first_imgThe Big Melt, a brand-new multi-band concert event, will take place this Saturday, April 13th at the Fillmore Auditorium in Denver, CO from 6:00 PM through 12:45 AM MST. For those of you that can’t make it, Live For Live Music has teamed up with ReThink My Healthcare for a free live stream on L4LM’s Facebook page, produced by Ninja Video.The Big Melt will see a massive list of artists from bands such as The String Cheese Incident, Lettuce, Big Gigantic, Thievery Corporation, Brazilian Girls, Snarky Puppy, The Motet, Break Science, Ghost-Note, Pretty Lights Live Band and more come together to create several unique, exciting bands and lineups for a full night of music.First up, from 6:00-7:15 PM MT, the inaugural event will see a massive edition of JEDI: Jazz Electronic Dance Improvised featuring renowned mandolinist Michael Kang and percussionist Jason Hann of The String Cheese Incident, guitarist Eddie Roberts of The New Mastersounds/Matador! Soul Sounds, bassist Ashish Vyas of Thievery Corporation, and keyboardist Borahm Lee of Break Science and Pretty Lights Live Band, led by drummer Aaron Johnston of Brazilian Girls.Up next, from 7:45-8:45 PM MST, Dominic Lalli’s Bluebird Quintet will mount their second-ever performance following a high-profile sold-out debut performance at Denver venue Ophelia’s Electric Soapbox. In addition to Dominic Lalli (Big Gigantic), the band features Borahm Lee (Break Science, Pretty Lights Live Band) on keys, Gabe Mervine of (formerly of The Motet) on trumpet, Hunter Roberts on bass, and Dru Heller filling the drum chair.Then, Eric Krasno & Friends will take the stage from 9:15-10:45 PM MST, featuring frequent collaborator and Lettuce keyboardist/vocalist Nigel Hall, as well as Robert “Sput” Searight (Ghost-Note, Snarky Puppy, Herbie Hancock, Kendrick Lamar) and MonoNeon (Prince, Ghost-Note), in addition to special guests Robert Randolph on pedal steel and Casey Benjamin (Robert Glasper Experiment) on sax.The Big Melt will culminate with the Purple Party: A Tribute To Prince‘s debut performance from 11:15-12:45 AM MST. Headed up by Colorado favorite and Magic Beans keyboardist Casey Russell, this edition of the Purple Party will once again feature enigmatic bass hero and former Prince bassist, MonoNeon, as well as mega-talented drummer Robert “Sput” Searight (Ghost-Note, Snarky Puppy, Herbie Hancock, Kendrick Lamar) and his partner in crime and fellow Ghost-Note member, percussionist Nate Werth (Snarky Puppy). Fellow local heroes Joey Porter, Ryan Jalbert, Lyle Divinsky, Drew Sayers, and Parris Fleming of The Motet will round out the band alongside percussionist Will Trask (Great American Taxi) and vocalists Adryon de León (Orgone, Matador! Soul Sounds), Megan Letts (Mama Magnolia), Corey Frye (The Main Squeeze) and Ziek McCarter (Con Brio).In addition to all this, there will be a HeadCount-sponsored DJ Booth featuring the incredibly talented DJ and turntablist, Chris Karns. Karns, a crucial member of Pretty Lights Live Band, is a former World and USA Battle Champion at the DMC World DJ Championships, a three-time Redbull Thre3style Champion, and a finalist on VH1’s Master of the Mix. Karns will DJ at the HeadCount booth during set breaks on the main stage, as well as during the event’s VIP pre-party.The Big Melt will also feature visuals by Mad Alchemy Liquid Light Show, best known for their 2018 appearances with Joe Russo’s Almost Dead as well as at several psych/alt-rock festivals like Desert Daze. Get ready for one of “the most complex and detailed oil light shows on the planet,” a style of visual wizardry synonymous with the psychedelic San Francisco music scene in the late-60s and early-70s.Tickets to The Big Melt are currently on sale at this link. Tune in here for the full live stream, courtesy of ReThink My Healthcare and Ninja Video.For those of you that can’t make it, Live For Live Music has teamed up with ReThink My Healthcare for a free live stream on L4LM’s Facebook page.Rethink My Healthcare is bringing in the New Age of Healthcare. Instead of paying ridiculous Healthcare Premiums every month, you get the coverage you need for an affordable cost by paying for the care you receive. For as little as  $60/Month, Rethink My Healthcare members receive unlimited Telemedicine/Therapy/Psychiatry with $0/Copays, 48% – 80% off dental, surgical, vision, & lab testing and up to 90% off medications.So, if you’re “down with disease” and pick up the “wook flu”, or you just don’t have time to wait in a doctor’s office, you can call or video chat with one of ReThink My Healthcare’s doctors for a diagnosis and prescription (non-narcotic medications) on the go all from your phone. For the unexpected, every Rethink My Healthcare member gets a critical illness & accident coverage plan. The average member saves over $5,500 a year on healthcare premiums!Visit and get three months FREE today with the promo code: “TheBigMelt”, courtesy of L4LM in collaboration with Rethink My Healthcare. You’ll get unlimited 24/7 telemedicine, up to 90% off prescriptions, huge savings of 48% – 80% on healthcare through their direct pay network, and a critical illness & accident coverage plan. Stay healthy and start saving!last_img read more

first_img Qualifying ends for fall judicial races There are 26 circuit court races — or more than one out of every 10 circuit judgeships up for election this year — that drew contested races as of the close of filing May 17. In addition, 24 district court of appeal judges, as well as outgoing Supreme Court Chief Justice Charles Wells and incoming Chief Justice Harry Lee Anstead, have filed for merit retention.Another nine circuit court seats, just created by the legislature, will be open for qualifications in July. Traditionally, open seats are much more likely to attract contested races than those occupied by incumbents.Contested races will be on the September primary ballot, with any resulting runoffs decided on the November general election ballot. The merit retention votes will be on the November ballot.One result of interest to the Bar is Board of Governors member John Marshall Kest was elected without opposition to a Ninth Circuit judgeship. (Data for county judge races is not collected statewide, but is available county by county from local elections supervisors.)Contested races are:In the Fourth Circuit, John Joseph Cascone and W. Gregg McCaulie for Group 5 and David M. Gooding and Dan Wilensky in Group 13.In the Fifth Circuit, Carven D. Angel and Michael G. Takac in Group 1.In the Sixth Circuit, Wayne L. Cobb and Chris Yeazell in Group 8, Declan Mansfield and John Renke in Group 25, Linda Babb, George H. Brown, and Sarah Chaves for Group 26, and Robert “Bo” Michael and Jack R. St. Arnold for Group 28.In the Seventh Circuit, Jim Clayton and Terry LaRue for Group 7.In the Ninth Circuit, Alan Apte, Ted Marrero, and Neal P. Pitts in Group 21.In the 11th Circuit, Ivan Fernandez and Alan I. Mishael in Group 1, Mary Barzee and Yolly Roberson in Group 2, Alan L. Postman and Diane Ward in Group 4, and Alexander O. Akpodiete, Xavier Cortada, Raul G. Ordonez, Jr., and Sarah Zabel in Group 46.In the 12th Circuit, Susan Chapman, Charlie Roberts, Adam Tebrugge and Laurie Zimmerman for Group 5.In the 13th Circuit, Kevin Carey and Walter Foster in Group 7, William P. Levens and Brent Warren Yessin in Group 28 and Martha Cook, Carlos A. Pazos, and Ken Whalen in Group 30.In the 15th Circuit, Bill Berger and Bennett S. Cohn in Group 3, Martin H. Colin and Diana Lewis in Group 14, and Scott S. Britan and Jeffrey A. Winikoff in Group 31.In the 17th Circuit, Michael J. Orlando and Mila K. Schwartzreich in Group 11, John Bowman, Mariza de Guzman Cobb, and Alan Marks in Group 26, David Krathen and Nicholas “Nick” Lopane in Group 29, Hope Tieman Bristol and Andrew “Andy” Siegel in Group 37, and Michael E. Gilfarb, Ronald M. “Ron” Gunzburger, Joyce Anne Maines-Julian, and John J. Murphy III for Group 41.In the 19th Circuit, Roy T. Mildner and Larry Schack in Group 11. Appellate Courts Filing to run for merit retention, besides Anstead and Wells on the Supreme Court, were:On the First District Court of Appeal, Judges Robert T. Benton, Marguerite H. Davis, Joseph Lewis, Jr., Ricky L. Polston, and William A. Van Nortwick, Jr.On the Second District Court of Appeal, Judges Chris W. Altenbernd, Virginia Covington, Carolyn K. Fulmer, Jerry R. Parker, Morris Silberman, and James W. Whatley.On the Third District Court of Appeal, Judges Gerald B. Cope, Jr., David M. Gersten, Melvia B. Green, David L. Levy, and Juan Ramirez, Jr.On the Fourth District Court of Appeal, Judges Mark E. Polen, George A. Shahood, W. Mathew Stevenson, and Martha C. Warner.On the Fifth District Court of Appeal, Judges Richard B. Orfinger, William David Palmer, Robert J. “Bob” Pleus, Jr., and Thomas D. Sawaya. Uncontested Circuit Following are circuit judge candidates who were elected or reelected without opposition. Most are incumbents, but state elections information does not denote a difference between incumbents and nonincumbents:In the First Circuit, G. Robert Barron, T. Michael “Mike” Jones, Kim A. Skievaski, Nickolas P. Geeker, Paul A. Rasmussen, John T. Parnham, Jan Shackelford, Edward P. Nickinson III, Kenneth L. Williams, Ken Bell, and Mike Allen.In the Second Circuit, Kathleen F. Dekker, P. Kevin Davey, William L. Gary, N. Sanders Sauls, Tom Bateman, John C. Cooper, John E. Crusoe, and Charles A. Francis.In the Third Circuit John Weston Peach and Julian E. Collins.In the Fourth Circuit, Jean Johnson, Frederic A. Butner, Lance M. Day, Charles O. Mitchell, Jr., Donald R. Moran, Jr., Peter J. Fryefield, Aaron K. Bowden, John H. Skinner, Brad Stetson, Bernard Nachman, and Waddell A. Wallace III.In the Fifth Circuit, Barbara Gurrola, Richard “Dick” Tombrink, Jr., Mark J. Hill, William Jack Singbush, Richard A. Howard, Don F. Briggs, Jack Springstead, G. Richard Singeltary, Sandra Edwards-Stephens, T. Michael Johnson, Brian D. Lambert, and Curtis J. Neal.In the Sixth Circuit, Lauren C. Laughlin, Raymond O. Gross, W. Lowell Bray, Jr., Marion L. Fleming, James R. Case, Walt Logan, Mark Shames, Stanley R. Mills, Anthony Rondolino, Bruce Boyer, Tim Peters, John A. Schaefer, and Daniel D. Diskey.In the Seventh Circuit, J. David Walsh, Edward E. Hedstrom, R. Michael Hutcheson, John V. Doyle, Edwin P.B. Sanders, John M. Alexander, Julianne Piggotte, Shawn L. Briese, Robert K. Mathis, Robert K. Rouse, Jr., and Hubert L. Grimes.In the Eighth Circuit, Frederick D. Smith, Martha Ann Lott, and Peter K. Sieg.In the Ninth Circuit, John Kest, James C. Hauser, William C. Gridley, Maura T. Smith, Walter Komanski, John H. Adams, Sr., Roger J. McDonald, George Sprinkel, Dorothy J. Russell, Daniel Dawson, Anthony “Tony” Johnson, A. Thomas Mihok, Reginald Karl Whitehead, Donald E. Grincewicz, Frederick J. Lauten, and Janet C. Thorpe.In the 10th Circuit, Roger A. Alcott, Julian Dale Durrance, David Langford, Dennis P. Maloney, Susan W. Roberts, J. Michael McCarthy, Dick Prince, Wm. Bruce Smith, and Charles Lee Brown.In the 11th Circuit, Amy Steele Donner, Margarita Esquiroz, Jose M. Rodriguez, Ronald M. Friedman, Eugene J. Fierro, Leon Firtel, Daryl E. Trawick, Jon I. Gordon, Manny Crespo, Peter Lopez, Ronald Dresnick, Joseph P. Farina, Roberto M. Pineiro, Celeste Hardee Muir, Leonard E. Glick, Jerald Bagley, Stuart M. Simons, Kevin Emas, Thomas S. Wilson, Jr., Jeri Beth Cohen, Bernard S. Shapiro, Marc Schumacher, Jeffrey Rosinek, Jacqueline Hogan Scola, Cecilia M. Altonaga, Robert N. Scola, Jr., Sandy Karlan, and Victoria Sigler.In the 12th Circuit, Durand J. Adams, Rick De Furia, Andrew D. Owens, Bob McDonald, Peter A. Dubensky, Marc B. Gilner, and Deno Economou.In the 13th Circuit, Frank A. Gomez, Barbara Fleischer, Marva L. Crenshaw, Dan Perry, James D. Arnold, Gregory P. Holder, Rex Martin Barbas, Ralph C. Stoddard, Charlene E. Honeywell, Jack Espinosa, Jr., Robert J. Simms, Claudia Isom, Chet A. Tharpe, Manuel Menendez, Jr., Sam Pendino, J. Rogers Padgett, Vivian C. Maye, Wayne S. Timmerman, Richard A. Nielsen, Katherine G. Essrig, James M. Barton II, and Herbert J. Baumann, Jr.In the 14th Circuit, William L. Wright, Judy Pittman, Hentz M. McClellan, and Michael C. Overstreet.In the 15th Circuit, Elizabeth T. Maass, Mary E. Lupo, Jorge Labarga, John J. Hoy, Tom Barkdull, Jeffrey J. Colbath, Richard I. Wennet, Gary L. Vonhof, John L. Phillips, Lucy Chernow Brown, and Sandra K. McSorley.In the 16th Circuit, Mark Jones, Luis M. Garcia, and Sandra Taylor.In the 17th Circuit, James I. Cohn, John A. Frusciante, Barry E. Goldstein, Larry Seidlin, Melvin B. “Mel” Grossman, Jeffrey E. Streitfeld, Patti Englander Henning, Victor “Vic” Tobin, Stanton S. Kaplan, Lawrence L. “Larry” Korda, Tom Lynch, Leroy H. Moe, George Angen Brescher, Charles Michael Greene, Renee Goldenberg, Marc H. Gold, Dorian K. Damoorgian, Susan J. Aramony, and Alfred J. Horowitz.In the 18th Circuit, Preston Silvernail, Nancy Alley, Donna McIntosh, Bruce W. Jacobus, John Dean Moxley, Jr., John M. “Jack” Griesbaum, Tonya Rainwater, James E.C. Perry, Meryl L. Allawas, Charles M. Holcomb, Alan A. Dickey, Kenneth R. Lester, Jr., and Vincent George Torpy, Jr.In the 19th Circuit, Ben L. Bryan, Jr., Steven J. Levin, Robert R. Makemson, Cynthia L. Cox, Bill Roby, and Dan L. Vaughn.In the 20th Circuit, Lynn Gerald, Jr., Ted Brousseau, Daniel R. Monaco, Hugh D. Hayes, William C. McIver, Hugh E. Starnes, Donald E. Peliecchia, Isaac Anderson, Jr., Sherra Winesett, John S. Carlin, and G. Keith Cary. Qualifying ends for fall judicial racescenter_img June 1, 2002 Regular Newslast_img read more

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