first_imgThe situation of Willian José, does not escape anyone, is much more delicate. The fruitless negotiation with Tottenham, and his attitude has left him marked. And now the Royal must work to redirect his position to the fans, the Brazilian being the first to step forward asking for forgiveness publicly. At the moment, Imanol has already punished him leaving him out of the call in two consecutive games. The Spurs have never seriously launched themselves for Willian José, whom they convinced with a succulent offer. Because his offers never approached even the minimum he requested La Real, who wanted to get 37 million from the operation (22 for the people of San Sebastian), since thinking about charging 70 million euros was a utopia. The first offer was ridiculous and then they have not reached more than 20 million. La Real felt that he could not accept any of these proposals, no matter how much the situation seemed irreversible because of the Brazilian’s position of strength.The player’s agents keep pressing until the end, moving it even among other clubs like the West ham and the Barcelona; but the former only wanted an assignment that did not accept the Real, and the second did not enter to value the offer. In the last hours, the agents have made another attempt in the Premier League offering Willian José to Manchester United, which would only value the option as assigned, something that the Royal does not contemplate, because it wants to make a return on its output, and not at any price. It doesn’t seem like a simple option, except on the last day of the market. The Donostiarras have not moved their position, and that Tottenham thought that the situation was so delicate that the Royal would have to rectify and claudize its need to sell it To avoid greater evils. It has not been like that, and without more contacts throughout the week, the English have had to break the negotiations. So Willian José, except last minute drastic turn that nobody dares to discard on the last market day, does not move from the Real, which at all times has defended its interests above the attitude of its player, to which if you finally end up staying you will have to re-integrate into the group. Because it is one thing to sell it, and it is quite another to give it away. Work is ahead. Before the demand of both players, the Real one was forced to listen to offers and negotiate for its exit. With Januzaj there was interest of the Rome, that only wanted it yielded while in San Sebastián they wanted a sale. There was no negotiation because the Roman team opted for the option of Carles Pérez, and the Belgian player’s agent did not present any offer in the terms demanded by the Royal. Faced with this situation, the Royal decides not to weaken by removing one of the players with the highest quality of the squad, and now it is up to Imanol to plug it in again so that its best version is seen, as the Oriotarra did in his first stage on the bench realistic, when he replaced Eusebio. Willian José stays. Adnan Januzaj stays. Case closed. After so much dizziness the partridge, one with less tino than another, in the end neither of them will move from the Royal Society in this winter market and will end this season dressed in blue and white. Another thing is what will happen in summer, when everything indicates that they will end their stages in San Sebastian. In the San Sebastian club they are tired of so much swinging, they consider that to play in the Real one needs a little more commitment, and not constantly be with the sword of Damocles on the table, threatening that they will have a good offer to leave.center_img But in this market, the San Sebastian club has definitely decided to continue counting on both players for the remainder of the season. There is no longer a material deadline to close your exits and look for possible substitutes. But the truth is that during much of this month of January, both Januzaj and Willian José have been more outside than within the Real. The agents of both players communicated their firm decision to leave the club, but they did it differently. Because while the Belgian was in front, the Brazilian decided to negotiate behind the back of the Real and press when he had an agreement with Tottenham refusing to play the Cup match against Espanyol.last_img read more