first_imgRamos has never been a substitute with Zidane. How is it different from the rest ?: “Good question is this. The most important thing is that Sergio is our captain, our leader, our reference … He plays better this way, nobody is interested in the bench if he is there. I have to make decisions. He is very important for all players. I was a substitute three or four times (laughs). “Hazard, with a specific plan ?: “No. He has had two or three weeks of specific training with everyone. He is ready and he wants to be with us and play in this final stretch.”Bouquet Renewal: “I see it well. I always want Sergio with me, with us.”Seven goals in three games. Are you worried about defensive intensity ?: “No. It means that the last three games we did a little worse. Our duty is to give 100%. With the ball we know we have many resources and we can hurt the opponent.”Rodrygo, out of three of the last four lists: “The moment, if you look at it like that, is bad. But we know that he is an important player for us and when they are all there is a call. He is all the time. He is 18 years old and has shown why he is here.”Mourinho said he has nothing to prove. You?: “What I want to do and what I do is give 100% of what I have inside as a coach. That is what interests me.”Is this a consciously prepared moment as peak season ?: “Now we know that the most complicated is coming. Every game is going to be more difficult. We know what we play. We can still improve yet.”Sterling does not discard Madrid for the future. Would it fit ?: “I don’t know. I can’t tell you about a player that isn’t mine.”Mendy is aware. With what lies ahead, do you ask players to have more head in games like tomorrow ?: “In the end all players know what there is. The player has to play, not think about what will happen. I also don’t look at that much as a coach, but the players are prepared to give 100%. ” The Levant has demonstrated its strength at home: “Of 29 points they have 20 at home. It shows the game we are going to have in their field: complicated and difficult, we are going to have to be prepared to make a great game.” The season is played in 15 days: “We are the day to day, from the first we started the season. We think about the next game, nothing more. And the next is tomorrow against Levante.”Ramos, in the preselection of the Games: “If he wants, I’m going to support him. It’s very nice to play for his country and also a player like him with what he has done.”Do you remember the time of last season before arriving ?: “We have to be focused on what we do every day. The rest we don’t control. Do you know what will happen tomorrow? No. All you can do is give 100% every day, just like in life. situation is as always. In March and April everything is played. We know that. But I do not look beyond tomorrow. “Live with your decisions (Bale, Isco, Marcelo …): “There are a thousand things and everyone can comment. All players are important. Yes, I live with my ideas. It is said that one dies with them. I live with my ideas and it will always be like that. What I do is a passion. Not everyone can say that. Many people have to work to live in something they don’t like. I can be wrong, but I give it my all. “last_img read more