first_imgA rent strike was proposed at St Peter’s General Meeting this week in response to the college’s allegedly slow response to the findings of the Fire Risk Assessment. The JCR is giving the college two weeks to respond to their concerns, with the threat of a vote to strike on rent if they do not.The assessment, carried out in September of 2009, examined all the St Peter’s buildings. There were findings, of which 31 were “significant”, and one “inteolerable”. Findings included a faulty alarm, fire exits which did not comply with legislation and the use of boiler rooms for storage. The Assessment advised that 42 of the problems should be fixed within one month.Jack Matthews, a third year St Peter’s student, brought forward a motion proposing a rent strike, in order to force the college to take action over the 42 urgent issues.According to Matthews, “St Peter’s totally ignored the assessment. A broken fire alarm at the Paradise Street Annex was deemed an ‘intolerable’ risk by the assessment, highly recommended to be fixed within one week. But it was not fixed until December 8th (almost three months later).”“At Paradise Street Annex, only three out of eight fire escapes open; this was supposed to be fixed within a week. Almost four months after the assessment, these doors have still not been fixed, so if there was a fire there today, people in the Annex would have no certain means of escape.“I have no idea why the college’s attitude is so lax… The warning by the fire officer should have been enough, it shouldn’t have to come to this.”Richard Rawlings, a second-year English student, agreed with Matthews. He commented, “The fire alarms have been an issue at Peter’s for a long time. When I was preparing for my job interview, the fire alarm was going off all day. One night I was pulled out of my bed by a friend- that time there was a fire, but no alarm.”Opinion was split over Matthews’ motion. Sanjay Nanwani, ex-JCR President, said the situation was “intolerable and not fair at all.” However, he felt that “a rent strike at this point is frankly overreacting”.An amended motion was passed which advises all St Peter’s students to defer rent payment for two weeks, giving the college time to look into the issue. This falls within the 21 days that students are given to pay their battels. If no action has been taken by the college during these two weeks, a vote will be taken at the next general meeting in third week as to whether a full rent strike should go ahead.JCR President Daniel Stone said, “The motion was fair, as it gives the college enough time to do something about it, and also leaves the JCR’s options open to a full rent strike. I think people would be prepared to get behind the rent strike. No one knew about this before the meeting, but now people are outraged.”First-year student Michael Anderson, commented, “I would be prepared to rent strike. It’s just not acceptable. Students’ lives could be put at risk by this.”Jean Wright, the Home Bursar of St Peter’s College issued a statement following the JCR meeting: “St Peter’s College takes fire safety very seriously. The College is working vigorously to improve fire safety in all its buildings and takes seriously the concerns of the student body.”A spokesperson from the Fire Risk Assessment commented, “Under the new legislation the fire risk assessment is to be risk-appropriate – by identifying remedial action required and planning a strategy to implement these actions, St Peter’s College is fulfilling its obligation under current fire safety law.”last_img read more

first_imgIf you like adventuremobiles, inspiring stories, and local vibes, you belong at the 5Point Adventure Film Festival‘s kickoff party and van life rally! Festivities begin at the Salvage Station around 2:45 p.m. with the French Broad Litter Floatilla. Blue Ridge Outdoors and 5Point are partnering with the Live Outside and Play team, as well as ENO, MountainTrue, and NRS to get out and give back to the French Broad River (and we need you!).Join us at the Salvage Station, our takeout and the later site of the van life rally (begins at 5pm — come check out the Live Outside and Play van!). BYOB (bring your own boat) or RSVP now for a spot on one of the Southern Raft Supply‘s six rafts. We’ll be carpooling to the put-in at Hominy Creek. Participants should come prepared to get down and dirty—gloves, long pants/sleeves, and close-toed shoes are recommended.litterfloatillaPrizes will be awarded at the Salvage Station for “most litter collected,” “strangest piece of trash,” and the overall “Trash-to-Treasure.” Come, bring a friend, and the spirit of adventure! We’ll be hanging at the Salvage Station afterwards giving tours of the Live Outside and Play van. It’s going to be an awesome night!Email [email protected] with any questions or to RSVP your spot on a raft!last_img read more

first_imgLocated right next to Leavey Library, the TroGro Starbucks is the sole beacon of hope and consolation available to students as they cram for that one midterm they really should have studied for earlier. It also happens to be the perfect on-campus eatery after a night out, with a beckoning, while oftentimes chaotic, energy right off the EVK Fryft drop-off location. From coffee pick-me-ups to pre-packaged snacks to baked goods, this Starbucks has it all. Just make sure you don’t stop by during the crucial yet often-forgotten closing time from 2:30 to 3 a.m. I have pulled up to Trojan Grounds one too many times ready to feast (if you can call it that) only to stare helplessly at the paper sign and begrudgingly head back to my dorm.  (Arielle Chen | Daily Trojan) Next comes the frustrating realization that most fast food restaurants and quick eats are closed for the night. But, don’t have sleep for dinner just yet! Here’s your all-inclusive list to the best, most convenient and most affordable late-night eats on campus and within Fryft distance. Open 24 hours, this donut shop-deli hybrid needs no introduction. Infamous for its late-night appeal, as evidenced by its cultural relevance on the USC memes Facebook page, Spudnuts is a staple for USC students. While I personally have not experienced the glory that is Spudnuts (don’t crucify me), it is known for its affordable, flaky donuts. Spudnuts’ six-donut-holes-for-a-dollar deal is a steal. The shop also serves breakfast sandwiches all day, and sometimes (OK, most times) breakfast at 2 a.m. is exactly what you need. But make sure to stay away from the boba; you’re better off going to Pot of Cha instead. Located on North Alvarado Street, this Mexican food truck is popular among USC students. Open until 2:30 a.m. most nights and 3 a.m. Fridays and Saturdays, Taco Zone exclusively caters to late-night eating. With vegan and vegetarian options, this food truck is incredibly affordable and accessible for all. Many Zone-goers it’s the perfect night-cap after a night out and about.  Honestly, El Huero was a saving grace my freshman year. A 24-hour walk-up stand serving Mexican food, El Huero is conveniently located close to the Row, offering build-your-own burritos, nachos and plate combos. The stand also has plenty of vegetarian options, which can easily be made vegan, and the staff is always accommodating to various dietary restrictions. Though the stand also offers burgers, onion rings and other traditional American diner foods, El Huero is most known for its burritos, which hit — especially at 2 a.m. after a shitty frat party. We’ve all been there. It’s midnight or later, and you’re sitting in the saddening Leavey Library when your stomach suddenly decides to break the monotonous silence with an embarrassing growl. Or, if it’s a weekend, the munchies may very well have gotten the best of you after a night out with friends.  Trojan Grounds Starbucks El Huero Why go anywhere, honestly, especially if you’re busy doing homework or can’t seem to move after having finally made it back home on a Saturday night? Postmates, Uber Eats, DoorDash and Grubhub offer convenience like no other late-night snack or meal. While usually at a higher price point than the aforementioned eateries, these food delivery services are a great once-in-a-while splurge for college students on a budget. Make sure to take advantage of the occasional promotions and codes the apps offer for cheaper dining and recommend them to your friends to get credits for the pricey delivery fees! Spudnuts Donuts Taco Zone Postmates, Uber Eats, Grubhub, DoorDashlast_img read more