first_imgI read Brian Kriese’s Dec. 2 letter about “entitled teachers” with interest. I agree that Niskayuna has a strong faculty and staff. I consider myself fortunate to know many educators, in our district and others, and to learn about what they do.Their job is a tough one, requiring intellect, dedication, compassion, and the desire to make a difference. They work with our children every day and spend more time with them than most of us see them ourselves. They teach, they counsel, they inspire. I have complete faith in the people that I trust with my kids. They probably don’t like me very much, and yet they are still always professional and treat my children with respect and caring.I try to get the best deal I can at work, so I understand other people doing the same. Whatever happens around the negotiating table, we should always support our teachers in the classrooms.Howard R. SchlossbergNiskayunaWarn your kids early about gamblingThe explosion of internet gambling and gaming opportunities — combined with the inescapable advertising and marketing of gaming and gambling everywhere from television to the corner store — relentlessly exposes our children to enticing messages of winning, risk-taking and excitement from a very early age.Alarming statistics reveal that almost 40% of youth ages 12-17 have gambled this past year with in-game items or real money, and 30% of these youth state that they began gambling at age 10 or younger.Youth who gamble are more likely to get lower grades, use tobacco and illegal drugs, get into fights, have mental health issues and become involved in crime. And studies show the earlier a child starts gambling, the more likely they are to have problems due to gambling later in life.Parents of children as young as 6 years old can reduce the risk of their kids ending up with a gambling problem by talking with them about gambling. Start by asking questions and listening. And, help them figure out sensible alternatives to gambling.To learn helpful tips and view brief educational videos showing real-life scenarios of parents speaking with their children about the possible serious consequences of their gaming and gambling activities, please visit RichardsAlbanyThe writer is a team leader at the Northeast Problem Gambling Resource Center.Trump’s flushing habits provide insightAn article in the Dec. 7 Daily Gazette quotes President Trump as saying, “people are flushing toilets 10 times, 15 times as opposed to once.”In clinical psychology, there is a phenomenon called “projection” in which an individual projects his own beliefs on others around him.Could his declaration be a reflection of how many times he has to flush to clear his own bowl? As a native New Yorker, for decades I’ve suspected that Trump was full of . Is this the “smoking toilet” that proves it?Pursuant to this hypothesis, I’ve filed a Freedom of Information request with the White House to find out how many times Roto-Rooter has been called to clear out the plumbing, but have yet to receive a response.Joseph LevySaratoga SpringsWhere was coverage of Pearl Harbor Day?Shame on you, Gazette. Does the date Dec.  7, 1941, mean nothing to you? The date that lives in infamy. Due to the importance of that date and the number of American lives that were lost that day alone, I would expect full front page articles.Pam NicholSaratoga Springs Barbara J. Stowell’s Dec. 9 letter (“Americans must stand up to bullies“) stated that there is overwhelming evidence that President Trump committed a crime, yet she neglects to specify the fact that leads her to that conclusion.For liberals, it’s a feeling, an opinion, DNC/MSM talking points or just plain hate that becomes fact. There was not one witness that had direct knowledge of a crime. And their law professors, with the exception of Turley, were all rabid Trump haters. Even if Trump “required” Biden be investigated, it wasn’t a crime. Why are Democrats always immune from criminal investigation? Biden’s admitted quid pro quo is fine, while Trump’s make-believe one is criminally impeachable. President Trump has been under attack from day one and accomplished more in less than one term than the media darling Obama did in eight years.Should Trump win a second term and the House, I for one will enjoy watching the liberals and all their media allies have a nervous breakdown.Dave DankanichGalwayClifton Park’s park needs friendly nameRegarding Clifton Park’s new 37-acre park: The acquisition of the land was a great community effort. To recognize this effort, we would like to propose the name for the park: “Friendship Park.”Bob RiceFrank BerlinClifton ParkSt. Clare’s retirees deserving of justiceChristmas is a time for families to reflect on what is really important in life. It is also about showing gratitude and compassion. This is a time for all of us to think about the very special St. Clare’s Hospital retirees who have won the hearts of so many people.Due to the actions of the St. Clare’s Hospital, these 1,129 caregivers were left to care for themselves, over 400 to live the rest of their lives with a 25 percent slash in their retirements, while 600-plus former employees will get nothing at all. This is no way to treat loyal employees.The retirees are trying to find a way to eliminate worry, stress, overcome fear, and live anxiety free, which is not easy for them. They are still going through hell; no one should have to suffer like this. Everyone knows they are deserving of their retirements, but the hospital left them no way to receive them.The Capital Region has been wonderful with support from political leaders, TV stations, radio stations, newspapers, editorial staff, journalists and letters to the editor. We should always stand with the caregivers through this horrible journey. Their lives have been ruined due to selfishness. That is a fine way to repay the act of kindness the retirees gave. They are hurting and afraid at what might happen to them. How can they sleep living a nightmare? May God watch over them and may justice prevail.Walter “Neal” BrazellRotterdamUrge Stefanik to back carbon pollution billKudos must be extended to the Plattsburgh Common Council, as it recently endorsed the Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act, a congressional bill that would apply a fee to carbon pollution. Coming from a climate smart community this message is powerful, as this municipality practices climate mitigation.John Kerry, founder of the new bipartisan climate coalition, World War Zero, has stated that our climate situation is in a crisis. We have so much to do, and penalizing the production of carbon pollution is an excellent option.Plattsburgh’s Common Council, along with the town of Plattsburgh, has opened a door for other communities to wisely embrace this fee on damaging pollution. Finally, many of us should call on Rep. Elise Stefanik to cosponsor this timely and important bill. She would join over 70 other members of Congress who have signed on.Sally CourtrightAlbany Homelessness sign of a poor economyThis is the true reality about the economy. When you have 500,000 homeless people in the United States, this is proof the economy is getting worse. The average rent and mortgage are over $1,000 a month, jobs cut hours, you cannot get a second job, and you have to work their schedule or your hours will be cut even more. You end up on food stamps. Stores are closing; everyone is buying everything online. You cannot pay your rent. You end up getting evicted and become homeless.Concetta CannizzaroNiskayunaU.S. and the world need more of TrumpI’m not sure what channel Ms. Fialkowski is watching. Maybe the Cartoon Network? Her comment in her Dec. 3 letter (“America needs an FDR, not a Trump“) that the Republicans need to let go of the 2016 election is so ignorant I couldn’t help but comment.Since the night of the 2016 election, Mrs. Clinton and the Democrats haven’t admitted defeat. They’ve claimed President Trump colluded with the Russians. Then they claimed he obstructed the investigation. They spent $30 million on the Mueller Report. He said there was no collusion or obstruction. Now they’re claiming he tried to bribe Ukraine. It’s the Democrats that cannot let go of the 2016 election.Donald Trump has done more for this country in three years than Obama did in eight. The black community and the Hispanic community are enjoying unprecedented employment. Jobs are coming back. He’s fighting for all of us, not just unions, undocumented immigrants, homosexuals, Muslims and any other voting bloc. That was Obama.When you pay more in taxes and you get the same percentage cut, you’re going to get a larger reduction. It’s not President Trump’s fault; it’s math. Donald Trump is holding the members of NATO accountable. Each member nation is to pay 2% of their nation’s GDP.He’s calling out those that don’t. The United States is one of about 20 nations in NATO and we pay 2% of the budget. He’s thinking of the taxpayer. The Democrats are assuring the reelection of Donald Trump. Keep it up Democrats.Dave EdwardsHalfmoonCommit to support of local businessesI was thrilled to see so many people out and about in downtown Schenectady during Small Business Saturday. Seeing Congressman Paul Tonko supporting our local businesses, both new and established,  is a great way to spotlight and support these local businesses.I don’t think people really understand how important shopping local really is — three times the economic impact. That’s money spent and redirected back into the local economy. Nearly half of the private sector workforce is comprised of small businesses employees.I am making a commitment and am challenging other local business owners; from this Small Business Saturday until next, if I can get it locally, from a brick and mortar, I will not order it online.This means no books from Amazon. Instead, I will only buy my books from a local independent.Step away from the screens and pop into the open door. Have a real live conversation with other people who also like to read. Get a staff suggestion from another person, not an algorithm. Consumer-driven change means every purchase you make is a vote for the way something is made, the company that makes it or the store that sells it.Local supports local. It is one of my passions. Better together, supporting Schenectady business.Adine ViscusiSchenectady McCarthy can’t hide from cleanup failureThe Gary McCarthy administration has been rightfully and roundly criticized on these pages for its bungling of snow removal after our recent snowstorm.Thank goodness the weather warmed up and much of the snow (if not the ice) melted to finally make the streets passable. Schenectady was the only area city that had to suspend school for two days because of the snowstorm and unbelievably had to call in the National Guard to help with snow removal.On this most basic of governmental tasks for municipalities in the Northeast – snow removal – the city failed miserably.The city clearly has an issue with its workforce, likely stemming from contentious contract negotiations. I do not lay the blame on city workers for the failings of management. The mayor can make all the excuses he wants, but he needs to take control of his labor issues and any issues with independent snowplow contractors and just fix them.McCarthy may stonewall records requests, bury his head in the sand over the city’s plentiful code enforcement problems and hide the details of his vaunted “Smart Cities” plans, but he should not and cannot hide from responsibility over failing city residents in this most basic of tasks — unless he just doesn’t care about city residents.Dennis QuinnSchenectadyOnly evidence is of Trump’s successes More from The Daily Gazette:EDITORIAL: Thruway tax unfair to working motoristsFoss: Should main downtown branch of the Schenectady County Public Library reopen?Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s press conference for Sunday, Oct. 18EDITORIAL: Find a way to get family members into nursing homesEDITORIAL: Urgent: Today is the last day to complete the census Robocall bill won’t solve the problemI read The Telephone Robocall Abuse Criminal Enforcement and Deterrence Act (TRACED Act) and the Stopping Bad Robocalls Act. In my opinion, they’re both nothing more than political gobbledygook and nonsense made to make it seem that the morons in Washington are actually working for the people.I’ve been submitting robocalls calls to the FCC for over a decade and it does no good at all. Congressman Paul Tonko seems proud of this, and even sent an email praising this “milestone legislation.” Just how, congressman, will this do any good? I’m still getting calls from robocallers that show up as you in my caller ID. How about permanently ending robocalls, and stop being led by the hatred of Speaker Nancy Pelosi and wasting your time trying to bring this country down.Mary Jo VendittiGlenvillePEF members do a lot for New YorkersAll across New York state, Public Employees Federation (PEF) members like myself work hard every day providing vital services to New Yorkers. We’re the nurses, parole officers, engineers, scientists, IT professionals, environmentalists, bridge inspectors and so many more of New York’s public employee workforce who keep our communities safe and our state running smoothly.I’m part of an IT communications team for a state agency, largely made up of highly skilled professional PEF union members. We’re at the forefront of promoting and supporting important IT projects that enhance and improve the lives of New Yorkers statewide through technological innovation. Across our great state, the important progress we’ve made in technology that benefits our communities can be seen in healthcare, transportation, government, business and the environment, just to name a few. The impact PEF union members have had working in state government has been invaluable.PEF is currently in contract negotiations with the state. We’re looking for a contract that provides affordable healthcare, fair wages, safe staffing requirements, and that will enable us to continue providing New Yorkers with the best possible services.We love what we do, and we want to continue doing it. From the land you farm, to the food you eat, to the water you drink, to the streets you walk, to the forests you camp in, to the beaches you tan at, to the highways you drive, PEF members are there protecting, safekeeping and improving your state, each and every day.Philip RogersLathamConstitution gets no respect from TrumpDuring the course of a Fox News interview in April 2017, Donnie Trump blamed the U.S. Constitution for the problems he encountered during his first 100 days in office. Apparently, the pesky checks and balances built into our system got in the way of his wanna-be dictator tendencies.Nothing Trump has said or done since that time has altered the fact that he has no regard or respect for our Constitution, and the same can be said for the Party of Trump.Conservative author and commentator Laurence Vance succinctly summed it up, stating that, “The only limited government that Republicans seek is a government limited to control by Republicans.”Walter WoukSummitWe should all support our kids’ teachers Categories: Letters to the Editor, OpinionStop denying how harmful Trump isIt is a shame that there are so many people in denial over, not just the phone call to the Ukraine, but all the other insane happenings surrounding this character in the White House who wants to be king.He has surrounded himself with inept opportunists who have hurt every one of us who consider ourselves patriots and believers in our Constitution. It’s not a Dem thing; it is a protection of our rights that we all must be aware of. We have those who are still using Hillary Clinton as a comparison for a defense for the character in our White House. She’s gone. Look at what is happening to our democracy right now. The man has to go from our lives. T-Tyrant, R-Racist, U-Uncouth, M-Malicious, P-Perfidious. This is not a reality TV show.Richard Moran Sr.Scotialast_img read more

first_imgPep Guardiola has often suggested Arteta could succeed him at City (Picture: Reuters)Arsenal want to be absolutely certain they are getting the right man this time, and Arteta will need to convince Sanllehi, Edu and other key figures, such as managing director Vinai Venkatesham, in person.While Arteta would be keen on taking over at Arsenal, Manchester City could tempt him to commit to the Premier League champions by promising him the City job when Pep Guardiola eventually leaves.MORE: Arsenal board and players already have concerns over Freddie Ljungberg after just one weekMORE: Former Tottenham boss Mauricio Pochettino responds directly to Arsenal rumoursMore: FootballRio Ferdinand urges Ole Gunnar Solskjaer to drop Manchester United starChelsea defender Fikayo Tomori reveals why he made U-turn over transfer deadline day moveMikel Arteta rates Thomas Partey’s chances of making his Arsenal debut vs Man City Advertisement Metro Sport ReporterSunday 8 Dec 2019 12:25 amShare this article via facebookShare this article via twitterShare this article via messengerShare this with Share this article via emailShare this article via flipboardCopy link3kShares If Arsenal decide to appoint someone mid-season, then Arteta is the top pick (Picture: Getty)Despite their woes, Arsenal’s decision makers have insisted that they will remain calm and patient as they search for a permanent successor to Emery – though they may have to speed up if the club’s struggles under Ljungberg continue.AdvertisementAdvertisementADVERTISEMENTAccording to The Telegraph, Arsenal chiefs favour a move for Arteta if they are rushed into making an appointment before the summer.There is a belief that there will be more managers available come the end of the season – with the likes of Thomas Tuchel linked with a departure from PSG – with Arteta the best available choice right now.More: Arsenal FCArsenal flop Denis Suarez delivers verdict on Thomas Partey and Lucas Torreira movesThomas Partey debut? Ian Wright picks his Arsenal starting XI vs Manchester CityArsene Wenger explains why Mikel Arteta is ‘lucky’ to be managing ArsenalArsenal’s hierarchy – which is led by head of football Raul Sanllehi and technical director Edu – do not want to be rushed into a decision, but feel Arteta is the stand-out pick if Ljungberg’s spell in charge unravels further.However, as was the case when he was in the frame to replace Arsene Wenger, the Spanish coach will be subjected to an ‘Apprentice-style’ interview grilling in order to land the job. Advertisement The Gunners’ decision makers feel Arteta is the stand-out candidate so far (Picture: Getty)Arsenal’s hierarchy have made Mikel Arteta the leading candidate to take over as their new manager but will reportedly demand an exhaustive interview with the Manchester City coach.The Gunners parted company with Unai Emery at the end of November and put Freddie Ljungberg in charge on an interim basis, though the Swede has been unable to halt the team’s current malaise.Arsenal drew in Ljungberg’s first game in charge away at Norwich and lost at home to Brighton in midweek and they are now on their longest run without a league win since 1977. Arsenal hierarchy favour Mikel Arteta as next manager but will demand gruelling interviewlast_img read more

first_imgThe Globe and Mail 1 April 2018Family First Comment: Canada is the Niagara Falls of euthanasia! Very Brickendens are one of the few couples in Canada to receive a doctor-assisted death together, and the first to speak about it publicly.On March 27, George and Shirley died holding hands in their own bed in a Toronto retirement home.Their children, who watched from the foot of the bed, say the couple drew their last breaths at almost the same moment.Mrs. Brickenden’s body was wracked by rheumatoid arthritis, an inflammatory condition that turned her hands into swollen purple claws.Her heart was failing. She nearly died during an operation after she suffered a heart attack in 2016.That was enough for two doctors – as required by the law – to conclude in early 2017 that Mrs. Brickenden was eligible for an assisted death.Around the same time, two different physicians assessed Mr. Brickenden. The first felt that Mr. Brickenden’s advanced age and frailty made him a candidate for an assisted death, but the second disagreed because Mr. Brickenden did not have a specific underlying illness that made his death reasonably foreseeable, the standard set out in the legislation.READ MORE:   Keep up with family issues in NZ. Receive our weekly emails direct to your Inbox.last_img read more

first_img Cristiano Ronaldo first moved into his Turin retreat two years ago Behind the happy scene, though, is a portrait of Ronaldo’s father Jose, who died 15 years ago with an alcoholism-related liver condition, aged just 52. Ex-Real Madrid attacker Ron courted controversy in Portugal when he moved into a plush rented home in a fishing village after reportedly growing frustrated of life in a townhouse. But now the 35-year-old is back at his Turin mansion – two villas tucked away together on a hill in a private road guarded by security. Ronaldo, pictured training back in February, is spending 14 days in quarantine after flight back Read Also: Inter Milan plot Icardi swap deal for Arsenal forward Of course, there’s a swimming pool and every possible aid to fitness that Ronaldo could want… everything, that is, apart from the real thing. And he craves that return to the pitch even more than he wanted his home comforts. FacebookTwitterWhatsAppEmail分享 Promoted Content11 Most Immersive Game To Play On Your Table Top6 Interesting Ways To Make Money With A DroneTop 10 Most Populated Cities In The WorldBest & Worst Celebrity Endorsed Games Ever MadeHere Are The Top 10 Tiniest Mobile Phones On The Planet!Which Country Is The Most Romantic In The World?World’s Most Delicious Foods5 Of The World’s Most Unique Theme Parks8 Things You Didn’t Know About Coffee12 Stars You Would Never Recognize Without Their Signature Look7 Black Hole Facts That Will Change Your View Of The UniverseFantastic-Looking (and Probably Delicious) Bread Art Cristiano Ronaldo has posted a loving first picture of his family back inside their Turin home as he quarantines before Juventus resume training. Captioning his snap “The Greatest Love,” he grinned as he played with his four children on a sprawling sofa – in the week partner Georgina Rodriguez hinted another baby could be on the way. Cristiano Ronaldo has posted a loving first picture of his family back inside their Turin home as he quarantines before Juventus resume training. Having returned from two months locked down in Madeira, the Portugal superstar is itching for a return to full practice outside as Serie A edges just weeks away from a probable restart And although he looks laid back in his latest picture, the ever-focused former Manchester United hero has stayed in awesome physical condition during the coronavirus pandemic via regular gym-work, plus sprinting sessions with Georgina. Portugal hero Cristiano Ronaldo and family are back at their hillside mansion in Turin Ronaldo’s oldest child, nine-year-old Cristiano Jr, was draped across him in the living room like a diving footballer. And his three other kids messed about beside them – twins Eva and Mateo, who will be three next month, plus his daughter with Georgina, Alana Martina, also aged two.center_img Loading… last_img read more

first_imgRelatedPosts Tyson Fury to Anthony Joshua: Don’t risk fighting Usyk Crawford University appoints new V-C, other principal officers Ogun workers call off warning strike The Governor of Ogun State, Prince Dapo Abiodun, on Sunday felicitated with world boxing champion, Anthony Joshua, for displaying “Ogun standard of excellence by reclaiming all the titles in the re-match with his opponent, Andy Ruiz Jr”.An elated Abiodun said the Ogun State-born Joshua made Nigerians proud and restored confidence that the Nation will be great again.“I congratulate Anthony on this successful outing. May he, continue with the winning streak ad infinitum,” Abiodun prayed.The world heavyweight championship in Saudi Arabia on Saturday night, Abiodun said, kept sleep away from the eyes of many admirers of AJ worldwide, especially people of Ogun State.He noted that the Sagamu-born boxer outclassed Ruiz over 12 rounds “to compensate them and reassured us that hard work pays.“My joy is unquantifiable.“Our government has always dimensioned sports as not only a unifying factor but a socio-economic imperative.”The Governor, however, attributed the outcome to the manifestation of God’s love for the people of the State who prayed ceaselessly for  AJ that the nightmarish experience of New York earlier in the year be reversed.Abiodun said: “God still answers prayers. We return all glory to God Almighty for granting our hearts’ desires and ceaseless prayers  for our brother, Anthony Joshua, to regain the IBF, WBA and WBO titles.“All of us in the state, irrespective of our religious affiliations prayed for his success. That the feat happened in Saudi Arabia doubly excites me. God answered us.”Abiodun also lauded Joshua for his determination, hard work, resilience and focus, which he described as virtues engrained in the DNA of Ogun people.“He has made us proud by exhibiting these traits and the can-do spirit of Ogun people,” Abiodun added.This victory, noted Abiodun, should inspire other aspiring champions of Ogun State origin to do more.“On our path, we would provide the necessary incentives to all our ambitious young men and women to become World Champions in all considerable areas of sports, not only in boxing.“We are poised to fix our stadia, upgrade facilities, train sportsmen and women, motivate coaches and develop talents starting from the grassroots.”He called on all stakeholders to be concerned about hunting for and developing talents.Abiodun noted that with sports, more people would be pulled out of poverty, while insecurity, social strife and crimes would be kept in check.Tags: Anthony Joshuadapo abiodunOgun StandardOgun Statelast_img read more

first_imgArsene Wenger has given his backing to former Football Association chairman David Bernstein’s claim that club bosses are setting a “terrible example”. The League Managers’ Association, backed by a number of Premier League bosses, has launched a fierce attack on Bernstein’s comments. The LMA said Bernstein’s comments were a “misguided and unhelpful…megaphone commentary from the sidelines” and that he failed to engage with the organisation during his time in office. “I think managers are incredibly responsible,” he said. “The work the LMA do and what managers give back, the help they’re trying to give the FA Commission, for example, I think that would be a wrong thing to say about the managers.” Stoke boss Mark Hughes, who was fined £8,000 this week for improper conduct, said he backed “every word” of the LMA’s stance. He said: “There’s huge sways back and forth in terms of emotion and how the ebb and flow of the game affects you in terms of the desire you have to see fair play and make sure you’re competing. “Human nature is a thing that, on occasions, your emotions can get the better of you, and football managers aren’t immune to that.” But Arsenal boss Wenger was a lone voice backing Bernstain, saying: “I go along with that [Bernstein’s comments] and I have some work to do on that front as well.” Bernstein had spoken out after being awarded the CBE in the New Year Honours, saying managers were harassing officials and were being too critical of referees after matches. The LMA said in a statement: “We believe the comments are misguided, and unhelpful. It is important to recognise that managers in professional football contribute significantly to the success of the game both on and off the field. “Having spent their lives dedicated to the game, they value it, are committed to seeing it continue to grow and to contribute to its future direction. “It is particularly sad therefore, to find David Bernstein celebrating his CBE by engaging in a megaphone commentary from the sidelines, taking a unilateral swipe at managers, having wholly failed to engage, in any meaningful way, with the LMA and its members during his tenure as FA chairman.” In an interview with Press Association Sport on Monday, Bernstein had said managers need to take more responsibility for their behaviour and were setting “a terrible example for their players, let alone the general public”. Manchester United boss David Moyes attracted attention only this week for criticism of Howard Webb after his side’s loss to Tottenham. He thinks, though, that he and his counterparts are not culpable. Press Associationlast_img read more

first_img Press Association Spurs confirmed on Friday that Defoe had been sold to Toronto FC in a deal understood to be worth in excess of £8million. Defoe, who has scored 142 goals for Tottenham over his two spells at the club, will move to Canada at the end of February just before the start of the Major League Soccer season. Lamela has also been linked with a move away from White Hart Lane in recent weeks. A loan move to Atletico Madrid has been mooted for the club-record signing, who has started just three Barclays Premier League games for Tottenham, but Sherwood will not let the 21-year-old leave. “He won’t be leaving on loan in this transfer window. He has a big future here, absolutely,” the Tottenham manager said of the Argentina international. “We know what a talented player Erik is. We also understand that players need time to settle. “He needs time to acclimatise to this country. He doesn’t speak English and he isn’t used to the pace of the games, especially over the Christmas period when they come thick and fast. “He is not 100 per cent fit either. He’s still feeling fatigued in one of his thighs so we were very cautious with him. “We are going to take it nice and steady with him. I really want to put him on the stage when he’s ready to perform, rather than let people judge him when he’s half-cocked.” Given that this is a World Cup year, the move is something of a gamble for Defoe, who has signed a three-and-a-half-year contract with Toronto. The Canadian club, who are managed by Defoe’s former team-mate Ryan Nelsen, have average gates of around 18,000 per home game. They finished second bottom of the Eastern Conference last season and count 33-year-old former Newcastle defender Steven Caldwell and ex-Manchester United youth product Richard Eckersley among their ranks. Defoe has rarely featured for England in recent months, but Sherwood is sure the 31-year-old can still make it into Roy Hodgson’s 23-man party for Brazil. “Jermain has been immense. He is one of the best strikers this league has ever seen,” Sherwood added. “His scoring record for club and country is second to none and long may that continue. I see him still having a future for England in the World Cup in the summer. “I think he would (still get in the squad). That instinct of scoring goals is never going to leave Jermain Defoe. He needs to wait until his legs have gone and they’re far from gone at the moment.” Defoe has recovered from a hamstring problem in time for Saturday’s London derby against Crystal Palace and he will be available for the following eight games. Spurs have at least another 13 matches to play after Defoe departs, meaning Sherwood will be down to just two senior strikers in Emmanuel Adebayor and Roberto Soldado unless they can make additions this month. The Londoners have been linked with a move for Juventus striker Mirko Vucinic in recent weeks, but Sherwood will see how his squad copes before making a decision regarding any new signings. “We’re always looking (at players) but (signing a striker) is not something which is pressing,” the 44-year-old said. “I think we’ve got enough goals from different positions in the squad. We have Soldado and Adebayor, who’s in a rich vein of form at the moment. “Nacer Chadli and Erik Lamela can play off the front. Gylfi Sigurdsson’s got a good eye for a goal and a good scoring record. Harry Kane is another young boy who can come in. “Unless something happened drastically to one of those boys in the meantime we may act, but we’ve not got any intention to do that now.” Sherwood tasted defeat for the first time since his appointment as full-time boss last weekend when Tottenham lost 2-0 at Arsenal in the FA Cup. Ten first-team players were unavailable for the north London derby through injury, but Andros Townsend, Defoe and Sigurdsson are back for the Palace match. Tim Sherwood insists Erik Lamela will not be following Jermain Defoe out of Tottenham.last_img read more

first_imgAuthorities in Akron, Ohio are currently investigating an explosion at an interracial couple’s home as a hate crime after investigators found a swastika and a misspelled anti-black racial slur painted next to the scene.The incident was reported Wednesday at the home in Wayne County.According to the report, the couple, Angela who is black, and Brad Frase who is white, had not been staying in the home for a month due to an electrical fire that occurred in July.The couple’s insurance company put them in a hotel room while crews worked to repair their home that was slated to be finished in September.On Tuesday, construction workers reported that there was a strong smell of natural gas coming from the home. The gas company then cut gas to home and found that the gas leak was being caused by a stove burner that had been turned on.The Frase’s says investigators told them that despite the gas being turned off, there was still enough gas in the home for it to be ignited by a single cigarette spark the next day.No one was injured in the explosion, however, authorities did report that they found a misshaped swastika and a misspelled racial slur spray painted on the garage in blue paint.The couple told investigators that they have lived in the home since 1997 and that prior to the explosion they experienced no hate related incidents in the neighborhood.last_img read more

first_img Paris: Paris Saint-Germain star Kylian Mbappe fuelled speculation surrounding his future on Sunday, saying that he wants “responsibilities, maybe at PSG, maybe elsewhere”. The 20-year-old backed up his excellent 2018 World Cup, where he scored four times as France won the trophy, by netting 38 times for PSG this season.He was named as the Ligue 1 player of the season on Sunday, but did not deny that a potential move away from France could be in the offing.”It (the award) is an important moment for me, a turning point in my career… The moment of having more responsibilities, maybe at PSG, maybe elsewhere,” he told BeIN Sports.Mbappe did not back down on his comments when asked about them in the mixed zone a few minutes later.”For me, it was the moment to say it… When I say something, I think about it,” he said, reiterating his desire to have more “responsibilities”.”If it’s at PSG, it’s good, if it’s elsewhere, it will be elsewhere for a new challenge.” Mbappe has been regularly linked with a potential move to Real Madrid since breaking through with Monaco’s 2017 Ligue 1 title-winning team, but instead made the switch to PSG, initially on loan, and then for 180 million euros.But since Zinedine Zidane’s return to the Real dug-out earlier this year, rumours about Mbappe joining his fellow Frenchman at the Santiago Bernabeu have intensified. highlights Kylian Mbappe looking for more responsibility at PSG or elsewhere.Mbappe was a part of the World Cup winning squad held in Russia. Mbappe hints to take transfer to another football club.  For all the Latest Sports News News, Football News News, Download News Nation Android and iOS Mobile Apps. This term, Mbappe has stepped up another gear with teammate Neymar — the only player to be sold for more money than him in history — out injured for much of the campaign. Mbappe has followed in Neymar’s footsteps by winning the player of the season accolade in France, although he needs to score five in the last league game of the season against Reims next weekend to snatch the European Golden Shoe from Lionel Messi.”I tell myself that even if I lose, I lose to Messi, one of the greatest players in history,” he told AFP.”To think that maybe I kept up with him until the last game, that’s a source of pride too, but it’s not over.”Mbappe became only the second teenager in history last year, after Brazil legend Pele, to score in a World Cup final during France’s 4-2 triumph over Croatia. His global stardom — surely eye-catching for the likes of Real — was shown when he became only the fourth footballer to feature on the cover of Time magazine in October, after Messi, Neymar and Mario Balotelli.An Mbappe exit would be a blow for PSG, although increased transfer funds may not be all bad for the French champions as they look to strengthen their squad ahead of their next bid for a first Champions League title.last_img read more

first_imgVIRUS OUTBREAK-SPORTSBaseball fans return in South Korea, cricket fans in EnglandUNDATED (AP) — Masked fans hopped, sang and shouted cheers in baseball stadiums in South Korea on Sunday as authorities began allowing spectators to return to professional sports amid the coronavirus pandemic. South Korea’s delayed 2020 baseball season began in early May without fans in the stands. On Sunday, the Korean Baseball Organization allowed a limited number of fans – 10% of the stadium capacity – to watch games live. They entered stadiums after their temperatures and smartphone QR codes were checked. During the games, they were required to wear masks and sit at least a seat apart while being banned from eating food and drinking any alcoholic beverages in line with the KBO guidelines.Two of the five baseball games Sunday were held without fans because they were held in area where stricter social distancing guidelines are in place. South Korea has seen an uptick in virus cases since it eased its rigid social distancing rules in early MayIn other news related to the coronavirus pandemic: Associated Press Share This StoryFacebookTwitteremailPrintLinkedinRedditMLB-SCHEDULESeveral pitchers make long-awaited returns; Urena a late scratchUNDATED (AP) — Miami Marlins starter Jose Urena is a late scratch against the Philadelphia Phillies. The Marlins did not disclose the reason. Urena was Miami’s opening day starter in 2018 and 2019. July 26, 2020 Update on the latest sports — The Washington Nationals are waiting to see how World Series MVP Stephen Strasburg reacts to an injection to help his right hand heal. The right-hander was scratched from what was supposed to be his first start of the season on Saturday night because of a nerve issue. Nationals manager Dave Martinez announced about four hours before the scheduled first pitch against the visiting New York Yankees that Strasburg would be replaced.— Rick Porcello makes his Mets debut against Atlanta at Citi Field. He won the 2016 AL Cy Young Award with Boston and went 14-12 last season. Porcello signed a $10 million, one-year deal with New York in December. Left-hander Sean Newcomb goes for the Braves in the nationally televised night game.NBA-NEWSClippers’ Williams will serve 10-day quarantine, miss gamesLAKE BUENA VISTA, Fla. (AP) — The NBA said Sunday that Lou Williams of the Los Angeles Clippers is being quarantined for 10 days because of his trip out of the league’s bubble last week to attend a family member’s funeral. He will miss at least two of the Clippers’ seeding games, including their July 30 opener against the Los Angeles Lakers. It’s possible he could miss more than two since his likely release will be Aug. 4, the day of the Clippers’ third seeding game.The issue was not that Williams left the bubble but that he also went to a club on that trip to Atlanta, and photographs of that visit appeared on social media. That prompted an investigation by NBA security, and ultimately the 10-day ruling. Williams visited a club that he has often described as being his favorite restaurant. The establishment has chicken wings that are named for him on the menu.In other NBA news:— Joel Embiid (joh-EHL’ ehm-BEED’) is hurting, and that’s a cause for concern as the Philadelphia 76ers get set to restart their season this week. The All-Star starting center sat out Philadelphia’s scrimmage against Oklahoma City on Sunday with right calf tightness, something 76ers coach Brett Brown hopes is merely a minor blip. Embiid has an extensive injury history. He has never appeared in more than 64 games in a regular season and missed 21 of Philadelphia’s 65 games this season before the March 11 shutdown. The Marlins will start right-hander Robert Dugger against Philadelphia’s Vince Velasquez in the series finale. Dugger made seven starts last year as a rookie. He made the Marlins this season as a long reliever/spot starter.Elsewhere around the majors Sunday:— Angels two-way star Shohei Ohtani (SHOH’-hay oh-TAH’-nee) is set to make his first appearance on the mound since Sept. 2, 2018, after not pitching all last season following elbow surgery. Ohtani is under no restrictions when he faces the Athletics in Oakland. Ohtani was the Angels’ designated hitter in the season opener Friday night and didn’t play Saturday. Mike Fiers (FY’-urz) will start for the A’s in his first appearance since revealing to The Athletic in November that his former team, the Houston Astros, had stolen signs using a camera in center field during their run to the 2017 World Series championship.— Carlos Carrasco’s inspirational comeback reaches another milestone as the Cleveland right-hander makes his first start since May 30 last season, shortly before he was diagnosed with leukemia. Carrasco will face the Kansas City Royals in the finale of a three-game series in Cleveland. Despite undergoing medical treatments that kept him away from the club, Carrasco was able to return last season and made 11 relief appearances. He wanted to start again, however, and secured a spot in Cleveland’s rotation this spring. The 33-year-old understood he might be at greater risk this season because his immune system has been compromised due to the disease. But after talking to his family and Cleveland’s medical personnel, he felt comfortable enough to play.— Two-time AL Cy Young winner Corey Kluber (KLOO’-bur) makes his first major league start in 15 months when debuts for the Texas Rangers at home against the Colorado Rockies. Kluber’s last big league start was for Cleveland on May 1, 2019, when he suffered a broken right forearm struck by a comeback liner in Miami. He hurt an oblique during rehab and never started again for Cleveland, which traded him to Texas in December. Kluber won 20 games for Cleveland in 2018, capping a five-year stretch with at least 203 innings pitched and 222 strikeouts each season. He went 98-58 with a 3.16 ERA in 208 games with Cleveland. — Spectators have been allowed into a sporting event in England for the first time since March when coronavirus prevention measures were tested at a cricket match between Surrey and Middlesex at The Oval ahead of a planned wider reopening of stadiums in October. Alternate rows were used across two stands and advisory signs were on show for the friendly match being watched by 1,000 people. A limited number of members were in assigned seats in the stadium in south London. Surrey chief executive Richard Gould said the club received 10,000 calls for the available places within an hour of the tickets being made available to members.— The Spanish soccer league says a second-division game postponed because of an outbreak of coronavirus cases will not be played. The league has made the announcement after new test results this weekend took the total number of COVID-19 cases at club Fuenlabrada to 28. The team’s final-round match against Deportivo La Coruña had been suspended last Monday after six people at the club had tested positive just hours before kickoff. The league says the club accepted the decision to have the match canceled as it was virtually impossible to try to reschedule another date for it. The club said it “was not renouncing” the playoff spot and wants other soccer entities to weigh in.last_img read more