first_imgStay on target Buy This Comic: DEATH ORB #1Buy This Comic: MAN-EATERS #1 “When Jory transfers to an all-boys private high school, he’s taken in by the lowly stage crew known as the Backstagers. Hunter, Aziz, Sasha, and Beckett become his new best friends and introduce him to an entire magical world that lives beyond the curtain that the rest of the school doesn’t know about, filled with strange creatures, changing hallways, and a decades-old legend of a backstage crew that went missing and was never found.”I am a big fangirl for everything that is Boom! Studios. I am also a fangirl for backstage theater antics. So, bringing both of those together, I was all over The Backstagers in a heartbeat.THE BACKSTAGERS VOL. 1(W): James Tynion IV (A): Rian Sygn (C): Walter Baiamonte (L): Jim Campbell (CA): Veronica FishIf you’re a fan of theater, backstage magic, and lovable characters, I suggest you pick up The Backstagers. The Backstagers was a limited eight part series for Boom! Studios from creators James Tynion IV and Rian Sygn. If you didn’t get into The Backstagers during its debut, here’s your chance to follow the adventures of these backstage workers of theater, aka, the hardest workers in show business. The first volume is released today, collecting the first four issues to get you started.The Backstagers follow Jory, a new student at an all boys school, who wants to join the Drama Club but taken back by the snobby attitudes of the lead actor twins, Kevin and Blake McQueen. When he meets the Backstagers, he immediately becomes intrigued by the kids the club calls “weirdos.” It’s the adventure, intrigue, and friendship that Jory needs to survive this new school.via Boom! BoxJames Tynion IV has to be one of my favorite writers in comics for awhile now, but his writing at Boom! is what completely stole my heart. He has such a great imagination for turning the ordinary into the extraordinary. He weaves magic in the life of a tech crew that everyone deems as misfits and makes it an experience you wish you had in high school. Tynion writes these cast of characters with vibrancy and relatability, and you’ll want to be friends with them all. Jory may be the central character, but you invest yourself in learning about every one of the Backstagers. They all share equal importance to the story, and no one is left behind. Rian Sygn, the artist, and co-creator is an absolute dream for this comic. He brings Tynion’s written words into a visual dream. Rian’s style and imagination work perfectly with the narrative.  His cartoon and illustration background allows him to surround you with an incredible amount of detail that carries your eyes from panel to panel. Each one is so inviting and, I can only be described as absolutely adorable.Walter Baiamonte and Jim Campbell bring this story together. Walter has an eye for beautiful pastel and technicolor that fit so well within the comic, in particular between the differences from the stage, backstage and what’s hidden behind the backstage door. Campbell’s, always dynamite, lettering is just what this comic needed to make reading Backstagers even more fun.via Boom! BoxThe Backstagers has to be one of my favorite series from Boom! Studios. It’s small, but a lovely and whimsical queer story that everyone should read. Boom! has given us such great diverse stories that you don’t see anywhere else. They let their creators make something special, and that’s what they’ve allowed James and Rian to do with Backstagers. I’m so excited to re-read the series and collect them in the trade backs. I will give James and Rian all my money. You can purchase The Backstagers Vol. 1 in digital format over at Comixology. 7/19/17 Releases – In addition to The Backstagers (and in celebration for my first Buy This Comic!), here’s a list of other new titles that came out this week that you should be reading.Moonstruck #1 by Grace Ellis (W), Shea Beagle (A), Clayton Cowles (L) Image ComicsSouthern Cross V.2 by Becky Cloonan (W), Andy Belanger (A), Lee Loughridge (C) and Serge LaPointe (L) Image ComicsLet us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey.last_img read more