first_imgThe 2001 Lamb Field Days will be June 2 from 9 3:30 p.m. on the University of Georgia campus in Athens and at the Tift County Agricultural Service Center in Tifton.For the past three years, the UGA College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences has offered the Lamb Field Day program as a way to prepare 4-H’ers and FFA members who plan to show lambs for the show season ahead.The program consists of hands-on instruction on topics ranging from training lambs for shows to shearing, showmanship and much more.BYO LambsParticipants are strongly encouraged to bring their lambs and their lambs’ health papers because of the hands-on nature of the workshops. Those who haven’t yet gotten their lambs for the show season are still invited to attend.The $5 registration cost will cover lunch and snacks. The deadline to register is May 25. For more information, contact your county Extension Service agent.last_img read more

first_imgI thoroughly enjoyed the recent Winter Olympic Games.  I am still amazed at what some people will endure in the name of a sport that affords them the chance of winning an Olympic medal.  Sliding down an ice covered track at 80 mph on a glorified hubcap (luge) is one of those events.  I watch it and think “Are they crazy?”  Then there are the snowboarders who jump into a giant bathtub called a half-pipe and flip every way imaginable before landing at the bottom of the icy surface.  As you might have noticed, if they were slightly off in their landing, they will hit the edge of the half-pipe structure and land on their heads.  They MUST be crazy!The typical winter events like ski jumping and the downhill events are really just as dangerous, but the beauty and grace of the athletes involved make them appear much easier.  They really are not, but the athletic ability of an Olympic athlete makes them appear to be as easy as a leisurely stroll down the mountain.  The fact that a 35-year old Olympian is considered “old” makes you realize just how demanding these events are.I haven’t even mentioned hockey.  People go to hockey matches hoping a fight will break out.  When you think how fast the skaters are going and how they can be legally blindsided by a defenseman, this event also qualifies for “crazy” as well.  The hockey purist will disagree with me.  Oh, well, that’s just my thought.last_img read more