first_imgNotre Dame’s Army ROTC Iron Irish competition tested more than physical strength Wednesday.The second year of the annual competition placed the four army platoons against each other, racing across campus to complete tasks, Cadet Second Lieutenant and senior Scott Vitter said.Platoon B1 won after performing well through several of the events, Vitter said.“We did very well on the swimming portion,” he said. “Overall, we came out on top.”The competition is the culmination of a semester-long scored competition between the platoons, Cadet Lieutenant Colonel and senior Tom Capretta said.“The main reason we run the Iron Irish Race is to build platoon cohesion through competition.  Cohesion is important to the success of any unit in the military,” Capretta said. “As cadets, we try to improve ourselves and each other, and building a cohesive team is an important part of accomplishing that goal,” Capretta said. “The competition also affords leadership opportunities to our upperclassmen, which is important preparation for us as we look to become commissioned officers in the U.S. Army.”The Iron Irish competition included five events. The platoons competed in a timed swim, rope climb, ruck run, simulated rifle competition and a “mystery event,” which was a paintball tournament on White Fields between the platoons that was postponed due to a thunderstorm warning.“The weather was terrible, but it was a lot of fun,” Vitter said. “The storms added another dimension to the competition, making it more difficult, but people stepped up and worked.”He said event planners hope to have the paintball tournament in future years.“At the end of the day, all of the tasks are meant to be completed by everyone,” Vitter said. “There’s more to get out of the competition than who has the fastest time.”Vitter said before the competition he was hopeful his platoon would perform well as a unit.“I hope we show the camaraderie and group mentality that we’ve developed over this semester,” Vitter said.Cadet Corporal and sophomore Trevor Waliszewski, also a member of platoon B1, was also hopeful for a win.“A win would increase the solidarity of our platoon and establish as the clear favorites for all battalion competitions next year,” Waliszewski said.Waliszewski said the competition helped his platoon think together.“The Iron Irish is an event designed to motivate us to work harder during Physical Training sessions throughout the year,” he said. “As we will be completing all of our challenges as a platoon, the event encourages teamwork and makes us look out for one another.”Waliszewski said the event helps prepare for real-world combat experience.“The Army teaches us a Warrior Ethos including the statement, ‘I will never leave a fallen comrade,’ and Iron Irish allows us to put that into effect as we complete all the challenges as a team. It’s a competitive environment where we can learn lessons that will make us better officers in a real-world combat environment,” he said.Vitter said he attributes his platoon’s win to the group mentality.“Our platoon has come a long way since last semester in terms of teamwork and cohesion,” Vitter said. “That was the biggest part of today. We may not be the biggest or strongest platoon out there but we worked together and that’s what the competition was about.”last_img read more

first_imgVice President for Student Affairs Ainsley Carry sent a memo to the USC community Thursday about nonconsensual drugging at campus parties.Carry said that during office hours in October, a student informed him of what she viewed as a regularity of nonconsensual drugging. “She explained that among her friends, everyone had a story about someone believing they have been drugged,” Carry wrote in the memo. According to Carry’s statement, the student said that getting drugged at parties around campus has become normalized.Carry also addressed the criminality of nonconsensual drugging. “Students and organizations that are found responsible for ‘spiking drinks’ will be punished to the fullest extent of the law and face disciplinary action up to and including expulsion from the University,” Carry wrote. “I strongly urge students who have information … to share it with the Department of Public Safety or the Office of Professionalism and Ethics.”Carry offered students tips on how to reduce the possibility of getting drugged. He said students should not leave their drink unattended and should open their own beverage. They should also be observant by stopping if their drink  tastes off. If a student is believed to be drugged, they should seek medical attention immediately. The memo ended with a list of resources. Carry said that reporting these incidents is fundamental to preventing them. “Nonconsensual drugging is a crime and a serious violation of our community standards,” Carry wrote. “Everyone’s help is required to rid our community of this behavior.”last_img read more

first_imgIker Casillas, former Real Madrid international goalkeeper, stated this Wednesday that lthe best stop of his entire career was the one he made to Arjen Robben during the final of the World Cup in South Africa, which Spain won against the Netherlands in 2010.That was Casillas’ choice when asked by an amateur on the official Champions League Twitter account, in which the Spanish goalkeeper answered other questions related to his career.“I choose stops that are decisive in the end. Like the one in the World Cup final in South Africa. That hand in hand with Robben, not for the spectacular but for the moment. And then the 2002 final in Glasgow (of the Champions League that Real Madrid beat Bayer Leverkusen), those final minutes. “Casillas explained how the seconds before his action against Robben were, in the 62nd minute of the final, when the scoreboard was 0-0 between Spain and the Netherlands.“At that time what I tried was to preview what he could do. He had been my partner at Real Madrid and he already knew more or less what his skills were. I tried to give him a little more left side to try to dribble around, but then he decided to shoot at goal and I was able to get the right foot out quickly, “he said.By last, He chose between one of the two great titles he won with Spain: lto Euro 2008 in Switzerland and Austria or the World Cup in South Africa 2010.“It is a good question. The difference from 2010 to 2008 is great. It is true that for us there is a beginning, which is the Euro Cup in Austria and Switzerland where we managed to pass the penalty shootout against Italy (quarterfinals). From there, everything else came, “he explained.“If we had not passed that round of the quarterfinals of the Euro Cup, neither the World Cup nor the next Euro Cup would have arrived. It was a decisive moment in Spanish football. Whatever it is to win a World Cup outshines the rest. They are different moments but at the same time very important “, he pointed out.“You have to be very restrained for football to return”The exguardameta Íker Casillas, candidate for the presidency of the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF), considered that it is necessary to be ‘very restrained’ to make the decision to return the competition. “I am quite optimistic about life in general, I have always liked to see the glass half full, but right now I think you have to be very restrained when making a decision like that. I am convinced that all the people who are in different positions worldwide are always thinking about the quality of football and the fans, “he said. “But right now I think that there will be a few months in which it will take a certain calm and a certain calm to know when and when everything begins to establish itself as it was before. It is taking slow, safe and firm steps, especially for the good of the people.“He said. On his aspiration to preside over the highest body of Spanish football, he commented:” From a distance I have been aware of everything for a long time. But it is true that right now the main thing is to be able to have this cure, to be able to have it under control, above different levels “.“The decision was made a few months ago but right now everything is so stopped that you have to wait for events and see how everything unfolds.. Right now this is secondary and the main thing is to insist that people be consistent and listen to what they tell us, “he added in the online solidarity marathon #YoMeCorono organized by Carlos Latre and which aims to raise funds to find the vaccine against the disease.Asked about how he is handling the situation caused by this disease, he said: “I am a little scared but confident with the people who are aware of everything. I am convinced that they are doing everything possible to keep the world population calm.. It is a new situation for everyone, first time. We have to listen very well to the people who are in the front row fighting against all this. ““In Portugal the state of alarm is not, it is that of emergency. It has some nuance different from Spain but still the people are quite consistent and almost everyone is responsible, they stay at home, “he declared. He also spoke of the unity his country is experiencing, similar to the one that took place during the celebrations after the conquest of the 2010 World Cup in South Africa:” Since I remember We have rarely seen an entire country, all of humanity, so close together and so eager to live and help as we are right now. “Ten years ago we had to do it in a happy way, Madrid was a show. Now we are seeing the opposite but we continue to see that unity that we have. It is a pity, a misfortune what is happening. But still we see that the union is strength and I think we are going to have to pull it more than ever“he opined.last_img read more