first_imgA group of unhappy customers on Tuesday turned up at a La Penitence shipping company, demanding that answers be given as to why they are not yet able to uplift their barrels and packages.The handful of customers, who showed up at the O G Shipping Company, said they have been running to the company for weeks, but have not yet been given an explanation as to why their packages are delayed or receive any of their items.Marilyn Thomas said she posted a barrel from New York on March 28 and has not been able to clear it to date.“I am here still and I cannot get my stuff. Every day I am here, and they keep telling me that I have to come back. Every week is the other week. The guy just showed me a paper that says my barrel is here, but the container is not opened as yet. They are not giving me no reason, they are just telling me, just now, just now,” the upset woman told Guyana Times.She said this is the first time she has done business with the company after it was recommended by her family members abroad. According to her, she will soon have to return to the US again, but is yet to receive her barrel.“Imagine an old woman was here, she’s been running here too. The woman said her pressure gone up. It’s too much,” Thomas saidAnother customer said he has been doing business with the company for sometime now, and is extremely disappointed at the current state of affairs.“I feeling for the people them because they ship their things and they said months and months because I am a businessman and I deal with principle. I myself have some things that I shipped and up to now… last week they said they would give me the stuff and up to now, nothing. It is ridiculous. I just spoke to the boss man over the phone and he told me that everything is going to be alright. It’s like, peopleOG Shipping Company at La Penitence, Georgetownlike when you curse at them, and they’ll get things quickly,” the frustrated businessman said.Another woman claimed that while she received her barrel, it was observed that several items were missing. She also showed up at the company to make claims.Guyana Times sought to contact the owner, Orin Galloway, at his New York head office but was unsuccessful; however his son, Quacy Galloway told this publication that there has been a delay in the container. And while that delay has nothing to do with the company, it is not the first time that such a hiccup has occurred. He said the company is seeking to have the issue resolved and customers will be able to receive their belongings the latest today.As it relates to the woman who has reported missing items, Gallaway said he could not say, since her delivery was “door to door”. He said her barrel was sealed upon delivery.last_img read more