first_imgDeclan Bonner will have some talking to do at half-time as his side trail Derry by TWO points at half time in the Ulster MFC semi-final. Donegal have been poor in the opening half and Derry are full value for their two point half-time.Derry have dominated the middle sector and have used that dominance as a platform to launch attacks.Donegal started slowly in their victories over both Tyrone and Armagh and Donegal supporters will be hoping they can blow Derry away with another improved second-half display. Donegal have quality all over the pitch and have strength and depth on the bench.Bonner may utilize the options available to him to give Donegal an extra kick in the second-half.Half-time score Derry 0-05 Donegal 0-03 ULSTER MFC SEMI-FINAL: DONEGAL TRAIL DERRY BY TWO POINTS AT HALF-TIME was last modified: June 27th, 2015 by Mark ForkerShare this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window) Tags:DerrydonegalGAAnewsSportUlster MFClast_img read more

first_imgDES Newton, who played for both Roscommon and Donegal, had been appointed the new manager of Roscommon, it was announced today.He was favourite to succeed Fergal O’Donnell who quit the post last month.Newton had been favourite for some time for the position and his appointment was ratified by the Roscommon County Board today. A winner of an All-Ireland U21 Football title and two Connacht Senior Football Championship, Newton has been involved with Kilmacud Crokes in recent years and will commute from Dublin for training and matches.Former All-Star corner back Enon Gavin has been confirmed as one of his selectors with another set to be appointed in due course.FORMER DONEGAL PLAYER TO MANAGE ROSCOMMON was last modified: November 18th, 2011 by BrendaShare this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window) Tags:DES Newtonwho played for both Roscommon and Donegallast_img read more

first_imgLaura says the men who helped them save her three children “rescued my world.”A MOTHER of three young children trapped inside a car after a crash has appealed for help in tracing the men who rescued them.Laura Faulkner, from Ballyclare in Co Antrim, found herself trapped with her husband and three young children, at the side of the road near Ballybofey.The car flipped upside down during the road traffic accident and the five members of the Faulkner family couldn’t get out. But three mystery Donegal men raced to their aid and managed to get them out of the vehicle to safety.Mum Laura told Donegal Daily they were terrified.But for the actions her mystery rescuers, she believes anything could have happened.She told us: “We were driving last Sunday morning near Ballybofey when our car came off the road and we ended upside down in a ditch. “A group of lads were in the car behind us and came down immediately to help and got my kids out.“I have no idea who these lads were but I would love to find them and tell them how much I appreciate them jumping straight in to help.“We were unable to get out and I was terrified.“I would be delighted if Donegal Daily readers could help trace these young men. I just want them to know when they pulled my 3 month old, 18 month old and 4 year old out the car that they rescued my world.“I cannot thank them enough.” * IF you helped the Faulkner family or know who did, please email us at so we can pass on your details to Laura.‘HELP ME FIND THE HEROES WHO RESCUED MY THREE CHILDREN FROM CRASHED CAR’ – MUM was last modified: April 10th, 2014 by John2Share this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window)Tags:BallybofeyBallyclareCounty Antrimcrash scenedonegal daily newsLaura Faulknerlast_img read more

first_imgAllison Bailes of Decatur, Georgia, is a RESNET-accredited energy consultant, trainer, and the author of the Energy Vanguard blog. Whether you want to build a new home or fix an old one, the way to ensure that you get the best performance is to do the building envelope right. That means installing the right amount of insulation and installing it well, and it means having an air barrier with minimal leakage. But how do you know when you’ve done enough air sealing? How tight is tight enough?I get asked this question every once in a while, and I love to talk about the measures for air leakage anyway, so let’s dive in. First, of course, you have to be able to measure how much air leakage the house has. That’s what a blower door is for.About air leakage unitsFirst, you have to choose how you want to specify the air leakage. The most common unit used by blower door operators is ACH50, which stands for Air Changes per Hour at 50 Pascals. I prefer cfm50 per square foot of building envelope, or better, cfm50 per hundred square feet of building envelope (sfbe). (One cfm50 is a cubic foot per minute with a pressure difference of 50 Pascals between inside and outside.) RELATED ARTICLES Blower Door Basics Blower Door Testers Wanted — Scientists and Engineers PreferredQuestions and Answers About Air BarriersOne Air Barrier or Two?Getting the Biggest Bang for Your Air-Sealing BuckPinpointing Leaks With a Fog MachineDuct Leakage Testing The two reasons for that choice are that (i) air leakage happens at the surface, not in the volume, and (ii) it’s the best unit, in my opinion, to express what a Blower Door is really good at — measuring the amount of air moving across the building envelope at elevated pressure.Please don’t talk to me about ACHnat (‘Natural’ Air Changes per Hour). I loathe that measure! If you’re using a blower door, you can’t measure it; the only ones who can are researchers using tracer gas analysis.Now we’re ready to discuss the actual question: How much air leakage should you aim for? OK, we’re not really there yet. I lied. First, we have to know about your house. Are you building new or fixing an existing home? If the latter, what’s your budget and how complex is the building envelope?New homesLet’s start with the easier one: new construction. The first rule here is that a house can never be too tight. The Passive House program takes houses about as far as you can go with air tightness, and their threshold is 0.6 ACH50. I tested a net-zero house a couple of weeks ago that had less than 200 cfm50 of air leakage, or about 0.5 ACH50. That’s really tight!A target that’s more achievable for anyone — and which the 2012 International Energy Conservation Code (IECC) will require for most climate zones (CZ 3 and higher) — is 3 ACH50. That’s also the level that Joe Lstiburek identified as a good target in his great article on blower door testing new homes, Just Right and Airtight.That number — 3 ACH50 — translates to about 0.25 cfm50 per square foot of envelope, or 25 cfm50 per hundred square feet of envelope. Since roofers have already abbreviated 100 square feet as 1 square, I like the latter form the best. It gets it into a whole number form and is easy to remember. Get your blower door number down to 25 cfm50 per square (or below), and you’ve got a tight house. The house I built ten years ago came in at 14 cfm50 per square (1.7 ACH50).But wait. I can hear you wondering, “Is he saying that this one number, 25 cfm50 per square, is good for every climate zone?” My friend David Butler says that we should consider cost effectiveness and not just apply a “one-size-fits-all” threshold. “We should always ask ourselves which combination of efficiency measures will provide the lowest energy usage within a given budget,” he wrote recently. “The cost-benefit of achieving 3.0 ACH50 would look very different in Buffalo than in Tucson, on multiple levels.”He does have a point, He went on to explain that “in hot climates, I’d rather fight to bring ducts inside (always challenge in non-basement homes) than to arbitrarily specify a 3-ACH50, especially in dry climates where latent loads are negligible.”Lstiburek, a Canadian who lives in New England, thinks the roughly equivalent 3 ACH50 is good because it’s achievable, and it solves a lot of comfort and efficiency problems associated with air leakage. I understand David’s point, but here in Georgia, home builders now have to pass a blower-door test and get their houses 7 ACH50 or below. What we’re finding is that a significant number of builders are getting down to 3 ACH50 in their attempt to meet the code target. Once builders get their crews trained, 3 ACH50 should cost them about the same as 5 or 7 ACH50. Now, if we can just get them to change the target to 25 cfm50 per square!Existing homesThis can of worms is really too big for the little article I’m writing here, but let me try to shed at least a little light on it. The amount of air sealing you’re going to be able to do in an existing home is limited — unless your budget isn’t. Generally, with a good attack on the holes, you can get about a 20% to 30% reduction in your Blower Door number (whether you specify it in cfm50, ACH50, or cfm50/sfbe). Sometimes you can get much more when you add surface area or volume by moving the building envelope.The first thing you want to know here, though, is: How leaky is your home to start with? If you’re already at 25 cfm50 per square, it’s going to be really hard to get a 20% reduction. If you’re at 100 cfm50 per square, it should be a snap to reduce it to 75 cfm50 per square or even lower. The higher that starting number is, the more big holes you probably have in your building envelope.If you’re starting at 100 cfm50 per square, however, don’t count on getting down to 25 cfm50 per square unless you’re doing a deep-energy retrofit. Sometimes deep-energy retrofits are called deep pockets retrofits, for obvious reasons. They cost a fortune! Check out Martin Holladay’s recent post called The High Cost of Deep Energy Retrofits here at GBA.I’ve done a number of air-sealing jobs when I was in the contracting business, and the results varied. Sometimes it was a frustrating 5-10% reduction, and other times it was an easy 20%. The most reduction I ever achieved was about 40% in a house that started with about 120 cfm50 per square. We encapsulated the crawl space and did a lot of work on the kneewalls and can lights on the upper floor.SummaryIf you’re looking to make your home tight and you really want some numbers to go after, here are my recommendations:New Homes:  25 cfm50 per hundred square feet of building envelope (or 3 ACH50)Existing Homes:  Get a blower door test, and try to reduce the number by 20% or more.last_img read more

first_img Essential Reading! Get my 2nd book: The Lost Art of Closing “In The Lost Art of Closing, Anthony proves that the final commitment can actually be one of the easiest parts of the sales process—if you’ve set it up properly with other commitments that have to happen long before the close. The key is to lead customers through a series of necessary steps designed to prevent a purchase stall.” Buy Now If you were in your buyer’s position right now, what would you do?Would you buy what you are trying to sell them? Do you believe that what you are selling is absolutely, unequivocally going to help your buyer produce the results that they need right now? If you were your buyer, would you be willing to bet the farm on that decision?If you were your buyer, would you trust the advice that you are giving them? Would you believe that the person selling (that’s you) has the business acumen and situational knowledge to know what the best course of action is? Would you believe that they are a subject matter expert with advice worth taking? Would you be 100% confident that you have the right partner in front of you?If you were in your buyer’s shoes, would you believe that the person sitting across from you cares about you and your problem enough to trust them with your business? Would you believe that the solution they put in front of you was exactly what you need, or would you wonder if it was really what they need to sell? Would you worry that the person selling you might disappear after they make the sale?Would you have what you need to justify a decision to buy from you? If asked, would you be willing to defend a decision to buy the solution you recommend and defend the decision to buy it from you? Would you have the evidence you need to justify that decision to challenges from within your company? Would you be defenseless and embarrassed by the fact that you can’t describe the reasons you should choose the salesperson and their solution over all others?last_img read more

first_img Decemberelbow surgeryinjuryKei Nishikori First Published: October 24, 2019, 10:53 AM IST Tokyo: Japanese tennis ace Kei Nishikori has undergone surgery on his right elbow following which he will not be taking part in any competition this season.The 29-year-old, who turned pro in 2007, said following May’s French Open he had swelling and fluid in the elbow and confirmed Monday that he would be receiving surgery to address the issue, reports Xinhua news agency. On Tuesday evening, he underwent surgery at a hospital in Tokyo.The Shimane Prefecture-born star, currently ranked 8th in the world, will begin post-surgery rehabilitation on Thursday, according to his management company.It said he would likely return to full training in the earlier part of December, with an aim for him to return to the pro circuit next season.Despite Nishikori hoping to play at one of the indoor competitions in Europe ahead of the November 10-17 Association of Tennis Professionals Tour (ATP) Finals, he said that the pain in his elbow was hampering his performance.In September, Nishikori, the only male Japanese tennis player ever to be ranked inside the top 5 in singles, heard from his doctors that he would not be able to swing a racket for about four weeks.After bowing out of the US Open in August in the third round, Nishikori, who beat Rafael Nadal to win the bronze medal at the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, announced in a Twitter post on October 15 that he will part ways with longtime coach Dante Bottini.Nishikori, who added Michael Chang to his coaching staff in 2014, did not announce any changes in this partnership.In his time away from the tour he has missed playing in the Rakuten Japan Open in Tokyo and the Shanghai Masters in China. Get the best of News18 delivered to your inbox – subscribe to News18 Daybreak. Follow on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Telegram, TikTok and on YouTube, and stay in the know with what’s happening in the world around you – in real time.last_img read more

first_imgSricity, Apr 27 (PTI) Isuzu Motors India today opened its manufacturing plant here and rolled out its India-made D-Max pick-up.The facility was inaugurated by Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu.The initial production capacity of the plant is 50,000 units per annum and can be scaled up to 1,20,000 units, Isuzu Motors President Masanori Katayama said.”We are very happy to start our local manufacturing operations in India. India is one of the biggest automobile markets and also one of the fastest-growing economies in the world. India is a key part of Isuzu Motors global growth strategy,” he said.”This new plant in India will not only cater to requirements of the growing Indian market, but will serve as a key manufacturing hub for Isuzus global operations.”Isuzu had earlier committed an investment of Rs 3,000 crore for the Indian project.Ambassador of Japan to India Kenji Hiramatsu was present.With its existing operations in the US, Japan and Thailand, this plant in India is expected to provide a manufacturing leg-up to Isuzu globally.A statement from Isuzu said the new generation of Isuzu D-Max pick-ups will be manufactured at the plant, with 70 per cent localisation at the start of production, which will be stepped up.Isuzu will also consider export of vehicles manufactured at this facility at a suitable time in future.”This state-of-the-art manufacturing plant will follow Isuzu global manufacturing standards and Isuzu Manufacturing Management (IMM) practices. The plant will also focus on safety, quality and Isuzus commitment to environment,” it said. PTI GDK GK SRK ARDadvertisementlast_img read more

first_imgNew Delhi, Aug 27 (PTI) Railways have decided to provide train fare concession to sportsmen certified only by Sports Authority of India (SAI) and not by the eight sports bodies, including table tennis and basket ball federations, which have been derecognised by Sports Ministry.Sportsperson participating in tournaments are eligible for rail travel concession as per the rule.According to Railways notification, Sports Ministry has advised that since the recognition of the eight sports federations have been suspended or withdrawn due to some dispute, the concession to sports persons will be granted on concession certificate issued by the Secretary or Executive Director (Teams) of SAI.No concession in fare share be given on the certificate issued by Basket Ball Federation of India, Judo Federation, Taekwondo Federation of India, All India Tennis Association, Table Tennis Federation of India, Archery Association of India, Gymanstic Federation of India and Indian Amateur Boxing Federation, it said. PTI ARU RCJ DV RCJlast_img read more

first_imgIndia’s golfer Gaganjeet Bhullar on Sunday won his maiden European title as he held out a record-breaking charge from Australian Anthony Quale to win the Fiji International by one stroke while Ernie Els shot a 7-under 65 to finish a further stroke behind.Bhullar, the overnight leader by a shot, produced his best round of the tournament, a 6-under 66, to move to 14-under over four rounds at the par-72 Natadola Bay course. Quayle went lower, shooting a course record 9-under 63 to all but snatch the trophy and the winner’s share of a $1.2 million purse.Bhullar and Quayle shared 11 birdies and three eagles in a thrilling final round duel while Els added an eagle and six birdies for his first top-10 finish since June, 2016.New Zealand’s Ben Campbell, leader after the first and second rounds, tied Els in third place at 12-under while Australian Jarryd Felton was fifth two shots back.The leaderboard after the final round at the #FijiInternational-14 Bhullar-13 Quayle-12 Els-12 Campbell-10 FeltonFinal scores here: European Tour (@EuropeanTour) August 5, 2018The par-5 17th played a big part in the theater of the final round as Quayle and Bhullar made back-to-back eagles. Quayle had taken the lead at 13-under as he played his first 14 holes in 7-under par and had picked up nine shots in 13 holes when he eagled the 17th.But the 30-year-old Bhullar snatched back the lead when he chipped in from 40 meters at the 17th just as Quayle reached the clubhouse. A par at the last was enough to retain the lead and to give him his fourth Asian Tour title in three seasons.advertisementTake a bow @gagsbhullar Well played!That’s your win on Tour. Tour (@asiantourgolf) August 5, 2018″To be honest, I was mentally prepared for that,” Bhullar said. “I knew somebody or another had to go low today. Even Ernie Els, he’s a legend, he was playing really well.”I still had hopes. I still had kind of a feeling that I can still win the tournament, but I think that chip-in on No. 17, that pretty much closed out the day.”Four-time major winner Els gave notice of his challenge with an eagle at the par-5 first which put him within a shot of the lead.”I did almost as much as I could,” Els said. “I set out to try to shoot 65, which I did, and Anthony just played unbelievable. Jeez, what is it, 29 on the back nine? That’s unbelievable stuff.”(With AP inputs)last_img read more