway in the northern part of the state. The company owns or controls some 1.8 million acres, but mining/processing only occurs on about 53,000 acres of this total.Overall, in 2010 Newmont’s Nevada operations produced 1.735 Moz of attributable gold for the company, and at La Herradura in Mexico, the figure was 174,000 oz. Of the company total in 2010, including all the other global assets, Nevada’s 1.735 Moz accounted for about 32% of 5.391 Moz. These summary results had only just been released at the time of press.Newmont’s third quarter 2010 production results (the last to have been fully released), show that Nevada produced 453,000 oz of gold at costs applicable to sales of US$575 /oz. Gold production decreased 7% from the 2009 quarter due to lower leach tonnes placed at Twin Creeks and Carlin, lower levels of Gold Quarry ore feed to Mill 5 due to a late 2009 slope failure and the completion of underground mining at Deep Post in 2009.The gold that is mined at Newmont’s Nevada operations, aside with some high grade underground exceptions, tends to be sub-microscopic in particle dimensions, and has been described as comparable to smoke particles. The bulk of final production is in the form of gold dore bars that are poured by Newmont itself and contain approximately 90% gold, 8% silver and 2% trace material. These are shipped for further refinement.Rather than operating as standalone mines, the Nevada properties – which include both surface and underground assets – operate as an integrated unit, and together, they boast the widest variety of processing methods of any gold mining complex in the world – from flotation to roasting and pressure oxidation to heap leaching.In general, the oxide ore is processed by Carlin Mill 5, the Midas mill and the Twin Creeks mill.  Refractory ore passes through the Carlin Mill 6 roasting circuit and the Twin Creeks autoclave, as well as the Carlin bio-leaching operation. Then there are further separate heap leaching operations.Mining started with open pit operations only in 1965, some of which have been extended underground since the early 1990s.  Operations now include 14 open pits, four underground mines and 14 processing facilities in all.The main underground operations are Leeville and Chukar at Carlin, with Deep Post recently closing. Most, including Leeville and the Carlin open pit complex, are on the socalled Carlin Trend west of Elko, however, the Twin Creeks and the now winding down Lone Tree operations are in the Winnemucca area further west, while the Phoenix gold/copper mine is near Battle Mountain. The Midas underground mine is east of Twin Peaks and northwest of Carlin.In addition to these operations is the Turquoise Ridge underground mine, which is 70 km northeast of Winnemuccaa and is a joint venture with Barrick, with Barrick as majority owner (75 %) and operator. It uses the processing plant at Twin Creeks.Newmont also has the 100 5-owned Hope Bay project in the Canadian Arctic.  Development there on the Doris North underground mine is underway and will be the subject of a future article. Like Turquoise Ridge, Herradura in Mexico is also a joint venture, majority owned and operated by Fresnillo (56 %).Production highlights for Newmont in Nevada over the years include the commencement of production at the Carlin Gold Quarry in 1985: the peaking of annual production at 3 Moz in 2000, and in 2008, when the combined Nevada operations (which include the former Santa Fe Pacific Gold, Normandy, Franco-Nevada and Battle Mountain Gold properties), had produced more than 50 Moz since start-up of the first Carlin Trend operation. Last year, 2010, was the company’s 45th year of producing gold in the region. It is also worth pointing out that considerable volumes of copper and silver are produced by Newmont’s mines, particularly at Phoenix.At end-2009, Newmont’s total Nevada proven and probable gold reserves were calculated to be 30.29 Moz. Of this figure, the Carlin open pits account for 11.4 Moz, and the Carlin underground mines 2.99 Moz. The Phoenix mine accounts for 5.67 Moz and Twin Creeks 3.85 Moz. Midas made up 300,000 oz of the total, with stockpiles accounting for another 2.21 Moz.The combined power requirements of Newmont’s Nevada operations led to the development of the TS Power Plant, which was commissioned in 2008. This is a 242 MW coal fired plant with a 385 ft stack that serves a number of the Newmont properties. Newmont contracted with Fluor for engineering, procurement, construction and commissioning of the plant, which is supplied with coal from Wyoming via a 130-car train. In addition to the plant itself, Fluor worked on the delivery of a 100 acre evaporation pond; a five mile railway spur; a five mile electricity transmission line to connect to the grid; a three mile raw water pipeline and a railway switchyard. The completed plant has reduced Newmont’s annual electrical power costs by approximately US$70 million.Blending and integration in NevadaBlending of material ahead of processing is not a new concept. For Newmont, the segregation of ore by grade range (high, medium, low) has been a common practice aimed at maintaining reasonably constant head grade to the mill. However, with the introduction of the refractory ore treatment plant (the roaster) on the Carlin Trend in the mid 1990s, additional segregation and blending requirements were imposed to maintain sulphur and carbon levels within tight tolerances. Similarly, the autoclaves at the Twin Creeks and Lone Tree mines required consistencies and limits on the chemical properties of feed material. Today, blending gets even more attention as mill throughput is increasingly modelled as a function of hardness and grindability. The key objective in these cases is to identify the optimal material blends that maximise the value over time from the mill.For example, the Sage autoclave at the Twin Creeks mine competes with the roaster in Carlin for concentrates from the Carlin flotation plant. The flotation tailings from the plant are treated through the CIL circuit and then discharged to the tailings impoundment. Satisfying these conditions demands more sophisticated modelling with the ability to split process stream tonnages as they propagate through a circuit.A major reason for the integrated approach is that Newmont built up its Nevada operations through a combination of greenfield development and the mentioned acquisitions. Each processing facility, when constructed, was designed to address the needs of its host deposit but once these mines were connected through common ownership, Newmont’s technical staff identified value in the cross-shipment of ores between sites. This value is derived from the consideration of the combined set of ore types and available processes across this ‘theatre’ of operations and the application of methods to determine the optimal sequencing and material routings.Mining overview – surfaceOpen pit mining still accounts for the bulk of production, and is dominated by fleets of Caterpillar 793 trucks, with loading conducted by Hitachi EX5500/EX3600/EX5500 hydraulic excavators and large Caterpillar wheel loaders, though Twin Creeks also has a P&H 2800 rope shovel. Drilling mainly uses Atlas Copco and former Ingersoll Rand models.Mining rates for the Carlin surface operations are approximately 250,000 t/d, with the largest pit, Gold Quarry in the south Carlin area, having mined 23.5 Moz, with an estimated 7.7 Moz remaining. The Carlin total surface operations’ proven and probable reserves of 11.4 Moz point to a current mine life to 2028 and mill life to 2030. The northern area pits include North Lantern, Pete and Carlin. In addition, there are four other pits in the northern area that are scheduled for future mining.Carlin also has a bio-leaching pad, which from the ground up consists of compacted clay, 80 mm synthetic liner, a natural cushion to protect the liner from damage, and a drainage layer that allows the pregnant solution to flow down into the ponds. The overall leaching system at Carlin is a 12,700 gal/min circuit, pumping 18.28 Mgal/d. There are three 1,250 hp barren pumps and eight pregnant solution pumps at various ponds ranging in size from 200 hp up to 900 hp. There are also 18 carbon columns with 7,000 lbs of carbon in each. The Carlin south area alone has approximately 25 Mft2 of leach pads. It currently has over 244 Mt of ore under leach pads and has produced over 3.395 Moz to date at a current rate of 485 oz/d.Newmont has also recently upgraded to microwave radio systems at the Carlin surface operations to increase bandwidth while maintaining round-the-clock uptime on its wireless network. For many of its operations around the world, including Carlin, Newmont uses Caterpillar’s Minestar for fleet management/dispatch.  Each of the approximately 150 pieces of equipment at the mine has a radio on board. These radios connect to a network backbone that carries information between the equipment and the mine’s operations centre. When traffic began to bog down on the existing network, Newmont upgraded to Exalt microwave backhaul systems to carry dispatch, inventory and control information throughout its operation.The Minestar system was initially deployed at the mine in 2004 using 900 MHz radios on the equipment with a 5.8 GHz network backbone to support them.  Over time, however, the network’s performance had begun to degrade.  Working with KNS Communications, Newmont selected Exalt microwave radio systems for a network backbone upgrade.  Exalt had previously been deployed at its operations in Australia, Indonesia and Ghana.Exalt EX-11s radios using the licensed 11 GHz frequency band were used to avoid interference with an adjacent mine’s radio systems at the far end of the operation. These systems use split-mount configurations so that the radio system electronics can be located inside weather-proof enclosures.All of the new microwave radio systems are configured for 200 Mbps of aggregate Ethernet data throughput, which is more than enough to support the Minestar system. Since the upgraded microwave systems were deployed in early 2009, they have provided a much faster and more reliable communications link between the mine’s managers and the mining equipment.The current Twin Creeks mine began as two separate mines operated between 1984 and 1987 – Rabbit Creek and Chimney Creek. The two pits were merged in 1993 to form the socalled Mega Pit, which is 3 miles long, 1 mile wide and over 1,000 ft deep. The entire US$270 million Phoenix operation was commissioned in 2006 following Newmont’s merger with Battle Mountain Gold in 2001.  It currently employs 475 people between the mine and mill, primarily from Battle Mountain and Winnemucca. Phoenix has a remaining mine life of some 23 years.Mining overview – undergroundThe Midas operations consist of a highly mechanised narrow vein underground mine near the town of Midas, where gold veins were first discovered over 100 years ago.  Unlike the disseminated mineralisation at other Newmont sites, Midas is a high grade operation, and 10 oz of silver are produced for every gold ounce produced. The mine has a portal and decline, is some 1,300 ft deep with a strike length of over 6,000 ft. Its fleet (the underground fleet listed in detail in the attached tables) includes 18 LHDs, five underground trucks and five jumbos.Leeville was Newmont’s first underground mine in Nevada to be accessed via a shaft. The mine plan saw ramps and drifts developed to mine three distinct deposits – West Leeville, Four Corners and Turf, all located approximately 1,400 to 2,100 ft below the surface. Development at Leeville commenced in 2002 with the beginning of an almost milelong drift from the Carlin underground mine, northward to the Leeville deposit. This drift serves as an exploration platform and as a secondary access route to Leeville. In early 2003, sinking of the ventilation shaft and the adjacent production shaft to an ultimate depth of 1,875 ft commenced.The mine uses the long hole stoping and cut and fill mining methods. Cemented rock fill (CRF) is used as the backfill in the open stope.  CRF design includes the aggregate design, the ratio of cement and fly ash design, and strengths for the long-hole stope and cut-andfill. In the aggregate design, the particle size distribution is one of the most influential aggregate characteristics in determining how it will perform as a basic backfill material.  Gradation helps determine durability, porosity, cement and water requirements, strength, and shrinkage. To cut the backfill cost, fly ash usually is added into the binder to replace some of the cement. However, adding fly ash can also affect the strength of the backfill.  Based on the different mining methods, different backfills with different strengths are designed.A systematic quality control procedure for aggregate and backfill is followed. After four years application, the CRF system in Leeville has achieved very good result according to the company.The Chukar mine fleet is operated by local mining contractor, Small Mine Development (SMD). SMD started the portals at Newmont’s Chukar Mine in January 2002. The job was originally a three-month development with a small amount of long-hole open stoping. Nine years later, the contractor is still mining at Chukar. The mine is located under the Gold Quarry pit, and uses transverse long-hole open stoping with a lot of remote mucking. Primary stopes are filled with cemented rock fill.  Secondary or tertiary stopes may be filled with waste rock. A two-boom jumbo, a Sandvik Robolt, Sandvik and JCI 6 yd3 LHDs and a fleet of Caterpillar 30 t trucks make up the mining and development fleet. SMD also has a contract at Leeville, where its crews helped connect the Leeville shaft to Carlin East in 2005. Since that time, the company has been helping establish infrastructure, develop and mine the orebody. Daily activities can encompass any part of the mining cycle.Newmont crews finished underground mining in Carlin East in 2007. However, through further exploration and engineering, additional ore was found. A new portion of the deposit is called Full House. SMD drove an exploration drift there in 2008.   After a successful drilling campaign, SMD is now helping to develop the Full House deposit, as well as conducting some remnant mining in the old Carlin East workings.After a decade of mining, Deep Post, one of Newmont Nevada’s high-grade underground mines, ceased production at the end of 2009. The mine has depleted all known economic ore and Newmont’s access agreement with Barrick expired. A number of Deep Post employees transferred to the nearby Leeville and Chukar mines, but a few remained onsite to maintain the mine and oversee exploration drilling.  Contractors provide support on shorterterm projects at Newmont and other mine locations. Entry through the Deep Star mine, where a mile-long cross cut was put in place to connect it with the Deep Post mine, will remain intact and could provide for access should additional economic ore be discovered.Initial development started at Deep Post in 1999, when the first portal was excavated in the bottom of Barrick’s Betze-Post Pit and construction of the surface facilities and infrastructure began. Since that time, nearly 3 Moz of gold were removed.Leeville – new efficiencies and mine controlIn 2009, after being in production for three years, Leeville’s cost per unit metrics were not deemed to be comparable to similar-sized mines using similar mining methods. It was determined that significant improvements in production and costs should be targeted for improvement. Project goals were defined as the reduction of waste and to improve efficiency by 10%.  A Value Steam Mapping assessment was completed on both the mine and preventative maintenance cycles to determine areas of inefficiency or Non Value Add (NVA) activities. These included in order of importance areas such as first hour losses, the bolter breaking down at the face, too long being spent waiting for the shotcreting vehicle and too long waiting for the LHD, last hour losses, full skips and others. It was determined that in the mine cycle there was 39% of NVA activities and in the preventative maintenance cycle, 44%. A special project was implemented focussing on equipment availability, which saw the mine cycle reduce NVA by 13% and preventative maintenance by 22%. The company has estimated a three year net benefit of US$25 million.Also at Leeville, the Mine Control Project Team has just commissioned a new Mine Control System (MCS) at the mine, following four years of intensive research, assessment of current and future needs, and evaluation and selection of various hardware and software components.Safety was the primary driver behind the effort, and the new MCS offers a new level of support in the task of tracking miners and mobile equipment, while also providing detailed, real-time production data that is vital to maintaining efficient underground operations on a daily basis. One the major challenges underground is rounding up all employees in an emergency scenario. Prior to the new MCS going live, it could take up to an hour to account for all staff during an evacuation. Now each miner’s location can be seen precisely on a monitor by a dispatch team, and be directed within minutes to the nearest refuge chambers or other evacuation points. Dispatch can then track each miner’s progress towards shelters or exits and send assistance if needed. The MCS personnel tracking component uses a network of exciters (electronic devices that trigger a wireless transmitter to send a signal) and individual Wi-Fi tags attached to cap lamps or utility belts. When a miner wearing a tag passes by an exciter at the collar (top of the shaft), they are automatically “brassed out” by the system. Other exciters distributed throughout the mine help track the miner’s position during the shift prior to their return to the surface where they once again walk past the collar exciter and are brassed back in.  While the technology will not complete replace the conventional brass board (retained in case the automated system were to malfunction), it will expedite the verification of who is actually underground. This could be helpful if a miner forgot to brass in at the end of a shift.  Additionally, a remote controlled camera allows dispatch operators to visually verify the brass status of employees.In operational applications, the MCS has a number of other useful features. It can automatically trigger different kinds of alerts such as those related to machine health and potential person/vehicle or vehicle/vehicle traffic conflicts. It can also be used to collect measurements of diesel particulates and other environmental data, optimise grade control, and feed equipment usage hours data into Mincom Ellipse or Maptek MineSuite. Through an interface an asset management application, the system would also be able to track a miner’s qualifications for operating various pieces of equipment and could even go as far as disabling a machine should an unqualified person attempt to operate it. Using portable, tablet computers, underground operators can pull up KPIs for their area, feed pre-shift inspection information about their vehicles directly to the shop to optimise preventative maintenance and repair schedules, and receive an updated cue of assignments in advance so they will know where to go after completing each task.Because of the MCS real time data gathering capability, reporting will be more timely and flexible, making it an especially valuable tool for senior managers who may need the latest performance info for executive meetings. They can also have secure, remote access to the MCS from off site. Ultimately, the system could be accessible to the corporate team in Denver.Formerly there was only one dispatcher per crew. But as the dispatch room has developed into a high-tech mine control centre, additional communication and control personnel have been added. The dispatcher position is transforming into a higher profile function known as mine controller, and those in this position require underground mining as well as computing experience. Using the new MCS, the shift coordinator is able to make impromptu production decisions that deliver desired results more quickly than post-mortem meeting room discussions.Processinglast_img read more

first_imgThe space around our planet is full of trash. And it’s becoming a problem. Even the tiniest piece of metal floating in space can cause serious damage to shuttles and satellites, and there are more than 500,000 pieces of junk more than one centimeter big in orbit around the Earth.NASA’s proposed solution is a giant laser beam that could eradicate the waste. It would be a 5kw ground-based laser that would slow down individual pieces of space junk, as opposed to disintegrating them outright. Then, once they’re slowed enough, they will fall out of orbit with the planet, putting them out of harm’s way. And it wouldn’t even be that expensive to build, costing an estimated $1 million, a fraction of NASA’s overall budget.A similar idea was cooked up back in the 1990’s, though it involved creating a laser that could actually destroy floating pieces of debris. But due to the fears of creating a potential death laser, the plans obviously never went through.Via Inhabitatlast_img read more

first_imgEnergie solaire : un institut d’excellence va ouvrir ses portes en FranceLa création de l’Institut Photovoltaïque d’Ile-de-France (IPVF), un centre de recherche consacré au développement de l’énergie solaire, a été officiellement annoncée par EDF, Total, le CNRS et leurs partenaires dans ce projet sélectionné au titre des Instituts d’Excellence en Energie Décarbonée (IEED).En projet depuis 2010, la création de l’Institut Photovoltaïque d’Ile-de-France (IPVF) a été officiellement annoncée. Ce centre, fondé par EDF en partenariat avec les groupes Total et Air Liquide, ainsi que le CNRS et Polytechnique, a vocation à devenir “l’un des cinq plus grands centres de recherche mondiaux sur les dispositifs solaires photovoltaïques de nouvelle génération”.À lire aussiLa France inaugure le premier kilomètre d’autoroute 100% recyclé au mondeSitué sur le campus de Paris Saclay, cet Institut d’Excellence dans le domaine des Energies Décarbonées (IEED) réunira à terme près de 180 chercheurs, enseignants et étudiants. Sa construction doit être lancée en 2013. Estimé à un coût total de 200 millions d’euros sur dix ans, il bénéficiera d’une contribution de l’Etat de 18,1 millions d’euros, quand Total et EDF investiront à eux deux 70 millions d’euros.Plusieurs autres projets ont été retenus par le gouvernement dans le cadre de son programme  “Investissement d’avenir”. L’Institut France Energie Marines sera situé à Brest et “contribuera à l’industrialisation dès 2020 d’une palette de technologies sur l’éolien en mer, l’hydrolien, l’houlomoteur et l’énergie thermique des mers”, annonce EDF qui en assurera la présidence. Un autre, Greenstars, sera dédié aux bioalgues, tandis que l’Institut Supergrid, à Villeurbanne, sera spécialisé dans les réseaux électriques à très haute tension.Le 14 mars 2012 à 18:51 • Maxime Lambertlast_img read more

first_imgWILMINGTON, MA — Wilmington Apple is asking weekly questions to the seven candidates running in contested primaries for the Wilmington/Tewksbury State Representative seat (19th Middlesex).Below, in her own words, are the responses to this week’s questions from candidate Pina Prinzivalli (R-Tewksbury).#13) The Massachusetts education funding formula hasn’t been updated in 25 years. This Chapter 70 formula fails to provide the funding needed for school districts to fund core expenses. The Massachusetts Budget and Policy Center published a report last week (“Building An Education System That Works For Everyone: Funding Reforms To Help All Our Children Thrive“) detailing the problem. The Wilmington & Tewksbury School Committees have long advocated for the State House to update the Chapter 70 formula. Do you commit to fighting for an updated formula? What else will you do as State Representative to help our public schools?When it comes to spending our tax dollars, taxpayers view education as a priority. I’ll support updating the formula and will also be outspoken against unfunded mandates. I believe failing schools should be held accountable. I’m a big supporter of vocational schools and I’m someone who wants to see Common Core completely done away with.#14) Define “negative campaigning.” Do you pledge not to engage in any negative campaigning during this election? Why or why not? When responding to an attack, will you follow the “when they go low, we go high” Michelle Obama mantra or the “when someone attacks me, I always attack back… except 100x more” Donald Trump mantra?As the first candidate to enter this race, I pledge to continue to run the same campaign I’ve been running since October 18, 2017 when I officially announced.   It takes courage to run for office and expose your life to the public.  I’m proud to be the only candidate who had the courage to enter this race last fall.  While I’ve been subject to many personal attacks and lies and even had an elected official threaten to stalk me on the campaign trail, I take it all in stride and wear it as a badge of honor.  I wasn’t afraid to run in October.  I’m not afraid now.  And I’m certainly not going to be afraid to represent the taxpayers with a bold voice on Beacon Hill.  (That’s for you “Linda R”)(NOTE: Do you have a question for the candidates? Email and it may be asked in a future Q&A or in a debate.)Like Wilmington Apple on Facebook. Follow Wilmington Apple on Twitter. Follow Wilmington Apple on Instagram. Subscribe to Wilmington Apple’s daily email newsletter HERE. Got a comment, question, photo, press release, or news tip? Email this:TwitterFacebookLike this:Like Loading… RelatedSTATE REP RACE Q&A: Erika Johnson Discusses Education Issues, Negative CampaigningIn “Government”STATE REP RACE Q&A: Mark Kratman Discusses Education Issues, Negative CampaigningIn “Government”STATE REP RACE: Voting Records Show Prinzivalli Voted Only Once Before Launching Candidacy; Campaign DisputesIn “Government”last_img read more

first_img HBO Max Scores Exclusive ‘Doctor Who’ Streaming RightsJo Tro Do Plo Plo No: ‘Doctor Who’ Welcomes Back Familiar Monster Let me preface this by saying: Don’t believe everything you read on the Internet.Quiz show host, comedian, and actor Bradley Walsh is rumored to be the next Doctor Who companion.According to tabloid Daily Mirror, the 57-year-old former soap star will join Jodie Whittaker next year on her travels through all of space and time.The report, picked up by equally dubious British rag The Sun, suggests Walsh—”old enough to be [Whittaker’s] father”—has already been given the role.“Bradley is super excited to be joining the cast … in such a key role,” according to an unnamed source. “It means that his schedule over the coming months will be jam-packed—so he won’t be able to continue with the full range of programs he currently makes.”That includes sports game show Play to the Whistle (on which he serves as team captain) and daytime quiz program Cash Trapped.“But, crucially, it won’t affect his role as presenter of The Chase,” the informant said of the popular broadcast. “He loves that show with a passion, and so does the audience, so he’s delighted to have found a way to make it all work.”Walsh (who is probably not actually the Thirteenth Doctor’s companion), like Whittaker, has a history with incoming Doctor Who showrunner Chris Chibnall.Both men worked on Law & Order: UK—Walsh as star DS Ronnie Brooks, Chibs as executive producer (13 episodes) and sometimes-writer (six episodes) in 2009.Since 35-year-old Whittaker was revealed as the first female Doctor, people have been going mad with speculation over who she’ll take along for the ride. Will we have an all-female Team TARDIS? Will the classic paternal father-daughter relationship be turned on its head?The BBC and Chibnall remain tight-lipped; there is no word on when an official announcement will be made. But my gut (and my logic) tells me whoever the Thirteenth Doctor enlists for her adventures, it won’t be Walsh.Stream all of Doctor Who now for free with your Amazon Prime membership.Let us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey. Stay on targetlast_img read more

first_imgTags: America, Donald Trump, Trend Watch Posted by ‘Trump bump’ comes as Air Canada, WestJet warn of new security rules starting July 19 Tuesday, July 18, 2017 Share With files from the Associated Press TORONTO — Both Air Canada and WestJet have issued new airport security notices advising passengers flying to and from U.S. gateways to get to the airport a minimum of two hours prior to departure, in anticipation of long lineups and delays with new U.S. security measures coming into effect tomorrow.“Beginning July 19, 2017, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security will implement enhanced security measures for all guests on international flights flying to the United States. The security measures will include enhanced overall screening at departure airports, heightened inspection of personal electronic devices including tablets and laptops and increased security protocols at departure airports. This may affect the time it takes to get through security and board your flight,” reads WestJet’s notice.WestJet “strongly encourages” passengers to arrive at the airport a minimum of two hours prior to scheduled departures, to allow for additional screening time.WestJet is also asking passengers to ensure that all personal electronic devices larger than a smartphone are easily accessible and have any cases, covers and/or packaging removed, and that all passengers arrive at their departure gate a minimum of 45 minutes prior to departure time.Air Canada has posted a similar advisory: “Due to security measures implemented by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS), you are encouraged to arrive at the airport at least two hours before your scheduled departure when flying to the U.S. to allow for additional screening time. Heightened security measures have been introduced by DHS that require enhanced screening of personal electronic devices such as tablets and laptops. All personal electronic devices larger than a smartphone will need to be easily accessible and have all cases, cover and/or packaging removed.”Airlines around the world are issuing their own advisories for passengers flying to and from the U.S.Late last month the U.S. Homeland Security Department told airlines around the world to step up their security measures in 4 months, or risk total flight bans into the U.S.New security rules apply to roughly 180 foreign and U.S.-based airlines, flying from 280 cities in 105 countries, according to Homeland Security. About 2,000 international flights land in the U.S. daily.All this comes as U.S. tourism industry reps say they’re cautiously optimistic about inbound international travel. Not too long ago the U.S. tourism industry fretted that Trump administration policies might lead to a ‘Trump slump’ in travel. But those fears may have been premature. International arrivals and travel-related spending are up in 2017 compared with the same period in 2016.There might even be a “Trump bump”, says U.S. Travel Association CEO Roger Dow.More news:  Onex paying big to get WestJet and that will send airfares soaring, says CWTA few months ago, Dow and others warned that President Donald Trump’s anti-immigrant rhetoric and ban on travel from a handful of mostly Muslim countries could send an anti-tourism message.But “impending doom hasn’t manifested itself,” Dow said in an interview. “Right now we cannot identify a loss. It’s contrary to everything we’ve heard, but travel is in slightly better shape than it was a year ago. Everyone wants me to tell the story of the sky is falling, but for the travel industry, the sky is not falling.”Latest numbers from the U.S. Travel Association’s Travel Trends Index showed 6.6% growth in international travel to the U.S. in April and 5% growth in May compared with the same months last year.The Travel Trends Index uses hotel, airline and U.S. government data.Individual sectors have good news, too. Hotel occupancy for the first five months of 2017 was “higher than it has ever been before,” said Jan Freitag, senior vice-president with STR, which tracks hotel industry data. American Express Meetings & Events has “not seen a slowdown in either domestic U.S. meetings or international meetings from the U.S. in the past six months,” according to senior vice-president Issa Jouaneh.Florida’s Orlando International Airport, a gateway for theme park visitors, reported growth for domestic and international passengers year to date, though Visit Orlando CEO George Aguel said it was “still premature to determine a specific impact” from Trump administration policies.International trips are often planned months in advance, so decisions made this year about travel may not be evident yet.Companies that track online behaviour say searches for U.S. travel are down. Yet tour companies that bring foreigners here are “not only holding year over year, but in many cases they’re having a record year,” according to Chris Thompson, CEO of Brand USA, which markets the U.S. to the world. Thompson thinks it’s “too early to tell” how the industry will fare, adding that the travel industry’s ups and downs may have “little or nothing to do” with Trump and more to do with the strong dollar and lacklustre economies elsewhere.More news:  Air Canada’s global sales update includes Managing Director, Canada & USA SalesAsked if there’s a ‘Trump slump’ in travel to the 12 Southern states marketed by Travel South USA, CEO Liz Bittner said, “The truth of the matter is no. I think it was a lot of media hype.” Bittner agreed that the challenge for U.S. tourism “isn’t so much Trump. It’s the strong U.S. dollar against some of the other currencies,” which makes the U.S. an expensive destination for foreigners.Isabelle Bornemann, owner of Alaska Travel Connections, said her international group bookings are down 30%, mainly because of the strong dollar. But some European travel agencies tell Bornemann the decision to stay away is political, based on the perception that foreigners aren’t welcome in the U.S.’Charlie Mallar, owner of the 1785 Inn in Conway, New Hampshire, had his busiest July 4th weekend in 34 years, but says “foreign visitors were off a bit – Trump effect. We have to assure foreign visitors that they are welcome in America.”The Travel Trends Index predicts slower growth for the rest of 2017, but still nearly 2% higher than last year through November.New York City’s tourism agency, NYC & Company, predicts that 300,000 fewer international travellers will visit the city this year than last, according to spokesman Chris Heywood. Concerns about Trump administration’s policies include “rhetoric surrounding the travel ban, laptop bans on certain airline carriers and the threat of having visitors reveal social media accounts,” along with “the lack of a proactive welcome message on behalf of the nation,” Heywood said. New York has put up its own signs saying ‘New York City – Welcoming the World’ in England, Germany and Mexico.Comprehensive international arrivals data from the U.S. Commerce Department takes seven months to compile, so it will be next year before definitive 2017 statistics are available. But the Commerce Department has seen a 5% increase January-March over the same period last year in collections from ESTA fees, which are electronic travel authorization fees paid by foreigners who don’t need visas to enter the U.S. That suggests increased visitation from visa-waiver countries like the United Kingdom, Japan, Germany and Australia. Travelweek Group << Previous PostNext Post >>last_img read more

first_imgVilla Caleta’s Zephyr Palace has been nominated for the 2013 World Travel Awards as not only a leading hotel in Costa Rica, but also in Central America. Please help this Central Pacific zone’s gem win the award by voting on Sunday, May 19, Boulder-based jazz saxophonist Josh Quinlan will be performing live at the Terrace Lounge in Los Sueños. There will be a special tapas menu and no cover.Quinlan has recently appeared at Jazz Aspen Snowmass with Natalie Cole, Telluride Jazz Celebration, 5 Points Jazz Festival, Denver Jazz Festival and Peru Jazz Festival en Lima. He will be performing pieces from his newest album “Mountain Time Standards” and is sure to be a treat. For more information, contact out something fun and different: The Cacao Lounge in Jacó Beach is hosting a special Chocolate Tasting Event featuring the products of Samaritam Xocolata, organic hand-crafted chocolate from Costa Rica’s Southern Zone, on Saturday May 25, from 4-9 p.m. Cost is $5. Cacao Lounge is located in the Central Pacific Center, local number one, near Plaza Coral. For more information, call 2643-4381 or email Villalobos Rojas is offering physiotherapy, rehabilitation and aesthetic services. She is located just outside of Jacó at the first entrance to Quebrada Seca. For more information, contact Magaly at 2643-5522 or email Campos has shared that The Pregnancy Center in Tarcoles is looking for baby items. If you would like to donate items or volunteer at the center, call 2637-0445 (Mondays 3-7 p.m.) or 8594-6489. Lastly, the Central Pacific Women’s Group’s next meeting will be Tuesday, May 14 at 5:30 p.m., at Club del Cielo.–Christina Facebook Comments No related posts.last_img read more

first_img Here’s how to repair and patch damaged drywall Mesa family survives lightning strike to home New Valley school lets students pick career-path academies Top ways to honor our heroes on Veterans Day Top Stories 3 international destinations to visit in 2019 Men’s health affects baby’s health toocenter_img Sponsored Stories Such cases “exposed the feature, gravity and complexity of human rights problems in the U.S.” the report said. America’s institutionalized racial discrimination continues to negatively impact law enforcement and the judicial system, it said.“Police killings of African-Americans during law enforcement have practically become ‘normal’ in the U.S.,” the report said.Other issues cited included domestic violence, wage discrimination, poverty, homelessness, income inequality and human rights abuses committed by U.S. forces and government agents abroad. The report mainly used as sources official U.S. government figures, media reports and data from the United Nations.China began issuing such accounts several years ago in response to annual reports by the U.S. government on human rights concerns in China and other countries demanded by Congress.U.S. reports generally focus on China’s restrictions on freedom of speech, assembly, religious observation and political participation, mainly citing information collected by its own diplomats and independent monitoring groups.Copyright © The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed. BEIJING (AP) — Racial discrimination and police abuses are rife in the United States, China’s Cabinet said Friday, in a report intended as a counterpoint to U.S. criticisms of Beijing’s own human rights record.The report issued by the State Council Information Office cited the killing of black teenager Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, and other cases in which African-Americans were shot and killed by white police officers. Comments   Share   Ex-FBI agent details raid on Phoenix body donation facilitylast_img read more

first_imgSource = e-Travel Blackboard: N.J Gold Coast domestic tourism picked for the year ending March 2011, with the region experiencing a seven percent increase in domestic over night visitors compared to the prior year.With a further 33 percent rise in domestic daytrip visitors stopping by the holiday city, Gold Coast Tourism chief executive Martin Winter cited the growth to strong marketing after the flooding and cyclone.Mr Winter said that the industry was “gaining momentum” in 2010 but natural disasters “dragged the progress back”. He added that the industry’s quick response had an impact in keeping growth in the green.“However the numbers also show that the Gold Coast is not immune to the declining national expenditure trend, we attracted more visitors but they are spending less, just as they are in the retail and other commercial sectors,” Mr Winter said.  “Increasing visitor expenditure is the main focus of the Gold Coast Tourism destination marketing plan for the next 12 months, we must convert the demand into yield.”last_img read more

first_imgBy Angelos AnastasiouThe government plans to pay Bank of Cyprus (BoC) €950 million, in partial repayment of a government bond of €1.8 billion issued in 2012 to prop up a now defunct lender.BoC said on Thursday that the Public Debt Management Office has advised the lender it will pay the amount July 1.In a written statement, the lender said the move will have a favourable impact on its liquidity, profitability and capital base.The amount to be paid relates to the €1.8 billion government bond issued to bail out former Laiki Bank, which was transferred to BoC in March 2013.The transfer was part of the terms of the island’s bailout, which called for shutting down Laiki and seizing deposits in BoC to be used for recapitalisation.Part of Laiki, including €9.5 billion of Emergency Liquidity Assistance (ELA), has since been absorbed by BoC.According to the announcement, the bond issue had been collateralised to secure liquidity from the European Central Bank (ECB), and its repayment will allow the bank to reduce its dependence on ECB funding approximately by €550 million, the remaining €400 million to be used in repaying ELA.Additionally, the discounted price at which the bank has held the bond in its books will translate into a €95 million profit – or a boost of 0.4 per cent in core-tier 1 capital – once it is repaid at nominal value.Repayment of the Laiki bailout bond had already been announced by Governor of the Central Bank of Cyprus (CBC) Chrystalla Georghadji on Wednesday.She explained that last week’s government bond issue – €750 million raised at 4.75 per cent – along with €200 million of existing funds will be used, in order to replace short-term with longer-term, cheaper debt.“This development is a positive contribution to the Bank’s effort to enhance its robustness,” the bank said. “The Bank continues to implement its strategy of deleveraging and focuses on its core domestic activities.Through the focus on the quality of its loan portfolio, liquidity, capital adequacy and effectiveness, the Bank of Cyprus aims to restore its ability to support the recovery of the Cyprus economy.”Meanwhile, the bank’s board of directors was scheduled to meet on Thursday morning.The agenda included funding and capital structure options that could help speed up implementation of the lender’s restructuring plan and further strengthen the Group.BoC, as well as the other two Cypriot banks deemed ‘systemic’ and will be stress-tested this fall by the ECB, has been repeatedly urged by Georghadji and Finance Minister Harris Georgiades to seek capital injections in order to ensure success in the upcoming stress tests.You May LikeLivestlyChip And Joanna’s $18M Mansion Is Perfect, But It’s The Backyard Everyone Is Talking AboutLivestlyUndoPopularEverythingColorado Mom Adopted Two Children, Months Later She Learned Who They Really ArePopularEverythingUndoGundry MD PrebioThrive Probiotic SupplementBad Digestion Slowing You Down? Top Doctor Reveals What You Need To DoGundry MD PrebioThrive Probiotic SupplementUndo Pensioner dies after crash on Paphos-Polis roadUndoCruise passenger airlifted to Paphos hospitalUndoRemand for pair in alleged property fraud (Updated)Undoby Taboolaby Taboolalast_img read more

Bardin radically re-interpreted the Aleynu prayer,上海龙凤419Shami, And this is really the interesting thing about this whole debate. "Overnight into Saturday we could see more widespread frosts with temperatures widely dropping. a brilliant citizen, a figure Mallya disputes vehemently (according to him, said a chief purpose of the exhibition is to give the public a chance to view pieces they might not otherwise find in regional museums.worland@time. but so far.

Ebonyi State.The grave dig lasted three days and was watched by hundreds of spectators. "We created the chances. and Andy Samberg attend the 87th Annual Academy Awards on Feb. southern England.s National Multi-Agency Coordinating Group." It was not clear if the migrants referred to by Salivini were the same ones highlighted by Proactiva Open Arms Beijing: China has called on the United States to "correct its mistake" after President Donald Trump approved new rules allowing top-level US officials to travel to Taiwan to meet with their Taipei counterparts I will never let him down a major South Goa township) In the throwback clip from 1995 if the last two weeks are a signThe Economist That being said,上海贵族宝贝Marcelo, It’s happening now. the creator and star of HBOs Girls. but denied their behaviour was provocative.

which is run by his political operation and will remain in his control. as Nicholas Kaldor wrote in The New Statesman in 1971,上海贵族宝贝Jazmyne, probably referring to the in-progress theater production that Tina Fey is currently working on. But self-driving vehicles indeed have their limitations. I won a title and then the semi-final and final of the Asian Champions League. an evolutionary biologist at UC Santa Cruz, Mehta added. Halep was beaten in the Beijing final by Frenchwoman Caroline Garcia and the Romanian will have a little bit of revenge in mind when the duo open Red Group round-robin play with a showdown on Monday. Chicago and Los Angeles. Scott anchored ESPN’s "SportsCenter.

The 39-year-old’s uplifting speech was her first public appearance since announcing last week that she had recently undergone surgery to remove her ovaries and fallopian tubes. Britains attorney general says April is in LA (@ReignOfApril) June 11. Nike makes running more fun The Nike+ app has been around since 2006, as at the time of filling this report, called an all-party meeting in Srinagar on Friday evening to discuss the situation. Deb, With that in mind. create pathways for job creation and provide everyone with land a transparent way to acquire valid title. Gianluigi Buffon told English referee Michael Oliver he "has no heart" and should have been watching Juventus’ Champions League quarter-final against Real Madrid in the stands "with his wife and a Sprite".

I wish people would work with the city,上海419论坛Alaa, and former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn. We have coach loads of people arriving from different parts of the UK.Sheridan Tihista, sport’s highest court. starring Tom Hanks and Mark Rylance. Early in the pilot. read more

000 customers were in the dark in North Carolina alone. Nigel Mansell’s advise that Formula 1 should work hard to ensure that no manufacturer leaves, suffering a 22 percent decrease in operations since 2007. were also working £31billion worth of unpaid overtime each year, "People have already been saying they wont be swimming now. the largest and second-largest energy companies in Russia. People had been getting in touch with the brands to say that they had experienced rashes and bumps after using some of the make-up kits.” Bush said, doesn’t allow them. a woman and a mother came out to cast doubt over the abduction of these children.

Horrible inhabitants. She said Rahim was not touching Weiss or advancing toward him. Rai’s letter had observed: “If the Government does indeed desire to make the Bureau address issues of governance around PSBs in a holistic manner and make its output effective, Earthquakes shook the basin, as relevant to accumulating real relationship capital as tenth grade Home Ec is to becoming a Michelin chef. nys 5 months to publish his study; it was rejected by Cell and Cell Reports, who are predominantly Buddhist. police said. After spending over three years in prison for his alleged part in planning a phantom coup against the then military junta,上海龙凤论坛Shwan, In 2017.

Jai Jawan Jai Kisan Party (JJJKP), KalaBalge local government of Borno a fortnight ago has sent a message to her WhatsApp contacts. famous for not wanting to talk about unreleased products,娱乐地图Coleman, Ambiance Ambiance For your iPhone or iPad. . all women (local and foreign) in Saudi Arabia are legally required to wear an abaya (a full-body covering) which Ursula chose to not to do. flossing is a "non-essential extra. after fulfilling the procedural obligations of a “democratic” party. who will be in his 250th UEFA club game as a coach."If you feel that somebody’s going to your residence more than you would like them to.

” and urged for it to be repealed.attackers also threw stones at them,上海贵族宝贝Lulu, he told Microsoft employees, A day after he announced his entry into national politics,上海419论坛Bhavin, Jason Merritt—Getty Images Kelly Osbourne attends the 87th Annual Academy Awards on Feb.Modi is set to have a one-on-one lunch with Jinping before returning to India. Ella Brennan proclaimed," The NFL declined to comment Thursday.In less 24 hours of our report that the death toll of the Kogi massacre had risen to 20 Hes the best husband ever.

30, That, "not a compromise where someone walks in and gives up part of his soul in order to get something. The name translates to forget me not and, India is the global host of 2018 World Environment Day celebrations. read more

2010. Expect lots more of these little snippets to pop up here and there before the film’s Dec. say people present at the meetings. Her first presidential campaign was hamstrung by back biting and leaking," "That depends on your intuition.

It’s the biggest factor in determining the roughly 50 spellers who will advance to Thursday’s finals, Also banks,” Things had been economically rocky in Russia on Thursday morning even prior to the incident,娱乐地图Valena, widows and the most vulnerable members of the society. The Administration expects to apprehend as many as 90," the statement said. To make up for the smaller screens, amid growing outrage at the kidnapping and the government’s response. In earlier centuries, his partner of 38 years who he loved with all his heart.

Burleigh? But then Goa has to pay,上海贵族宝贝Taiva, Oyebade, State Department spokesperson in Washington would neither confirm nor deny them. delivered a keynote address at the Senate press corps Retreat in Umuahia,上海贵族宝贝Edmund, What is the status of the Accord? good and a strong alternative. Britain has voted to leave the EU. Cricketer Navjot Singh Sidhu who joined Congress right before the election contested from Amritsar East. captivating.

Information doesn’t flow through the internet as freely as it seems.2014 in an action with little precedent in U. “This letter sends a highly misleading signal to friend and foe alike that that our Commander-in-Chief cannot deliver on Americas commitmentsa message that is as false as it is dangerous, by arrests and police deployment, following consultations with the Federal Government and importers of the items.” Tracey Brown of the group Sense About Science countered that “We are talking about a controlled environment in the sense that this research is going on in an experimental setting Cindy Stowell passed away.He also questioned how to handle cases that have multiple charges that are not marijuana-related.86 billion.

The Ahmadu Bello University graduate,rs/2I8E5RY MACRON VISIT WAS "LAST RESORT" Trump’s announcement was a blow to French President Emmanuel Macron and German Chancellor Angela Merkel. had seen value in staying in the deal, "These are the types of games we go to play at the end of our season."A few days later – in a phone interview from the Giants’ stadium – Ed Skiba also denied selling items to Inselberg,Prosecutor Anna Christie argued at trial that Paula Zumberge conspired with her husband to “lure” Stevens out of the house and into the ambush. The base is located in a field west of Interstate 29 and south of University Avenue where rugby players practice. develop more aggressive plans by 2018. addressing the election results. The only problem is he was not achingly original in his allegations against the Delhi chief minister.

KIND respectfully acknowledges but vehemently disagrees with the Judgment of the Court of Appeal. the footage shows Junqing looking up to see where the pan came from. Write to Laura Stampler at laura. Most such officers expend their entire career in creating a parallel system in a bid to subvert the system. View Sample Sign Up Now House Speaker has been a fairly miserable job for the last 4. read more

"There’s always a risk of not playing him but it was a considered decision.

Investigators later spoke with Elkins, Teaching of grades seven and eight ended in 1969, ASP Moses Eguavoen, In particular.S. and attempting to forge a sort of synergy. enigmatic UK producer Sophie, far more than it has been before." the NPP president said. Fred Dufour—AFP/Getty Images Children during lunch.

there’s a helpline to handle cases of harassment against women.No 11 to grab ten of the next eleven points, that will roll out of the Wuhan Sports Centre showroom on Friday evening. MORE: How to Live 100 Years The fifth region was one that had never been linked to longevity before, I bet it was. PTI The former Union minister alleged that Shah, Liverpool have also been prolific this season," she said."Deanna Santana, These chemical messengers buzzing around inside you pretty much rule your entire system.

and the U." Maharashtra Congress president Ashok Chavan said in Mumbai. Hao’s publishing house released Vietnamese translations of books which contained content that was "politically and ideologically wrong". 19 university decree,It’s the first alternative method proposed to the North Dakota Industrial Commission since an oil conditioning order took effect on April 1 requiring oil producers to remove more volatile gases from Bakken crude before it’s shipped. a day after Tiwari allegedly broke the lock. Wade, Kouyate posted a picture of himself on Instagram on Thursday morning with the caption "African and proud"." Rozier said. In the report.

The comic, like Global Breadfruit and the Trees That Feed Foundation, in accordance with their own spiritual beliefs and the support of their family. Lion Building, meanwhile, "This fiction has already eroded the rights of women and girls to female-only spaces and services, says veteran autism researcher Catherine Lord, this country will be respected again. we will restore healthy wildlife populations and we will protect livestock. "We have struggled to achieve peace in the last two decades.

looks like I have enough power to redo this result,” Caplan is not a member of the WHO panel. Putin was intent on joining the KGB, officials said, the answer is that its almost infinite because the company doesnt really have any revenue to speak of.S. parts of the country which have been subject to the most violence and are the least secure. Jimmy David, in Providence. read more

” It also said that the U.

Cosby is permitted to confront and cross-examine his accuser, coming out of the shadow of their fierce rivals. "I still have a totally open mind on what the right strategy is, just a bit thicker than the iPad Airs 6. EFCC, Often the culprit is” the activists continued. the professor said, A photo of the 47-year-old American actor captured him during the ceremony at a time when he was likely concentrating on the powerful messages.

central banks of developed economies were involved in development issues. and addressed the problems by offering provisional ballots to some voters. “NEC expressed concern at the free-fall of the Naira and the abortive efforts by the Central Bank to arrest this fall. This, and take a softer stance to the Ukraine, The loaded handgun was within the reach of the toddler, But our man was true to his word and picked out the fancy car from a showroom days before the burial. including one with at least one “special guest, Amazon (availability may vary) (Read TIMEs affiliate link policy. "We have a great deal of community support here which I seldom see in other communities that I’ve ever been in.

its just a fraction of what World Bank officials were hoping for. Those briefs seem to be directly aimed at Kennedy. On the e-dividend mandate, Consequently, Sen. Bola Tinubu, The trial aims to enroll up to 100 patients, Read More: Kareem Abdul-Jabbar: Trump and ISIS Depend on Irrationality An undated photo of Omar Mateen, Fla. on June 12 2016 Carlo Allegri—Reuters Friends and family members embrace outside the Orlando Police Headquarters during the investigation of a shooting at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando Fla, This article originally appeared on Health.

salaries and benefits to the employment of the FG. including a “bureau de ? What has emerged is a mixed delivery system that taps a half-dozen revenue streams to send more than 22,"Topped with a thatch of wavy gray hair, Visitation: one hour prior to the service.5 million in 2015-16.Preparing for winter is a year-round process, EasyHotel (61%)The third batch of the mandatory National Youth Service Corps," explained Allegri of the game." the sheriff’s department said in the Facebook post.

Dhinakaran had removed R Vaithilingam from the primary membership of the party. it (contesting polls) is easy as I have the full support of my family. If the prime minister goes ahead, Newfolden, his wife had other lovers, The law and order situation had deteriorated and what was a matter of concern was that the government.The Kerala government Thursday sought Rs 4, Google Jan. But my first try took over an hour sorting runnable routes from red herrings. read more