first_imgJammers The Big Wu have been playing together for a long time, but not much symbolizes their history together than The Big Wu Family Reunion. Coming to Morristown, MN for the 16th year running, this year’s Family Reunion looks to be one of their best, with Peter Rowan, Leon Russell, Dean Magraw, Allie Kral, Cornmeal and more getting together for the event from August 12-13.“We’re excited to host Leon Russell and Peter Rowan this year. Peter is [Big Wu guitarist] Chris Castino’s personal Elvis, a dude who has written tons of great material. Leon is just a classic troubadour, his voice is cooler than a body on ice,” said bassist Andy Miller. “Not to mention that an artist from last year’s BWFR, Jon Cleary, won a Grammy. Now, I’m not saying that it’s because he played with us, but luckily for him, it didn’t hurt!”Miller also spoke to us about the festival’s storied past. “When we started the BWFR, we had played festivals from coast-to-coast. Big ones, small ones, crappy ones. No matter what, there were three things that mattered most to us as musicians, and thus prospective promoters: Sound/production, hospitality, and of course, crappers.” He continued, “A festival with a great lineup and site becomes a drag when the PA was procured out of the junkyard. Don’t go cheap unless you really hate your audience. The same goes for hospitality, or more deeply, how the bands are treated. Are they making enough money? Can we help them score a gig in Minneapolis to ride any momentum they picked up? There’s a difference between stuffing their bellies and feeding them like human beings. We’ve been on both sides of the coin, and it makes a difference.”When it comes down to it, The Big Wu are happy to do their festival on their own terms, and the group’s fanbase really appreciates it. “Our lives have been in pursuit of the kind of fun the Big Wu Family Reunion offers. It’s a proud tradition, a teacher of lessons, a bonding experience, a place where people meet (and sometimes get married!), and a chance to make memories that’ll last. Which is nice, as that’s all we’ll have when we’re old.”For more information about the festival, you can head here. Check out the full lineup below.last_img read more