first_imgTom Tedesco, a Virginia Commonwealth University student and a Trip Leader for the Outdoor Adventure Program there, had his easy going Saturday flipped on its head while biking home from the library…Literally.As a Trip Leader and lover of the outdoors, Tedesco has a vast amount of experience with bikes, especially since that’s his main mode of transportation in his daily life. He has been biking around the city for years with nothing but ease and a few close calls. Unfortunately this time, he wasn’t as lucky.Video Player Up/Down Arrow keys to increase or decrease volume.BRO: Describe the event: what went through your head?  TEDESCO: From my position, this was a blind intersection, blocked on my right by a building and a row of parked cars. It wasn’t until after I had crossed the threshold of the intersection that I noticed an SUV coming quickly toward me. I had three quick thoughts once I noticed the car that had run a red light:1. Swerve to my left and hope that the car breaks in time and I avoidthe collision, even if it means I crash my bike. 2. If I swerve to the left and the car doesn’t stop, instead of running into the car, the car will run into me and likely run me over.3. Continue on my path, hit the brakes as hard as I can, and hope for the best. Since I didn’t want to get run over, I chose option 3 – I continued to bike straight while engaging my brakes, but it was too late. I was going too fast to stop in time with such short notice, and the car slowed down enough to be directly in my path.At this point I knew there was no way to avoid impact, and I had the thought that I might be about to die.I collided with the drivers side hood/headlight and flipped over the windshield of the car, since the driver was still moving through his red light as we collided. As cliche as it sounds, time slowed down mid-air and I had two more thoughts:1. Thank god I have my helmet on.2. WOW my light is still green!! I finished the aerial somersault as I made impact with the pavement, meaning my head and back hit first, almost simultaneously, followed by my legs and arms. I remember almost immediately being surprised that even though pain was starting to run through by whole body, I was alive and conscious.I was too disoriented to fully understand the extend of my injuries, but as I tried to sit up, I couldn’t put any weight on my right leg. Several witnesses came running over within seconds of the accident, and told me to lay down and not move my head, and they called 911. I remained still until responders arrived, but was anxious to try and move all my body parts and make sure everything still worked.BRO: Do you feel changed? TEDESCO: I definitely feel changed. The entire accident truly put things into perspective for me. Prior to the accident, I was dealing with some other issues life had thrown my way, and although they weren’t necessarily trivial, the fact that I had just narrowly and luckily escaped death minimized all of my other concerns. Problems that seemed so large before no longer weighed as heavily on me, and important people and goals in my life that I had started ti neglect suddenly became incredibly important again.BRO: Will you continue biking?TEDESCO: Since this accident only happened three weeks ago, and I’m still dealing with injuries and processing everything that has happened, I feel that I am still being changed in ways that I don’t yet understand. I plan to continue biking as soon as I’m able to physically and can buy a new bike. I’m hoping that this accident doesn’t make me afraid to bike around the city, as it was my primary mode of travel in Richmond, but I don’t think I’ll really know untilI’m able to get back out there.BRO: Do you regret your speed? Do you feel at fault? TEDESCO: I don’t regret anything I did in this situation and I believe I was 0% at fault for what happened. I was obeying all traffic laws, paying attention, biking below the speed limit, wearing my helmet and traveling through a solid green light, while the driver of the SUV was clearly not paying attention, blew a red light, and did not react in time upon seeing me to avoid this accident. That being said, in the future, I plan to ride more vigilantly, and maybe slower, through city streets. Even if I was going slower, at this blind intersection, I wouldn’t have been able to see the driver coming around the corner, but I might have been able to slow down enough to not go airborne, over the car.BRO: What advice do you have for urban bikers?TEDESCO: First and foremost, I would like to say ALWAYS WEAR YOUR HELMET. ALWAYS. Not just when you’re biking long distances or biking fast or mountain biking, but always. It doesn’t matter how far you’re going, or if you’re only going to be biking for a few minutes; accidents like this can kill you in an instant.I was less than a mile from where I was going when this happened, and only a few hundred yards from where I had started, and since I landed starting with my head, without a helmet, the outcome could have been far worse.I would also like to remind people, myself included, that even if you’re doing everything right, it’s important to remember that not everyone else is. We should all be biking cautiously, with the mindset that every driver on the road is on the phone and might run a red light.Tom Tedesco hiking in Utah with his dog Kaia photo courtesy of Tom TedescoThough it may seem his luck ran out on this one, Tedesco walked away from the situation with somewhat minor injuries. A concussion and many bruised bones, he will be on crunches and very sore for quite some time. But lucky for him, he has his friends and his dog Kaia to keep him company through his healing.last_img read more

first_imgThe European Commission has summoned the Netherlands to the European Court of Justice (ECJ) for taxing pensions moving abroad.It argued that the taxation conflicts with the principle of free movement of capital.According to the EC, workers must be able to transfer pension capital to another member state, even if the country of destination allows taking out a lump sum of up to the entire pension entitlement.Twelve member states, including Germany, Belgium and Denmark, have already introduced this option, however, in the Netherlands, the country is only to allow a limited lump sum as part of its pending pensions reform; and it levies a tax on value transfer to these member states, while refraining from taxation in case of a domestic transfer. The EC concluded that this approach “seriously hinders the principles of free traffic of workers, services and capital”.It had already started an infringement procedure against the Netherlands in 2012, followed by a “reasoned advice” in 2018.As the Netherlands had ignored the call for legal adjustments, the EC has now issued the country a subpoena to appear before the ECJ.Erik Lutjens and Hans van Meerten, both professors of European pension law, indicated that the Netherlands might not have implemented pensions directive IORP II correctly on collective value transfer, as the Dutch rules are stricter for foreign transfers.Van Meerten said he had lodged a complaint with the EC, which could lead to a substantive infringement procedure.Meubel, the €3.5bn Dutch pension fund for the furnishing sector, has announced that it will replace its current pensions provider Centric with TKP Pensioen.To read the digital edition of IPE’s latest magazine click here.last_img read more

first_imgThe G League has a new president.Shareef Abdur-Rahim, who currently serves as the NBA’s vice president of operations, will take over for Malcolm Turner, who was just named Vanderbilt’s athletic director. Part of Abdur-Rahim’s duties will be monitoring the newly established professional path in the G League, which helps players make the transition from high school to professional basketball under a salaried contract.“I am thrilled to have this extraordinary opportunity with the NBA G League,” Abdur-Rahim said. “I’ve seen firsthand the NBA G League’s remarkable growth under Malcolm’s leadership, and I look forward to working with the players, teams and my colleagues to take the league to even greater heights.”Abdur-Rahim, 42, is a former NBA All-Star who spent five years as the Kings’ assistant coach and the 2013-14 season as general manager of the NBA G League’s Reno Bighorns (now the Stockton Kings). As a player, he spent 12 seasons in the NBA and averaged 18.1 points per game. NBA wrap: LeBron James wins last game against Dwyane Wade as Lakers top Heat “Shareef’s unique experiences as a player, team executive and member of the NBA’s Basketball Operations department make him a fantastic fit to be the next President of the NBA G League,” NBA deputy commissioner and chief operating officer Mark Tatum said in a statement. “He is well-prepared to build on the tremendous progress that the NBA G League has made under Malcolm, who deftly oversaw a pivotal period of expansion and transition. We thank Malcolm for his lasting contributions to the NBA and the NBA G League and wish him the best at Vanderbilt.” Related Newslast_img read more

first_imgMORE:  Join DAZN and watch Canelo vs. Jacobs on May 4Not the fashion that Crawford wanted to get his latest victory in, but a win, nonetheless.Even if the low blow never happened, you got the distinct feeling that Khan (33-5) didn’t stand a chance anyway.Crawford started the fight dropping Khan with a vicious overhand right, which spun Khan around before he fell to the canvas.From there, “Bud” asserted his complete control and punished Khan’s body and stung him with hard shots that landed flush to the British fighter’s face.If the fight didn’t end on a low blow, there’s a solid chance that Crawford would have made sure to finish it via his scintillating skills as boxing’s arguable pound-for-pound best.”I could tell I was breaking him down. It was just a matter of time,” Crawford (35-0, 25 KOs) said during his post-fight interview. “I just took my time. I was disappointed the corner stopped the fight in that manner, but Virgil [Hunter] is a great coach, and he was looking out for his fighter. I know he didn’t want to go out like that.”After the disappointing win, Crawford also didn’t waste time calling out IBF welterweight champion Errol Spence Jr. for a unification fight.“The fight I want next is Errol Spence,” Crawford said. “Whenever he is ready, he can come and get it.”Here’s how the Crawford vs. Khan main card went.( All times Eastern. )Main card live updates, resultsMain event: Terence Crawford def. Amir Khan by TKO to retain WBO welterweight title after Khan can’t continue due to accidental low blowRound 6:  Crawford hits Khan with an accidental low blow, as the ref is giving him some time to recover here early in the sixth. But Khan claiming he can’t continue and just like that, the fight has been stopped. You never want to see a fight end like this. Any way, but this. Round 5:  A punishing left hook to the body begins Crawford’s attack and a left-right combo lands flush to Khan’s face moments later. Electric stuff from “Bud.” Left-handed uppercut lands for good measure. Khan trying to fight back, but it’s Crawford showcasing all of his skills, polish, power and boxing superiority five rounds in. (50-44 Crawford)Round 4:  A left hook lands for Crawford, who’s in complete control here. Vicious bodywork from Crawford that follows, working Khan’s body with unanswered punches — about six of them in a flurry. A punishing right to the body hurts Khan even further. Khan’s body is battered. (40-35 Crawford)Round 3:  Khan lands a left-right combination to get Crawford’s attention early in the third. A stiff right lands moments later. Just as I was close to giving Khan the edge this round, Crawford begins to dig into the body and ends the third with a left upstairs. Khan might have landed more shots this round, but Crawford still stuck the crisper punches. (30-26 Crawford)Round 2: Another overhand right followed by a left to the body was the highlight of the punishment Crawford dished out in the second round. Entering this bout, Khan had carved out the reputation of being a quick starter. Well, not this fight. (20-17 Crawford)Round 1:  Crawford drops Khan! And he’s going for the kill, trying to end this early. He was almost successful, too. Good grief! “Bud” dropped Khan on a vicious overhand right, which spun Khan around, before he fell to the canvas. Wow. Major fireworks from Crawford already and we’re only one round in. (10-8 Crawford)12:01 a.m.:  Crawford out to DMX’s “What’s My Name?” cut to Jadakiss “The Champ is Here” and cut to Jay Z’s “Encore.” The building is rocking, eating up every bit of this entrance from the arguable pound-for-pound best.12:00 a.m.:  Here comes Amir Khan out to Eminem’s “Not Afraid” and a loud ovation from the crowd here at MSG.11:50 p.m.:  Crawford-Khan in the main event is up next.11:47 p.m.:  Teofimo Lopez is one bad man. Perhaps Rosie Perez says it best: And I think he #Teofimo is going to get even better with time and experience. Imagine that power intensifying🥊🔥. @trboxing @espn #LopezTatli @ESPNDeportes— Rosie Perez (@rosieperezbklyn) April 21, 2019 Co-main event: Teofimo Lopez demolishes Edis Tatli by fifth-round KORound 5:  A straight punch to the gut and Tatli goes down … and stays down. It’s a wrap. Yet another KO for Lopez. Not as spectacular as the last couple of knockouts, but stinging nonetheless. Plus, you know when you’re comparing a fighter’s own knockouts, it’s someone special in the ring. “The Takeover” continues. And Lopez hits the LeBron James’ celebration, before sticking his traditional backflip. Lopez did say that he would end this fight before the sixth round and made good on that prediction. A KO, a @KingJames celebration and a backflip. No one is more entertaining than @TeofimoLopez #TheTakeover #CrawfordKhan— Top Rank Boxing (@trboxing) April 21, 2019After the fight, Lopez (13-0, 11 KOs) made it clear that it’s all main events from here on out.”I want a world title shot next,” he said in the ring. “That’s what I want. We promised to take over the show, and once again, I took it over. I’m ready for Richard Commey or the WBC title. As long as it’s for a title, I am ready to go. No one can take my power.”Round 4:  Lopez is tenderizing meat out here, repeatedly working the body and aiming upstairs with that right hook. (40-35 Lopez)Round 3:  “The Takeover” looking all too strong here early on, as Lopez lands a three-punch combination near the end of the third. All Lopez thus far. (30-27 Lopez)Round 2:  Lopez continuing to pepper Tatli with colorful jabs and combinations. Meanwhile, Tatli is hardly throwing any punches. This looks like it’s not going to end well for the fighter from Helsinki, Finland. (20-18 Lopez)Round 1: Lopez and Tatli trying to get a feel for each other, with the former landing stinging jabs to start things up. At about the minute mark of the first, Lopez takes an angle and lands a hook-uppercut combination to put Tatli on notice. (10-9 Lopez)11:12 p.m.:  Teofimo Lopez entering the ring to Frank Sinatra’s “New York, New York” is going over really well. Another dynamic KO from Lopez, followed by another viral celebration would go over even better. The co-main event is up next.11:05 p.m.:  Terence Crawford looking more than ready to defend his WBO welterweight title against Amir Khan. The champ is ready! @terencecrawford #CrawfordKhan— Top Rank Boxing (@trboxing) April 21, 2019 11:03 p.m.:  You get the feeling that this Garden crowd is ready to unhinge. Let’s see if Brooklyn’s own Teofimo Lopez can give them a reason to do just that.10:58 p.m.:  Shakur Stevenson def. Christopher Diaz via unanimous decision (100-90, 99-91, 98-92). The 21-year-old Newark product made that look too easy. “I’m the smartest boxer in boxing,” Stevenson said, earning him boos from the Garden crowd. “I feel like I’m the next Floyd.”Well, Mayweather himself dubbed Stevenson as “the next Floyd Mayweather” at one point. With the way the kid hits and doesn’t get hit much, you kind of see why.10:52 p.m.:  The 10th and final round of Stevenson-Diaz is coming up. Meanwhile, “The Takeover” looks to continue, as Teofimo Lopez faces Edis Tatli next. And you already know that Lopez is going to try to steal the show.  Final good luck wishes from family before @teofimolopez takes center stage. #CrawfordKhan— Top Rank Boxing (@trboxing) April 21, 2019 10:44 p.m.:  Replays caught Diaz resorting to stepping on Stevenson’s lead foot before Shakur returned the favor. That’s about the only way that Diaz is going to slow Stevenson down at this point, as he’s just not landing enough shots.10:33 p.m.: Stevenson’s hand speed is blinding, as he puts combinations together lighting fast. About 40 seconds into the fifth round, Diaz manages to get in close and unleash a couple of hooks. He has to continue doing that and try to muddy up this fight or else it feels like Stevenson is going to use the real estate given to him, pump that jab and keep stinging Diaz to yet another victory. 10:24 p.m.:  Diaz hits the canvas early in the third round and it’s ruled a slip, but that doesn’t stop a Stevenson supporter in the crowd from yelling “Get used to it!” Stevenson is about as polished of a 21-year-old boxer that you’ll see. SN has him pitching a shutout thus far.10:18 p.m.:  Stevenson looking razor sharp in the opening round, going straight down the middle with his jab and even piecing together combinations.10:12 p.m.:  Newark, N.J.’s own Shakur Stevenson getting a nice pop from the Garden crowd. Let’s see if he could pass his toughest test to date and inch closer to a world title shot.10:08 p.m.:  Tracy Morgan and Rosie Perez just a couple of the celebs in the house here tonight. Perez tells the Garden crowd that she can’t wait to see “The Takeover” of Teofimo Lopez continue later on this evening.10:05 p.m.:  The next bout between undefeated Shakur Stevenson (10-0, 6 KOs) and Christopher Diaz (24-1, 16 KOs) in featherweight action should be a good one.10:01 p.m.: Felix Verdejo gets the unanimous decision victory   (97-93, 97-93 98-92) over Bryan Vasquez to improve to 25-1.9:45 p.m.:  Neither Vasquez or Verdejo has given the crowd here at MSG anything to really get up out of their seats about, but Verdejo is in control entering the eighth round.9:15 p.m.:  Both Bryan Vasquez and Felix Verdejo are in the ring, the bright lights are on and this main card is about to begin.9:10 p.m.:  A relaxed Amir Khan made his way into the Garden a short while ago. Time to go to work for @amirkingkhan #CrawfordKhan— Top Rank Boxing (@trboxing) April 21, 2019 9:05 p.m.:  The first pay-per-view under the Top Rank on ESPN banner is live and underway.8:35 p.m.:  The main card of the inaugural Top Rank on ESPN pay-per-view is slated to go live at 9:00 p.m. There’s a nice buzz in MSG as the anticipation builds toward the bright lights. Bryan Vasquez and Felix Verdejo will kick off the main card in lightweight action.Undercard live updates, results8:24 p.m.:  Adames with a scintillating left hook that puts Galarza on his backside right by the ropes, before closing out the show with a barrage of unanswered punches to get the fourth-round TKO. Impressive showing from the Dominican boxer who resides in the Washington Heights section of NYC. Absolutely relentless, great finish by Carlos Adames 👊 #CrawfordKhan— Top Rank Boxing (@trboxing) April 21, 2019 “This was a message to all of the 154-pounders. I want to face all the best,” Adames said following his victory. “I’m coming hungry, and I’m determined to fight for a world title by the end of the year. I don’t care who has a title. I want it.”8:15 p.m.: Carlos Adames in there with Frank Galarza in junior middleweight action right now, with the first round in the books.8:05 p.m.:  The crowd here at Madison Square Garden came alive with Edgar Berlanga 46-second TKO of Samir Barbosa. Undercard action is still going on here, with the main card set to begin at 9:00 p.m. Edgar Berlanga finishes Samir Barbosa and remains undefeated with the 46-second TKO 👊 #CrawfordKhan— Top Rank Boxing (@trboxing) April 20, 2019 Crawford vs. Khan main card resultsMain event: Terence Crawford def. Amir Khan by sixth-round TKO to retain WBO welterweight title after Khan couldn’t continue from an accidental low blowCo-main event: Teofimo Lopez def. Edis Tatli by fifth-round KO; LightweightsShakur Stevenson def. Christopher Diaz via unanimous decision (100-90, 99-91, 98-92); Featherweights Felix Verdejo def. Bryan Vasquez by unanimous decision (97-93, 97-93 98-92); LightweightsUndercard resultsCarlos Adames def. Frank Galarza via fourth-round TKO; Junior middleweightsEdgar Berlanga def. Samir Barbosa by first-round TKO; MiddleweightsLarry Fryers def. Dakota Polley via unanimous decision; Super lightweightsVikas Krishan def. Noah Kidd by unanimous decision; Super welterweightsLawrence Newton def. Jonathan Garza via unanimous decision; BantamweightsCrawford vs. Khan latest news- Everything to lose and nothing to gain is the position Terence Crawford finds himself in facing Amir Khan .- Crawford prepares to deliver a convincing victory over Khan, while the urgency to cement a title-unification fight with Errol Spence looms .- Here’s how Crawford’s last five fights , including his blistering TKO of Jose Benavidez Jr. in October.- Here’s what Khan’s last five fights have looked like, including his unimpressive decision win over Samuel Vargas in September. – As the reigning WBO welterweight champion and arguable pound-for-pound best, Crawford deems Amir Khan as his best-available option . Meanwhile as a huge underdog, Khan is eyeing this fight as a legacy fight to define his career.- Teofimo Lopez has been working his angles inside and outside the ring under the branding of “The Takeover,” with the aim to eventually get a shot against lightweight unified champion Vasiliy Lomachenko .- Shakur Stevenson is eyeing his fight against Christopher Diaz on Saturday night as a springboard to landing him a world title shot in the featherweight division . NEW YORK — Terence Crawford was fully dominating Amir Khan in every aspect of boxing through five rounds, having knocked him down in the first round and peppering him with jabs, combinations and his flat out superior skills at will.Continuing his attack, Crawford hit Khan with an accidental low blow during the sixth round and whether Khan took the moment as an opportunity for a way out or not, he claimed he couldn’t continue the fight and thus the bout was called a TKO in favor of Crawford, allowing “Bud” to retain his WBO welterweight championship.last_img read more

first_imgCLEAR LAKE — Two Mason City men were charged on Tuesday with harboring a runaway connected with a recent missing juvenile case in Clear Lake.Clear Lake Police Chief Pete Roth says 38-year-old Eric Anderson and 59-year-old Leroy Lomholt were arrested on a charge of harboring a runaway against the wishes of a parent.Both were booked into the Cerro Gordo County Jail and were being held on $2000 bond. The missing juvenile is safe and was reunited with her family.Roth says the incident remains under investigation and no further information will be released at this time.last_img