first_imgFarley Hall is hosting its signature event, Farley Hall Be Fine Day, on Friday to encourage conversations about femininity and raise money for the YWCA Women’s Shelter in North Central Indiana.The event began Thursday with an open mic night in the Farley basement. Throughout Friday, Farley residents will be handing out buttons and bananas outside DeBartolo Hall to encourage healthy eating, hosting yoga on North Quad at 1 p.m. and hosting a “Walk in Her Shoes” walk in high heels across South Quad at 5 p.m.Senior Yomara Acevedo, one of the event’s coordinators, said when the event was started during her sophomore year, it received a lot of backlash.“I thought it was a fun and interesting event, but it just sparked a lot of controversy that may or may not have been a good thing for an inaugural year,” she said. “So then last year … I remember it just being really watered down.“ … It wasn’t sparking any conversations. Part of this is we want to spark conversations on what it means to be feminine. So this year we’re trying to find a balance between it.”Junior Carly Gray, Farley Hall vice president, said they wanted to incorporate the word “fine” — Farley’s mascot — into their signature event’s slogan, eventually settling on the phrase “Today, I’m at my finest.”“Even if it does change year to year, we think we’ll still have a stronger message for the day than we have in the past and a concrete set of events that people can point to, and say, ‘That’s what Be Fine Day is about,’” Gray said.According to junior Micaela Mitchell, one of the Be Fine Day coordinators, the “Walk in Her Shoes” event will raise funds for the YWCA women’s shelter in North Central Indiana. The Be Fine Day Facebook page features stories from some of the women at the shelter, Mitchell said.“ … A lot of them were domestic violence victims,” she said. “One of them was a meth addict after her domestic abuse. They all were really positive and really emphasized that they have a place and a purpose and YWCA has really helped them find that, and find friends and find housing.“I think the most shocking about that was most of them were from different states — faraway states like Alabama, Florida — one of them is from Chicago — and they were escaping people.”Gray said she hoped the walk would also ignite conversations between men and women about femininity.“One of the goals of our event is sparking conversation and dialogue about different expressions of femininity and certain things that apply to women that wouldn’t apply to men — or at least men that don’t conform to feminine stereotypes, or something like that,” she said. “So we hope the walk will do that while also raising awareness about the Women’s Shelter, and also raising money for them as well.”Mitchell said Be Fine Day’s organizers wanted Be Fine Day to be an inclusive event, while still focusing on discussions about femininity.“ … We really tried to find a way to highlight the differences between men and women, but still create a dialogue so that we were still focusing on our goals and ideas, but we weren’t excluding people from engaging in that,” she said.Junior Lauren Saunee, Farley Hall president, said she hopes the event works to draw the community’s attention to the issues Be Fine Day addresses.“I think that at the end of the day, if people are talking, that’s what we want,” she said. “And also — bringing awareness, too. We talked about the women’s shelter. There [are] so many different charities in South Bend, but this is something we obviously have invested an interest in so just bringing that to the surface.”Acevedo said the ultimate goal of Be Fine Day is to recognize all types of femininity.“We want to emphasize, ‘If you’re athletic, you’re still a queen, and if you’re really, really feminine and you like dressing up, you’re also a queen,’” she said. “We want to highlight and celebrate all forms of femininity, whether you really like makeup and you really like dressing up, or you don’t.”Tags: Be Fine Day, Farley Hall, signature eventlast_img read more

first_imgYou may not have seen, but Microsoft just wrote a check few can imagine. In pursuit of a comprehensive business platform, they are acquiring LinkedIn for a staggering $26.2 billion. In cash.It would be the largest acquisition in company history, far exceeding the $8.5 billion they paid for Skype. So what can a social media platform for job hunters, executives, general employees, and recruiters possibly have to offer for a software and services firm like Microsoft? I mean, they have Office. What else could they want?Big Data. Hold on, let me rephrase that. #BigData. Because knowing the trends behind it helps to better understand the rationale. Remember that article CU Insight shared of mine about your members’ data? It’s truly big business, and whatever you aren’t doing, someone else is. Besides, it’s really about better serving your members, and using the information you already have is the best way forward. continue reading » 2SHARESShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblrlast_img read more

first_img NASCAR at Michigan: Odds, prediction, sleepers, drivers to watch for FireKeepers Casino 400 Alex Bowman to carry Tim Richmond’s paint scheme at Darlington Former NASCAR chairman and CEO Brian France pleaded guilty to DWI on Friday, USA Today reported.According to the report, France will have that charge reduced to a non-criminal infraction in June 2020 if he completes 100 hours of community service, continues to receive counseling and does not break the law. “I am grateful for the court’s consideration of all the facts in this case and I will follow their direction and recommendations as we move forward,” France said in a statement.”While I made a mistake, this event has also given me the opportunity to reflect on my poor judgment that day, my family and my greater responsibilities to our community. I have learned valuable lessons and will be a better person because of this process.”center_img France, 56, was pulled over in Sag Harbor, New York, in the Hamptons on Aug. 5. The police report noted he allegedly rolled through a stop sign, and after being stopped, he “smelled of an intoxicating beverage, his speech was slurred, his eyes were glassy and red.” He registered a .019 and .018 blood alcohol content on two tests, more than twice the New York limit of .08.France took a leave of absence from his NASCAR duties after the arrest and has since been replaced by his uncle, Jim France.France, whose grandfather, Bill France Sr., founded NASCAR in 1948, assumed NASCAR’s top post in 2003 after the retirement of his father, Bill France Jr. Brian France had overseen many changes in the sport, including the adoption of a playoff system, a new TV package, new primary sponsorships and the development of new technology and car models. Related Newslast_img read more

first_imgBy John BurtonFAIR HAVEN — Tuesday’s Borouch Council meeting was a homecoming for Dwayne Reevey Jr.Reevey, who has lived most of his life here, was sworn in on Tuesday as the newest member of the borough police department.“I grew up here,” said Reevey. “My family has been here over 80 years. I know a lot of people here.”Reevey, 26, will be the thirteenth officer in the borough police department, which is not adding to its staff but maintaining its existing force, said Chief Darryl Breckenridge.“We’re very fortunate to have a home grown candidate,” for the department, Breckenridge said.Reevey attended Rumson-Fair Haven High School, where he excelled at sports. He continued his education at Rowan University, majoring in Criminal Justice. He is currently working for the Monmouth County Prosecutor’s Office and is expected to begin work for the Fair Haven Police on Nov. 7.“We’re getting an excellent young man,” said Mayor Michael Halfacre, and one who “has very, very deep Fair Haven roots.”Reevey, who was engaged recently, currently lives in Red Bank but hopes to relocate to Fair Haven sometime in the future.last_img read more

first_imgWhile I don’t like to get hung up on numbers, it does help people learn to make more conscious food decisions when they can actually see tangible evidence that the “granola” bar they ate contained mostly fat (and sugar!), and in fact was just a glorified chocolate bar.This little formula below can help you figure out if what you’re about to stuff in your mouth is actually that good for you (don’t be fooled by labels containing words like Natural, Whole, or even Organic – these words don’t necessarily mean healthy and you might be sabotaging your efforts to reach your goals!). Someone might say to you, “Oh you should be eating X amount of calories, and X grams of carbs, protein, and fat per day.” Well to someone who isn’t a registered dietitian, or, you know, experienced at memorizing food labels, this can be pretty overwhelming. But how much of these things should we be eating in a day? I personally believe every body functions differently, and there is no one set of magic numbers. On average, you want your diet to consist of approximately 50-60% carbohydrates, 15-20% Fat, and 15-20% Protein (The Dietary Guidelines for Americans). But like I said, these numbers are different for everyone. I know people who thrive on 30% fat, or even 75% carbs. It also depends on your goals. For general weight loss, I advise people to raise their protein, and lower their fat intake. There are a few reasons for this, but one major one is that protein helps to regulate your blood glucose. What the heck does that mean? To put simply, this means that the “carbs” your body gets from food is utilized in a slower, and more controlled manner – less spiking of your blood sugar levels. It’s like slow release energy – and you stay fuller, for longer! It is important to try and get protein and fat with all of your meals – just be mindful of your proportions! Carbs are your body’s main source of fuel, so enough with the low carb nonsense already! Just make smart carb decisions (whole grains, lots of veggies, etc). Ever wonder why your low-carb friend is such a biotch? Because the only source of fuel your brain uses is carbs! Nobody wants to be around a low-carb dieter (plus, when they go into ketosis, their breath smells naaasty. So now you’re practically PMSing and you have crazy bad breath. Sexy). Now I’m just going to warn you, there’s a bit of math involved here. Relax. Don’t freak out on me yet – it’s basic math, and I think the majority of us own a calculator (or at least have the app on our iPhone). So here’s the facts: 1 gram of carbohydrates = 4 calories 1 gram of fat = 9 calories 1 gram of protein = 4 calories 1 lb of fat = 3,500 calories So pull out your favorite packaged snack food, and let’s get cracking here: Let’s say you eat a 2/3 cup of pistachios every day. Nuts are good fats, right? And 2/3’s really isn’t that much (especially when left alone, and no one is looking you eat about 2 cups). No big deal right? Well let’s take a closer look, shall we? 2/3 cup of pistachios: 310 calories, 24 grams of fat, 13 grams of carbs, and 11 grams of protein To figure out what percentage of those calories comes from fat: 24 (grams of fat per 2/3 cup) x 9 (calories per gram of fat – see above) = 216 Now we take that 216 and divide by 310 (total number of calories from 2/3 cup of pistachios) = 0.7 Move the decimal, and we’ve figured out: 70% of the calories comes from fat. Yikes. Remember what I mentioned above? How you want your fat intake to be at about 15-20% (on the lower side if you’re trying to lose weight). This definitely is above that range… Let’s move on to protein: 11 (g of Protein) x 4 (cals per gram of protein) = 44 44 divided by 310 = 0.14 = 14% of the calories come from protein Not bad, but could be a bit higher. Carbohydrates: 13 (g of carbs in the nuts) x 4 (cals per gram of carbs) = 52 52 divided by 310 = 0.17 = 17% of the calories come from carbohydrates. Easy Peasy! But do you see why this would help someone make better food choices? The carbohydrates percentage is way too low, and the fat is way too high. Now try this simple formula on your favorite foods! Before we move totally away from math and word problems (bear with me!), I wanted to show you a bit more, looking at the dreaded cola. Let’s say you drink 2 colas a day (which you don’t really, right?). But let’s just say you do. Each cola is approximately 12 ounces (150 calories, 41 grams of carbs). If you drink those 2 colas every day: You’ve consumed 109,500 extra calories in one year And by replacing your cola with water you could, theoretically, lose 31 lbs of fat (109,500 ÷ 3500 (calories in 1 lb of fat)). I think I’ve made my point :)Teralee Trommeshauer lives in Castlegar, BC, and is a health, food, and fitness enthusiast currently working on her Holistic Nutrition and FItness Education certifications. This column originally appeared in her blog.last_img read more