first_img Did anything really happen on Once Upon a Time last night? We have two episodes left until ‘The Final Battle’, and it feels like the story should be moving faster than this. At the very least, the Black Fairy should have done something by now. Where past villains would have tried to take over the town, destroy it, or corrupt one of the main characters, the Black Fairy is just kind of… here. Her only goal appears to be to start the final battle. And since that can’t happen for another three weeks, the show is in a holding pattern.Instead of building towards the season’s big conclusion, OUAT is giving out resolutions to characters that haven’t had them yet. Contracts are up this year, and many of the actors either won’t be back next year or will only be guest stars. So it’s time to put a little bow on every outstanding subplot and plan a wedding for Emma and Hook before the season’s out. The giant battle the show has been alluding to all season will have to wait.Zelena is the lucky tertiary character getting her arc wrapped up this week. Her story is all about learning to sacrifice her own desires for her friends. The Black Fairy shows up at Zelena’s house asking her to join her against the savior. Them both being wicked and all. Sadly, no one defies gravity in this scene. The Black Fairy also vaguely threatens baby Robin, which pisses Zelena off enough to storm the Black Fairy’s hideout in the dwarf mines herself. Word of all this gets back to Regina, who runs to the mines to stop her sister doing something stupid. The sisters bicker and argue like we’ve seen them do in almost every episode Zelena is in, and Zelena does something stupid. While trying to kill the Black Fairy, her magic is redirected to the crystals in the mine. Now that they’re all charged with unstable dark energy, the Final Battle can begin. We still don’t know what that means.Lana Parrilla as Regina and Rebecca Mader as Zelena. (Photo via ABC)Of course, the Final Battle doesn’t begin. We’ve still got two more weeks of wrapping up storylines and wedding planning to do. To see how the Final Battle is postponed this time, we go back to the past. While the rest of the episode is kind of a nothing story, the flashback sequences were well done. It was fun seeing Zelena in her old Wicked Witch of the West identity, green makeup and all. The story it told was easily the best part of the episode too. We got to see Zelena as a little girl, who is tormented by the people of Oz for her magic abilities. The one person to show her any amount of human decency is a woodcutter boy. Any guesses who he grows up to be?One decent friend can’t stop Zelena from becoming the witch we know her to be. We pick up years later when Zelena is a green adult witch. Her childhood friend comes to her for help. The Wicked Witch of the North has cast a spell on him, turning him to metal. He convinces her to help remove the curse, but we know there’s going to be a Tin Man in The Wizard of Oz. It turns out the only way to break the curse is with a heart-shaped box that steals Zelena’s magic. Zelena is all, “Hey, wait I got a new complaint” and refuses to give up her magic. This entire paragraph may or may not have been put in here just for that Nirvana joke. I’m a Seattle boy; it was going to happen eventually.Alex Désert as the Tin Man and Rebecca Mader as ZelenaThe whole point of the flashback was to show that Zelena is a changed person. Now, she is willing to sacrifice her own power to save her friends… or at least the people she doesn’t actively hate at the moment. She pulls out the heart-shaped box, forever in debt to the Tin Man’s priceless advice, and pours her magic into it. The magic drains from the crystals in the mines, the Black Fairy is back where she started, and nothing of consequence happened this episode.Really, Once Upon a Time? You have three episodes left in the season, and this is all you got? The Black Fairy came into the picture so late this season, the show never actually sold her as the ultimate villain she’s purported to be. We know she wants to kill the savior, and that’s about it. She keeps trying to start the Final Battle and gets nowhere. She hasn’t even done anything particularly villainous since she got to Storybrooke. The worst she’s done is kidnap her grandson and dabble in child slavery. Compared to OUAT‘s other villains, that’s a parking violation at most.Jaime Murray as the Black Fairy and Giles Matthey as Gideon (Photo via ABC)There’s a scene early on where Hook interrupts Emma’s pancake-making, and the couple is about to get busy on the breakfast table. They’re interrupted by Snow White, who wants to plan the wedding. That ends up being a pretty apt metaphor for this episode, and this final stretch of the season. Just when you think we’re finally going to get some action, the wedding subplot barges in brings the story to a halt and leaves everyone feeling frustrated. At least it’s all in service of setting up the musical episode, which should be a lot of fun. You can get me to forgive almost anything with a little singing and dancing. Once Upon a Time Builds Fun Lore Around a Seattle LandmarkOnce Upon a Time’s Final Battle Was the Happiest Ending Stay on targetlast_img read more