first_imgThe Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology at the University ofFlorida College of Medicine-Jacksonville, seeks a full-time facultymember at the non-tenure accruing level of Assistant/Associateprofessor. The faculty member will be assigned to the UF HealthWomen’s Specialists – Generation to Generation (UF G2G) satelliteclinic in Orange Park, FL. University of Floridaobstetrician/gynecologists at UF G2G offer a full range ofobstetrics and gynecology services. Faculty assigned to UF G2Gparticipate in the earned productivity-based variable compensationplan. Major responsibilities include teaching, patient care, andresearch.Our department hosts an ACGME-accredited obstetricsand gynecology residency program , as well as programs inmedicalstudent education and continuing medical education . A robust researchdivision provides strong supervision over and assistance withdepartmentalresearch . With experts in every area of women’s health, thelatest technology and a large complement of faculty and residents,the University of Florida College of Medicine – Jacksonville,Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology is ideally suited for itsdual mission of personal patient care and medical education.The University of Florida College of Medicine-Jacksonville is thelargest of the three colleges at the Health Science CenterJacksonville. The college is affiliated with UF Health inJacksonville, a health system comprised of two hospitals — the603-bed UF Health Jacksonville and 92-bed UF Health North — andmore than 60 primary and specialty care practices throughoutNortheast Florida and Southeast Georgia.The college’s 16 clinical science departments house more than 440faculty members, 1,560 staff and 384 residents and fellows, as wellas medical students from UF and around the country. We offer anincredible breadth of clinical training program sand proud to trainmany of best primary care providers and specialists throughout theregion, the state and the country.The college offers 38 accredited graduate medical educationprograms and 14 non-standard programs. More than 100 residents andfellows from programs across the U.S. come to UF College ofMedicine – Jacksonville to participate in various clinicalrotations as well.In addition to graduate medical education, clinical rotations inall the major disciplines are provided for students from the UFCollege of Medicine in Gainesville. Third-year medical studentsenrolled at UF spend about 25 percent of their training at theJacksonville campus, gaining valuable experience in an urbansetting. While third-year rotations are only offered to UFstudents, elective rotations in the final year of clinical trainingare available to students from accredited schools in the US andCanada.For practicing physicians, the college offers a continuing medicaleducation program that recruits national and international speakerswho are well known and respected in their fields.The college’s faculty, residents and fellows are active in clinicalresearch. Residents and fellows regularly present their findings atlocations across the country and publish their projects inwell-known publications. In 2019, the campus received $23.1 millionin external research funding, approximately 50% of which wasfederally sponsored projects.The campus houses a 16,000-square-foot clinical and translationalresearch facility. To support faculty and resident research, thecollege has a Center for Data Solutions, offering researchersanalytics, epidemiology and biostatistics support, and a Center forResearch Training, helping develop the next generation of highlycollaborative clinical researchers.Located in the Northeastern part of the state on the AtlanticOcean, Jacksonville’s weather is sunny and pleasant. We enjoy anaverage of 320 days of sunshine each year, yet have the coolestsummers in the state. Known as the River City, Jacksonville is amajor port city with numerous waterways, two Naval bases, severalnature preserves, marshes, lakes, wetlands and miles of beaches.Flowing through Jacksonville is the 310-mile St. Johns River, whichplays a major role in our work and play.To learn more about our college, our leadership and our campus,please visit us at (or DO) and BC/NE in Obstetrics and Gynecology.The Search Committee will begin reviewing applications on December3, 2020. Please provide a letter of intent and CurriculumVitae.The final candidate will be required to provide official transcriptto the hiring department upon hire. A transcript will not beconsidered “official” if a designation of “Issued to Student” isvisible. Degrees earned from an education institution outside ofthe United States are required to be evaluated by a professionalcredentialing service provider approved by National Association ofCredential Evaluation Services (NACES), which can be found at an accommodation due to a disability is needed to apply for thisposition, please call 352-392-2477 or the Florida Relay System at800-955-8771 (TDD). Hiring is contingent upon eligibility to workin the US. Searches are conducted in accordance with Florida’sSunshine Law.#category=35The University of Florida is committed to non-discrimination withrespect to race, creed, color, religion, age, disability, sex,sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, marital status,national origin, political opinions or affiliations, geneticinformation and veteran status in all aspects of employmentincluding recruitment, hiring, promotions, transfers, discipline,terminations, wage and salary administration, benefits, andtraining.last_img read more

first_imgIn recognition of the longtime dedication of Ami Kuan Danoff ’84 and William A. Danoff ’82 and their most recent generosity in support of Harvard College and House renewal, the  Harvard College deanship will be renamed the Danoff Deanship of Harvard College.Explaining the motivation for their most recent gift, the Danoffs expressly cited the leadership of Harvard President Drew Faust, the Lincoln Professor of History, and the vision for the future of the College that they share with the leaders of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences (FAS).“Drew has inspired and impressed us with her ability to energize all members — faculty, students, and alumni — of the University. Great leaders have intelligence, enthusiasm, and integrity, and she has an abundance of all three of these important attributes,” said William Danoff.“Ami and Will Danoff are deeply engaged in the life of Harvard College, and their extraordinary generosity will help to enhance the experiences of our undergraduates in more ways than anyone can predict,” said Faust. “I am touched by the trust they have placed in Harvard’s leadership, and I am so pleased to have such thoughtful partners as we work to strengthen the heart of the University.”Rakesh Khurana, dean of Harvard College and the Marvin Bower Professor of Leadership Development at Harvard Business School (HBS), will be the inaugural Danoff Dean of Harvard College. A distinguished scholar of organizational behavior and leadership, Khurana joined the HBS faculty in 2000 and was appointed dean last year. He and his wife, Stephanie, have also served as co-masters of Cabot House since 2010.In his first year as dean, Khurana has brought a profound commitment to the values of a liberal arts education and has made diversity and inclusion a central part of his administration’s work. Khurana also has brought renewed focus on the intellectual experience as the foreground of the Harvard College student experience. Moving forward, he will seek to strengthen important academic aspects of the College, including expository writing, freshman seminars, and the General Education program.“I welcome this incredible gift from Ami and William Danoff, which will help advance Harvard College’s mission to educate the citizens and citizen-leaders for our society,” said Khurana.In addition to their support of the College, the Danoffs’ commitment to the University has included past support of the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health and the Harvard School of Engineering and Applied Sciences. Their most recent gift includes funding for Harvard’s House Renewal initiative — which aims to reinvent and reinvigorate the Houses, among Harvard’s most important learning spaces — as well as endowed funds to support the key priorities of Khurana and Michael D. Smith, the Edgerley Family Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences and John H. Finley, Jr. Professor of Engineering and Applied Sciences, providing the deans with the flexibility to meet emerging needs and opportunities.“This generous gift will provide critical support for Harvard College, allowing Dean Khurana to double down on his efforts to provide our students with an intellectually, socially, and personally transformative educational experience,” said Smith. “A core component of this experience is our residential House system, and we are extremely grateful for the Danoffs’ support of the renewal of these critical spaces for the 21st century.”The Danoffs are committed to strengthening FAS, supporting Khurana’s vision for the College, and helping the School meet the goals of The Harvard Campaign for Arts and Sciences.“Will and I appreciate what an important, positive influence Harvard has had on us and our family. We are thrilled to support the efforts of President Faust and the leadership of the FAS with this gift,” said Ami Kuan Danoff.William Danoff is currently vice president at Fidelity Investments. Ami Kuan Danoff has held many leadership roles in finance, including vice president at Putnam Investments, but most recently has dedicated her time to philanthropic endeavors.last_img read more

first_imgLast year I had the opportunity to speak at a large healthcare technology conference. The audience was primarily comprised of healthcare professors, clinical researchers, and medical students. One of the biggest challenges for these healthcare professionals and those in healthcare research is understanding the impact Artificial Intelligence (AI) and deep learning (DL) will have in their day to day activities. Clearly AI is booming in every industry, transforming Enterprise IT, and healthcare is no different — whether it’s a medical research lab searching for faster insights or a hospital embracing AI and DL to augment practices and resources.Healthcare offers some of the biggest opportunities for AI and DL to make positive impacts in human lives. Whether the impacts come from aiding in quicker diagnosis or assisting in high risk surgical procedures, future healthcare professionals will rely progressively more on these burgeoning technologies for positive patient outcomes.Why Deep Learning for Healthcare?Deep Learning is a sub branch of Machine Learning where neural networks are used to build models from large data sets. Hospitals are extremely data rich environments and DL loves to process large amounts of data. In previous decades, processing such large amounts of data using DL would have taken months or years and consumed multiple years of IT budgets. Now with the help of accelerated compute and dense storage platforms, those same processes can be done in weeks, days, or even hours for a fraction of the cost. So many more organizations can now take advantage of the advances in IT technology to deploy DL algorithms and neural networks. Let’s take a quick look at different types of neural networks and where they apply to the healthcare industry.Neural Networks Impacting HealthcareThe first type of neural network impacting the healthcare industry is a Convolutional Neural Network (CNN). In the world of neural networks, CNNs are widely used for image classification. Recently the FDA approved AI for use in chest x-ray detection for Pneumothorax, a condition that occurs when gas accumulates in the space between the chest walls and lungs. If undetected, it can lead to lung collapse or become fatal. Pneumothorax can be often overlooked, as it is hard to detect at first glance. Now, with the use of AI, the image can be flagged for a deeper look by doctors, which leads to easier detection and better outcomes for the patients. Notice here that the image is simply flagged and then still must be reviewed by medical staff. This is an AI augmentation use case and not a replacement for hands-on medical care.Another workload seeing the benefits of AI on image analysis is Digital Pathology. This practice allows pathologists to digitize whole slide images allowing for AI algorithms to be run against these images. This can accelerate time to diagnosis leading to better and faster patient care. The second type of neural network is a Recurrent Neural Network (RNN) where the sequence of the data matters, such as in verbal communication. Natural Language Processing (NLP) is a common technique used in RNNs to build voice recognizing applications. If you’ve ever talked into a virtual assistant like Siri or Alexa, you have used an RNN. The Healthcare industry is being completely transformed using NLP and voice recognition applications.For instance, a couple weeks ago I was in the doctor’s office and he was using a voice recorder to record our session for his notes. He explained that he tried using tablets to jot down consultation notes, but found himself staring at the tablet instead of patients. In the end it was easier to record the meetings then have the notes transcribed.  Short-term automation through AI will help with dictation and transcription via the use of virtual assistants. Doctor’s notes will be captured and transcribed in near real-time. The impact will be better care and more face time for doctors to be in front of their patients instead of behind a keyboard or desk.The last neural network being implemented in the healthcare industry is the Generative Neural Network (GAN). A GAN is actually two neural networks: one is a generator that creates fake data and the second is a discriminator which attempts to tell if the data is real or fake. The process pitting the generator and discriminator against each other help build better outcomes for the models. Deep fakes are a common example of GANs. While deep fakes may pose threats, there are some good use cases for GANs in Healthcare.Drug discovery in healthcare is a long and costly process. Most drugs never make it out of the research phase let alone get FDA approval. GANs are being used now to speed along the discovery phase of approval process. Researchers can generate a list of known elements for use in a GAN to build out millions of different possibilities for element combination that will be the next to treat breast cancer, prostate cancer, or other diseases. The use of GANs in drug discovery offers a ton of upside and is something that the Dell Technologies Healthcare IT teams will monitor closely. These three neural networks showcase the immense potential of AI and Deep Learning in Healthcare; and this is just the beginning.Start Your AI Healthcare Journey The science behind these Healthcare advances can be difficult to understand however architecting the right IT Infrastructure for your AI initiatives doesn’t need to be as challenging. At Dell Technologies we have been helping customers to unlock the value in their data capital with the right technology to suit their needs and use cases. To learn more about how we can assist on your AI Journey in Healthcare, Life Sciences or any other enterprise click the link below:Dell Technologies AI Solutionslast_img read more

first_imgFOUR of Guyana’s most promising lawn tennis players, Vadeanand Resaul, Devine Kalekyezi, Sekai Jones and Saskia Persaud, will have the opportunity to gain experience and exposure when they compete at the regional level in the 2019 JITIC Regional Under-14 Competition, to be staged from July 6 to 11 in the Republic of Trinidad &Tobago.These players, all members of the Sheltez Tennis Club, will be accompanied by their coach Leyland Leacock, and the five are due to depart Guyana today in order to give themselves enough time to prepare for the competition and to acquaint themselves well with the playing styles of each other.The Guyana Lawn Tennis Association (GLTA) has expressed gratitude to a long list of sponsors who have continued to offer assistance over the years, as the GLTA seeks to create opportunities for young children through the great sport of tennis.Among those sponsors are John Fernandes Limited, Toolsie Persaud Limited, Republic Bank Limited, P & P Insurance Brokers & Consultants, Rohan Auto Spares, and Gafoors.last_img read more