first_imgFacebookTwitterWhatsAppEmailPrintMoreShare thisFacebookTwitterWhatsAppEmailPrintMoreShare this March 23 — The emergency $1.8 trillion rescue bill for the combination COVID-19 and economic crisis stalled in the Senate last night. Democratic senators balked at saluting an open and obvious Republican giveaway to the super-rich who own and control the U.S. economy.Observers expect the two capitalist parties that dominate U.S. political life — Republican and Democratic — will reach a “compromise,” as there is pressure on the Democrats to give in. The resulting bill, which the president is expected to sign, might provide a few more crumbs for the workers.These are the same working people of all nationalities and skills who the whole country can now see are indispensable for the functioning of society. With many other workers and students forced to stay at home and shelter in place, medical caregivers, sanitation workers, food workers of all kinds from the farm to the supermarket and those who deliver goods and transport people are showing they are really essential to modern society.Karl Marx wrote that the history of humanity has been a history of class struggle. The appearance of the new virus and the market crash only exacerbated that class struggle between the biggest capitalists and the working class. Now the U.S. ruling class is pursuing every stop to make sure it gets all or nearly all of the nearly $2 trillion first installment provoked by the crisis. The March 21 New York Times “quote of the day” indicated how in the struggle between workers and their bosses, the bosses are giving full attention to this government relief package. It quotes Democratic House Representative Ro Khanna of California: “The only industry that hasn’t been slowed down by the virus is the lobbying industry.” Khanna was referring to “the frantic efforts by lobbyists of all stripes to get a piece” of those trillions.The capitalists want it allAs usual, the super-rich capitalists want it all. And the record of the Trump administration and the Republican Party is to give everything away to the rich. From the beginning, Trump gave the capitalists and the corporations a trillion dollars in tax cuts, opened up government lands to plunder and constricted the rights of workers to organize. The record of the Democratic Party leadership is to put up some token opposition and then capitulate. That’s what the Democrats did last week with the first emergency bill that was supposed to give the public health system some way of containing the virus. Some $58 billion of the money appropriated was earmarked instead to subsidize the airlines industry.That bill’s major provisions were supposed to make it possible for workers to stay at home when they’re sick so they wouldn’t spread the virus − paid sick leave for all. In the end this provision covered only a quarter of the working class.The paid sick leave provision omitted those 48 percent of workers who are employed by giant corporations like Amazon, Walmart, Burger King, Taco Bell, McDonald’s, etc., which employ more than 500 people and don’t give paid sick leave. It potentially omits the 27 percent of workers employed by small businesses with fewer than 50 workers.Republican Sen. Lamar Alexander was so opposed to ordering paid sick leave — in his ideological panic that it might become a permanent rule — that he prevented a better plan from being enacted and almost shot down the entire first emergency bill.Republican Sen. Richard Burr not only protected the property of the super-rich, but he increased his own. He used his insider knowledge about the pandemic from being chair of the Senate Intelligence Committee to “unload 33 stocks owned by him and his spouse” just before the crash. You can read about this in a March 22 article in The Guardian by former Labor Secretary Robert Reich. ( all the big corporations are using their lobbyists and their other means of pressuring elected representatives to make sure that the $1.8 trillion package, allegedly aimed at preventing an economic collapse, serves their particular, narrow interests, just as Burr did. They want bailouts for their industry, interest-free loans, etc. Meanwhile there is no equally strong voice for the working class.The biggest noise from the Democratic Party leadership — an accomplice to this giveaway — came when spokesperson Sen. Chuck Schumer complained about the proposed bill. Schumer told reporters on March 22 that the bill as currently written would give bailouts to major corporations without accountability and that it would not provide enough funding for health care workers on the front lines.This same Democratic leadership already made a big contribution to big business by pushing down the Bernie Sanders’ candidacy. Despite Sanders’ limitations — staying safely within the capitalist framework — he at least raised some major points on March 17 regarding an emergency package. ( called for a monthly $2,000 payment to every U.S. household for the duration of the coronavirus crisis; for unemployment insurance of up to 100 percent of a worker’s prior salary with a cap of $75,000; a moratorium on evictions, foreclosures and utility shutoffs; and a waiver on all student loan payments.Sanders also called for Medicare to pick up the medical costs related to COVID-19 and for the federal government to coerce suitable industries to produce needed medical materials. Trump is instead trying to coax or bribe corporations into stepping up, so far with little success.To the extent the final compromise bill lacks vital gains for the workers, it will show how much the Democratic leadership has capitulated to the corporate thieves and their representatives in Congress. It will also show further how a system based on profit is ill-equipped to protect the health of the people.last_img read more

first_imgWith all the hype around Zelle, should every credit union be jumping onboard the rapidly growing P2P solution?Not so fast, say some payments experts, pointing to numerous issues that need to be thought through.Zelle has taken off over the last year, with reports showing double-digit growth for the P2P platform from Q2 to Q3 of 2018. The solution tallied approximately 116 million transactions in Q3 2018 for a total of $32 billion in payments, the company announced. Transaction volume increased 16% quarter over quarter, and total money moved increased 13%. Year over year, transaction volume on the Zelle Network increased 83%, while transaction value increased 67%.Some analyses have indicated that with the number of large banks jumping on board, Zelle will soon serve 70% of the banked population. ShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblr continue reading »last_img read more

first_imgGerman shipbuilder Meyer Werft held a steel cutting ceremony for Saga Cruises’ first new cruise ship, the Spirit of Discovery, on February 28.With the event, the shipbuilder started the construction of the first sections and blocks for the new vessel at its Building Dock I in Papenburg.The UK-based cruise line informed that the Spirit of Discovery is scheduled to take to the oceans in just 18 month’s time when it joins the company in summer 2019.With a capacity to accommodate 999 passengers, the Spirit of Discovery is the first of two vessels which were ordered by Saga Cruises in January 2016 and September 2017, respectively.The second cruise ship, the Spirit of Adventure, is scheduled to be delivered in summer 2020.The ships each have an overall length of 236 metres, a width of 31.2 metres and a tonnage measurement of 58,250 GT.last_img read more

first_imgJimmy Garoppolo, not retiring. His career, in fact, looks back on track.It was not flawless but it was the pick-me-up game Garoppolo needed in the 49ers most vital exhibition, a 27-17 win Saturday night against the host Kansas City Chiefs.Garoppolo’s confidence ramped up throughout his first-half workload. He completed 14-of-20 passes for 188 yards with no interceptions and a dandy, 20-yard touchdown toss to a diving Matt Breida on a near-perfect second series.San Francisco 49ers running …last_img

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first_imgThe intelligence community is inputting data to the Web at an amazing rate. That mountain of data can be overwhelming to mere humans who are trying to read through pages and pages of information to pinpoint exactly what they’re after. Mark Rutherford of CNET News reports that the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) has hired a tech company to develop a reader that will scour the Web and render certain information and knowledge into a form that is more easily digested and usable.BBN Technologies was recently awarded a $29.7 million contract to develop a universal text engine that will capture intelligence and render it usable to humans as well as artificial intelligence (AI) systems. Officially called the Machine Reading Program, this new system will “automatically monitor the technological and political activities of nation states and transnational organizations – which could mean everything from al-Qaeda to the U.N.” for the US military. BBN expects there may also be many useful civilian applications for its new reader. The company has also developed a real-time audio stream called the the BBN Broadcast Monitoring System that automatically transcribes real-time audio streams and translates them into English. With this new project, BBN hopes to “develop techniques that can generalize across the linguistic structure and content of diverse documents to extract relations and axioms directly from text rather than relying on a knowledge engineer to encode such information.” Here’s how it will work: 4 Keys to a Kid-Safe App Although it is not immediately clear when (or if) this new machine reader will be available to civilians, we are certainly looking forward to trying something like this out. Some paranoid types will believe this is nothing more than “the man” trying to spy on us, but those people need to realize everything we do online is being watched by someone. If you are really concerned about your online privacy you should secure important data on your computer, call your government leaders and try to change privacy laws, or stay off the Web altogether. Researchers, medical professionals, consumers, students and others are all likely to benefit from such an application. Not having to spend unnecessary time searching through mountains of information on the Web for something relevant makes life easier and allows us to be more productive. Tags:#Knowledge Management#music#web 5 Outdoor Activities for Beating Office Burnout doug coleman 1 Related Posts 9 Books That Make Perfect Gifts for Industry Ex… 12 Unique Gifts for the Hard-to-Shop-for People…last_img read more

first_imgIndia’s Yogeshwar Dutt defeated Masoud Esmaeilpoorjouybari of Iran in the repechage round 2 of the 60kg wrestling competition of the London Olympics on Saturday. With this win Yogeshwar is just a win away from bronze medal. This was his fourth bout of the day in which he won three and lost one. First, he beat Bulgaria’s Anatolie llarionovitch Guidea in the qualification, but ended up losing to Russia’s Besik Kudukhov in the pre-quarterfinals. Later in the repechage round one Yogeshwar defeated Puerto Rico’s Franklin Gomez Matos. However, Dutt’s Olympic medal hopes were rekindled as he qualified for the repechage round of the men’s 60kg wrestling event after Russian Besik Kudukhov, who had defeated the Indian in the pre-quarterfinal.Yogeshwar must thank World Champion Kudukhov for keeping alive his bronze medal hope.The Russian, bronze medallist at the 2008 Beijing Games, won his quarter-final match 3-1 against Esmaeilpoorjouybari and semi-final 3-0 against Myong Ri to qualify for the final. Kudukhov will face Azerbaijan’s Toghrul Asgarov in the title clash.Yogeshwar had lost his pre-quarterfinal bout to Kudukhov. The Indian survived just two periods before losing 3-0 to the reigning World Champion, who was also a bronze medallist at the 2008 Beijing Games.last_img read more

first_imgzoomImage Courtesy: MAIB Fatigue and conflicting views led to a collision between the bulk carrier Huayang Endeavour and the oil tanker Seafrontier in the Dover Strait in July 2017.The two Hong Kong-registered vessels collided on July 1, some 5 nautical miles to the west of Sandettie Bank. Both vessels were damaged in the collision but were able to proceed to nearby ports for damage assessment. The accident did not result in any injuries or pollution.UK’s Marine Accident Investigation Branch (MAIB) conducted an investigation into the incident, which identified that a very high frequency (VHF) radio conversation between the two vessels had resulted in the two bridge teams holding conflicting views as to what had been agreed regarding Huayang Endeavour overtaking Seafrontier. Subsequently, Seafrontier’s bridge team did not check for sea room astern before altering course, leading to a close quarter situation between the two vessels.In addition, Seafrontier’s master had been present on the bridge for over 14 hours and was probably suffering from fatigue, which was likely to have had an adverse effect on his decision making, the MAIB report shows.“Seafrontier’s master was operating within his maximum permitted working hours however he was probably experiencing fatigue which resulted in his decision making and reaction times being affected.”Additionally, the use of VHF to resolve the situation “was inappropriate as it did not allow sufficient time for effective action to be take, the language used was not precise or clear and it did not result in a shared plan.”Seafrontier’s bridge team did not monitor Huayang Endeavour’s manoeuvres after the VHF conversation and as they did not check for sea room before altering course, were unaware of the bulk carriers actual positionFollowing its internal investigation Huayang Endeavour’s manager has amended its procedures for the use of VHF for collision avoidance, and promulgated the lessons learned from this accident to its fleet, according to MAIB.The manager of Seafrontier, has also completed an internal investigation, and has taken a number of steps to train its personnel in bridge and crew resource management, review its procedures, and promulgated the lessons from this accident to its fleet.last_img read more

first_imgLast weekend, the latest CBS Cares Public Service Announcements (PSAs) for the national education nonprofit, the I Have A Dream Foundation (IHDF), aired during CBS’ extensive coverage of the Super Bowl.The PSAs featured CBS stars Tea Leoni (MADAM SECRETARY) and Tom Selleck (BLUE BLOODS) in order to bring attention to the urgent need to increase access to and affordability of higher education for children from low-income families.You can watch the videos here.The Super Bowl ads are the latest in a national ad campaign featuring IHDF. Over the holidays, CBS celebrities Mayim Bialik (The Big Bang Theory) and LL Cool J (NCIS: Los Angeles) were in similar PSAs urging support for IHDF’s mission. The PSAs will continue to run throughout the Spring.With more than 100 million people tuned into Super Bowl 50, IHDF reports all-time high web traffic and engagement.“At IHDF, we have helped put the dream of a college education within reach for tens of thousands of our ‘Dreamers’ across the country,” said Donna A. Lawrence, President and CEO of the National “I Have A Dream” Foundation. “The increased attention to our organization as a result of being featured during Super Bowl 50 will help us to expand our programs, making the dream of a college education a reality for thousands more children.”Through its national office and 16 affiliates across the country (including Atlanta, Colorado, Florida, Iowa, L.A., New Jersey, New York, and Oregon), IHDF supports students in under-resourced public schools. But this isn’t a typical financial assistance or scholarship program. IHDF chooses entire classes of students, and in some cases entire schools, and supports each student from early elementary school all the way through college. Every student in the program receives guaranteed tuition assistance for higher education as well as continued support throughout their college career. As a result, students who have passed through IHDF’s program (dubbed “Dreamers”) are more than two times as likely to receive a Bachelor’s degree as their low-income peers.“Some kids don’t get to do the same things as us, so I want people to do the same thing as us and get a good education,” said Johnny Castro, a “Dreamer” and Des Moines middle school student, who helped to promote the Super Bowl CBS Cares PSA campaign.Since 1981, “I Have A Dream” programs have operated in 28 states, Washington, D.C., and New Zealand, together serving nearly 17,000 students. The CBS Cares attention comes at a crucial point for the foundation’s future; IHDF, which celebrates its 35th anniversary this year, is launching a growth plan to significantly increase the program’s reach and capacity. Over the next five years, IHDF intends to triple the total number of active Dreamers in the program from 3,200 to 10,000 and increase their footprint by doubling their network from 16 to 32 local “I Have A Dream” affiliates around the country.last_img read more