first_imgBy Tiffany BaileyThere are lines in a relationship that should never be crossed. Sometimes women allow men to test these boundaries and the lines of right and wrong become blurred. Many of the women that end up in abusive relationships are accustomed to being treated in a poor way and often don’t notice when their situation becomes compromised. The signs of a dangerous position may not be clear to the person stuck in it. Being aware of your surroundings and things happening in your life can make all the difference between being safe and not.Forcing SexSome women don’t believe that you can be raped by your boyfriend or husband, but you can. If your partner is forcing you to do things you are uncomfortable doing or have said “no” to doing, he is violating you. Some men have the idea that because you are their partner, you are essentially their property. This is not the case, and you should make that perfectly clear. If he cannot respect you saying “no” to sex or foreplay, he doesn’t respect you as a person. This could escalate into a potentially dangerous situation and you should be careful if this is something you are experiencing.Verbal AttacksBeing talked down to or screamed at is unacceptable. Of course there will be some verbal arguments throughout the relationship, but it should not be a daily habit. Words do hurt, even if you think they don’t. Something your partner said may not bug you today or tomorrow, but you will hear those words in your head at some point. For some, those things that are said haunt them daily and bring down their self worth. Never let a man take away your happiness. In a partnership you should not feel bad all the time. I was in a severely verbally abusive relationship for almost three years right out of high school. I was constantly told I was worthless. Eventually he wore my self-esteem down to nothing and I began believing I was not worth anything to anyone. Looking back at that relationship almost seven years later, I can see when the abuse started and I shudder to think about where it could have ended if I had stuck around.Physical AttacksFights are an inevitable part of a relationship. Sometimes couples will “play” fight and wrestle each other around. Other times, things get out of control and people get hurt. It is never acceptable for your partner to hit you or doing anything that will bring harm to you. Repeat offenders will apologize after they hurt you and promise it will never happen again. Those promises are usually broken time and time again. Physical violence can lead to serious injuries and in worst case scenarios, death.StalkingThis is one that women don’t take as seriously as they should. If your partner is showing up at your work, waiting in your driveway when you come home, and driving by a friend’s house to see if that is really where you are, things are getting out of control. Once this behavior has begun, it may never end. One of my close friends had this exact issue with her boyfriend. He was going off the deep end with messages and dropping things in conversations like he could never live without her. He followed her all around town, at work, and even parked around the corner to spy on her at her own house. Things got creepy really fast. She had to get a restraining order on him. Eventually things calmed down, but it could have turned out much worse.Signs of danger in a relationship are sometimes tricky to read. Everyone knows that physical violence is a definite warning sign, but some don’t take the other signs seriously. Protecting yourself is number one and everything else comes second. If you are in an abusive or dangerous situation, you need to get help and get out. Your partner should make you happy, not hurt you in any way, shape, or form. Share Tweet Share 22 Views   no discussionscenter_img Sharing is caring! LifestyleRelationships Signs of a dangerous relationship by: – June 22, 2011 Sharelast_img read more

first_imgMarketers in Liberia have been urged to be steadfast and step up to the plate in boosting the economy in the awake of the prevailing Ebola crisis affecting the sub-region.Making the plea for marketers, particularly women, Charles Naiwah, program manager of Foundation for Women (FFW), urged marketers to rise up above the deadly foe of Ebola and properly manage the business sector for the development of their nation.  Addressing the marketers yesterday, he encouraged Liberian women to be courageous in these trying times of the national economy, adding; “Don’t let Ebola put you out of business.“Let’s be serious in the fight against this virus in order to make our businesses stronger,” the FFW manager indicated.Relative to the fight against the deadly Ebola virus, the micro-finance organization called on residents of Liberia, particularly market women, to understand the fact that “Ebola is real and has no remedy, but early treatment can reduce the risk of death. Don’t hide any sick or dead person, he admonished, urging them to report to the health authorities anything that looks like the virus.”Control the children who  remain at home to avoid coming in contact with strangers.”It’s better to be selfish and remain alive than to be generous and get killed at the hands of Ebola.  That is why we have come to identify with you people in these communities today.”We’re partners; so Ebola will not make us fall apart. Our partners met and raised some resources to procure awareness materials and preventive gears for you in order to contain the spread of the virus. We will not sit back and allow our members to fight the virus alone.  We are with you every step of the way. We want our borrowers to fight the disease face-to-face in an effort to kick the virus out of Liberia,” Naiwah asserted.FFW made the call when the local organization that is operating in 14 of Liberia’s 15 political subdivisions  presented scores of anti-Ebola materials for 37 market women from three communities. The micro finance organization described the donation as “arms and ammunitions in the combat against Ebola.”Receiving the items on behalf of the three groups, leaders of the market women expressed their appreciation to the FFW family for the gesture.In separate statements, Madams Vera Tweh of Airfield, Emma Ricks of Catholic Junction and Marlyn Davis of Old Road Communities described the donations as “a  positive step in battling the deadly Ebola virus.””A friend in bad times is truly a real friend indeed,” Madam Davis said.She pledged her women’s organization’s fullest corporation in the national fight against Ebola, pledging,  “The materials will be used for the intended purpose.” Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more

first_imgThe Moricetown Band has reached agreements for two proposed natural gas pipeline projects to become partners in B.C.’s liquefied natural gas industry and opening the door to economic growth within its community and membership.The Moricetown Band will receive approximately $6 million as project milestones are reached: $998,000 upon the agreement coming into effect, $2.49 million when construction begins, and $2.49 million once the pipeline is operating. It is the sixth announced agreement between the Province and First Nations for the CGL project.Moricetown will also join the First Nations Limited Partnership and share in the benefits associated with the proposed Pacific Trail Pipeline project. Moricetown is the 16th and final First Nation or Band to join the Partnership which will share in $32 million in benefits once construction has started.- Advertisement -In addition to construction-related milestone payments, the Band will receive a yet-to-be-determined share of $10 million a year in ongoing benefits per project. The ongoing benefits will be available to First Nations along the natural gas pipeline routes. The B.C. government anticipates signing similar agreements with other First Nations in the near future.The approximately 650-kilometre will  deliver natural gas from the Montney gas-producing region, near Dawson Creek, B.C., to LNG Canada’s proposed liquefied natural gas facility near Kitimat, B.C.last_img read more