first_img15 March 2005A national campaign has been launched to raise awareness among South Africans, particularly young people, about the dangers of drug abuse.The campaign, dubbed “Ke Moja”, meaning “No Thanks”, is jointly sponsored by the Department of Social Development and the United Nations Office for Drug Control (UNODC).Speaking at the launch in Johannesburg on Friday, Social Development Director-General Vusi Madonsela said the campaign would also promote healthy behaviour among South African teenagers.The department and the UNODC commissioned the Human Science Research Council (HSRC) to assess drug abuse related perceptions and behaviour among teenagers in disadvantaged areas in Gauteng.Madonsela said the HSRC would be making recommendations about the suitability of campaign material targeting that age group.Gauteng Social Development MEC Bob Mabaso said the campaign sought to shield young people from the pressures that led them into substance abuse.UNODC representative Jonathan Lucas said that international strategies to reduce the supply of illicit drugs, mainly through law enforcement measures, had to be complemented by efforts to curb demand for drugs.“Unless we are successful in addressing drug abuse in our communities, on our streets and in our schools, we will not make sustainable progress”, Lucas said.“For this to happen we need to mobilise civil society as a whole, starting with the schools, parents and teachers.”Source: BuaNewslast_img read more

first_imgWith technology changing daily, the question of renting vs buying equipment is a tough one. Let’s explore these options in the context of today’s video production industry.We are at a point where technology is changing faster than we can take advantage of it. As soon as 4K video technology jumped onto the scene, word of 5K, 6K & 8K was on the tips of many tech gurus’ tongues. So, taking into account the rapid acceleration of technology, filmmakers and video producers have to decide the best option for obtaining equipment: renting or buying? First lets look at some of the most important questions, and depending on your answers, this alone may tell you which way you should go.What type of project is it and how long will it take?Is this a small project where you can shoot and edit it in a day, where the income potential is relatively low? Or, is this a project that could weeks to produce, where the income potential is fairly substantial. Let’s explore this a bit…For smaller projects, renting equipment is often the most economical, especially when they require that you won’t be needing on a consistent basis. Sites like Lens Pro to Go and Borrow Lenses have streamlined the rental business through online ordering, and offer relatively inexpensive pricing. For instance, at Borrow Lenses you can currently rent a Canon 5D Mark III for $143 for 7 days. Then add another $70 to cover insurance and shipping and you’re looking at $213.  Most rental companies will throw in some camera accessories with the rental purchase. If it doesn’t come standard be sure to enquire about this!Ensure whatever project you’re working on the cost of the camera rental is built into the quote for your client.If you’re working on a longer project, say, a feature film or television series, it may make the most sense to purchase the equipment and then sell it upon completion of the project. Many reality television projects (that require tons of cameras) work this way. Depending on the amount of usage you may be able to sell the camera for close to what you bought it for (that number will likely be even closer if you bought the camera used originally). If you do buy used be cautious! There is not a shutter actuation count for video (like their is with DSLR photo usage). Be sure to inspect the camera for any scratches, check for dead pixels, ask about the repair history and ALWAYS test shoot with it before handing over money!The other option would be to buy a camera and hold on to it, but you’ve got to factor in how many times you plan on using it a year to see if it’s a worthwhile investment…To help in finding rental options here is a list of rental providers. How many projects are you producing in a year?Lets say that you’re a filmmaker who does commercial work and you produce 3 to 4 projects each month over an entire year. Is renting still your best option? If you’ll be using the same camera in most projects it would obviously make sense to purchase – renting that Canon 5D Mark III once a month would cost you much more than it’s $3,000 purchase price.  There is an old saying that “If you have to borrow a tool more than once, you should probably go ahead and buy one.” The most important thing is to be realistic. For instance, if you’re on an elaborate campaign for a client, don’t immediately run out and rent or buy the equipment just for that campaign. Look ahead and ask yourself, ‘how often will I use this equipment?’ Don’t ‘anticipate’ that you’ll need the camera often until you start renting and shooting with it consistently. Then, make the leap.Be Responsible About Your InvestmentEach option has its strengths and weaknesses. When you rent you’ll get the most current equipment that likely comes insured through the rental provider (be sure to check this!) Additionally, the rental company should be able to quickly find you a replacement camera if the equipment is defective for some reason. With renting you’ll have the freedom to switch cameras, but just like any rental setup, you won’t have any equity in the equipment.When you buy, you don’t have to travel to pick it up or wait for it to ship. Protect your camera and gear investment by insuring it. Don’t assume it is covered under your normal homeowner’s insurance. You may require a “personal articles” policy or even a business insurance plan (some insurance companies require this if you are making money off your equipment). This additional cost may pay for itself in spades if your camera takes a bath or goes missing. Lens [email protected](901)754-9100 Rental ProviderCustomer Service EmailContact Phone Number [email protected](800)-683-5690 MP&E Equipmentcontact Borrow [email protected](650)508-3370 Pro Photo Rentalcontact Lens Pro to Gocontact Rent [email protected](913)732-4781 Abel Cinecustomerserv[email protected](888)223-1599last_img read more

first_imgmatch reports But neither could Pogba or Sánchez most times in the first half, that has become United’s problem. No one makes runs, no one sees passes. They are a static side and Mourinho seems powerless to do anything about it.United did start the second half in lively fashion, with Pogba driving forward with determination, though by the hour mark the game had returned to its original pattern. Pogba brought a save from Neto with a well-struck free-kick, but in open play there was not enough cohesion between United’s midfield three and their front players. When Valencia moved the ball around the pitch they did so much more effectively, even if they, too, lacked a convincing finish.When Michy Batshuayi skied a decent chance Pogba would have been particularly relieved. Not only did he give the ball away to set up the attack, he was too easily beaten to allow the cross to come in.While this has to count as an improvement on the West Ham performance the degree was slight. United are still looking for leaders on the pitch. Rashford took it upon himself to shoot from a free-kick right at the end and despite a ridiculously narrow angle he still managed to hit the bar. It was just about United’s best effort. 13 Neto 1 Jaume Possession 11 Martial 6 Kondogbia Man Utd Manchester United 22 Romero VAL50MNU50% 10 Rashford The Fiver: sign up and get our daily football email. Share on WhatsApp 3 Man Utd Off target 4 Valencia 8 Man Utd On target 2 Valencia Read more 24 Garay 50 50 They began stodgily, as might be expected of a side low on confidence, with only Rashford offering glimpses of penetration on the left. Valencia looked like a team prepared to soak up pressure and make the most of occasional opportunities, but as they gradually realised there was not going to be any concerted pressure they began to get forward and show what they could do.Gonçalo Guedes’s shot was saved by David de Gea before he and José Luis Gayà began to work out that there was almost unlimited space to exploit behind United’s captain, Valencia, on the left. One of several openings created through that channel might have led to the away side opening the scoring midway through the first half, only for Rodrigo to scuff his shot with the target in clear sight. Substitutes (s 79′) (s 76′) 11 1 36 Darmian 1 de Gea ‘I don’t need to know what Paul Scholes said,’ says José Mourinho 9 11 3 Ruben Vezo Share on Facebook 3 Bailly Share on Pinterest 23 Shaw Facebook United’s efforts to look as stylish in possession were rather less successful, Paul Pogba succeeding only in tripping over the ball following Romelu Lukaku’s dummy, though Rashford did take matters into his own hands shortly afterwards to drill a shot narrowly wide after cutting in from the left.Rashford’s next attempt was from 25 yards out, which might have been a sign of increasing desperation, though it had nothing on the ludicrous effort from Eric Bailly from near the halfway line just before the interval. An undisguised hoof from more than 40 yards out was never going to trouble Neto in the Valencia goal, and nor did it, though it said something about United’s present state of mind that with every outfield player in front of him the defender could not find a worthwhile pass. 6 Pogba Valencia (s 73′) David Beckham, Gary Neville and Ryan Giggs were among the luminaries in the directors’ box here watching the latest evidence of how far their old team has fallen. Paul Scholes, who seems to know already, was in a television studio in London getting paid for his trouble.Trouble is what Manchester United are in at the moment, whether former players care to say so publicly or not. While this was not the worst result in Champions League terms it was another quiet night at the erstwhile theatre of dreams, apart from the now obligatory shouts of “attack, attack” midway through the second half. United have not forgotten how to do that, exactly, but they may be in danger of forgetting how to win, it has been so long since they enjoyed the experience.They never did enough to win this game, though at least they were lucky enough not to lose it. Valencia created most of the chances and though they may be happy with a point they could easily have had all three. As it was the boos at the end were limited. Pinterest 39 McTominay 7 Goncalo Guedes Match stats Reuse this content Lineups Valencia Read more 12 Diakhaby Topics 14 Gaya 9 Gameiro 17 Fred 5 Gabriel 12 Smalling 17 Coquelin 10 Parejo Share via Email Fouls 27 Fellaini 19 Rodrigo Corners Boris Johnson has been taken more seriously than José Mourinho as a team player in recent weeks, but what both shrinking violets have in common is the stubbornness to keep spouting their favourite soundbites long after public opinion has become sceptical. “All my life I have followed certain golden rules,” the Manchester United manager said after a week of turmoil, some of it self-inflicted.“One of them is that a team can lose matches – that is just part of football – but it must never, ever lose its dignity. I also believe the team is always more important than the individual, and the crest on the chest is more important than the name on the back of the shirt. This is me. This is how I work. I want every player to be exhausted at the end of the game because of the hard work they have given for the club.”Make what you will of Mourinho’s commitment to dignity, Scholes suggested beforehand that the manager’s mouth was out of control and expressed surprise he had not been sacked already. The more immediate concern for supporters after two defeats in a row and the worst start to a season for 29 years was for United to put on a better show than they recently phoned in at West Ham, where if any of their players were suffering from exhaustion they managed to hide it quite well. Back came Alexis Sánchez after watching that game in a suit, there was a start for Marcus Rashford and a return for Antonio Valencia as Mourinho attempted to build on the winning start made in Switzerland last month. Minor quibbles over the inclusion of Marouane Fellaini and the omission of Anthony Martial aside, it was about as strong a side as United could put out and, on paper, a reasonably attacking one. 2 Lindelof 8 Carlos Soler 8 Mata 23 Batshuayi VAL MNU 11 Cheryshev (s 83′) 31 Matic 18 Wass Champions League Share on LinkedIn Substitutes 25 Valencia Twitter Share on Twitter 7 Sanchez Alexis Sánchez embodies drift at a ghost ship of a sporting giant Marcus Rashford hits the bar with a free-kick in the closing minutes of the match. Photograph: Matthew Peters/Man Utd via Getty Images 9 Lukaku 21 Piccini Share on Messenger Goal attemptslast_img read more