first_imgThe team that puts together the Google Doodles celebrating key dates in history must have a hard time figuring out what to do next. The dates to celebrate with a doodle are easy as they are set in stone, but how do you go about impressing users and keeping the concept fresh?The Google Doodle today, June 9, does manage to take the doodle to a new level. On this day in 1915 Lester William Polsfuss was born. He is better known as Les Paul, the guitarist, song writer, and most importantly for understanding the doodle, the inventor of the original solid-body electric guitar.As you probably guessed by now, the Google Doodle is of a Les Paul guitar. But it isn’t just an image. Google has used the power of HTML5 to create a working guitar you can play with your keyboard or mouse. Just head on over to and start strumming.The guitar still manages to take the form of a Google logo, and gives the user the option of mouse input by default, or keyboard input with a click of the mouse. The fact it is implemented in HTML5 means you don’t need any plug-ins installed, just a browser that’s up-to-date and supports it.Anyone who has ever played an electric guitar owes something to Les Paul. Originally laughed out of Gibson along with his idea, Paul refined his invention and Gibson changed its mind in the face of competition from Fender. That lead to the original Gibson Les Paul based on Paul’s The Log design.Les Paul died on August 12, 2009, but enjoyed a long life reaching the ripe old age of 94. The man may be gone, but his ideas and inventions will always live on in the electric guiters successive generations continue to play.Additional information from Wikipedialast_img read more