first_imgFor today’s Rad Tracks, Joe Russo’s Almost Dead shares pro-shot footage from their Boulder Theater performance on December 16, 2016. After two sets of Grateful Dead madness, with teases of Loud Reed, Neil Young, and more, the quintet stepped up for an outrageous encore with a heavy “Dancin’ In The Streets ~ Pork & Slaw ~ Dancin’ ~ My Sharona Jam ~ Dancin’ Reprise.”This performance marked the debut of Almost Dead’s cover of “Pork & Slaw” by Scott Metzger’s Wolf! and “My Sharona Jam” by The Knack. Don’t sleep on this:Setlist: Joe Russo’s Almost Dead | Boulder Theater | Boulder, CO | 12/16/16Set One (9:18pm – 10:28pm)Big Railroad Blues (TH) >Feel Like A Stranger (SM)Bird Song @ (TH) ->The Other One # (SM)Mississippi Half Step $ (TH) ->Three Question Marks Jam % ->Let It Grow^ (SM)Set Two (11:04pm – 12:44am)Alice D Millionaire & (SM) ->I Know You Rider (All)Tennessee Jed (TH) ->Becky Jam ->Tennessee Jed Reprise (TH) * ->The Wheel Jam + ->Let It Grow Jam ->The Wheel @@ (All) ->They Love Each Other ## (TH) ->Estimated Prophet $$ (SM) ->Touch Of Grey (TH)E: Dancing In The Streets %% (SM) ->Pork & Slaw ^^ ->Dancing In The Streets (SM) ->My Sharona Jam && ->Dancing In The Streets Reprise ** (SM)@ – With Cryptical Teases x 2 (TH)# – With a “Hippie Dream” (Neil Young) Jam – may become a track, depending on length$ – With a “Walk on the Wild Side” (Lou Reed) Tease (DD)% – First Time Played by Almost Dead, Joe Lukasik Cover; not the entire song. Used to be covered by the Benevento Russo Duo.^ – With an Other One Tease (Band), a Cryptical Tease (MB) & an Unknown Tease (MB)& – Not played by Almost Dead since Brooklyn Bowl, Brooklyn, NY 2015-01-23, a gap of 77 shows* – Not played by Almost Dead since Brooklyn Bowl, Brooklyn, NY 2015.10.3, a gap of 52 shows+ – First Time Played By Almost [email protected]@ – Unfinished, with a “”Moonlight Mile” (Rolling Stones) Jam – may become a track, depending on length## – With a “Shortnin’ Bread” (James Whitcomb Riley) Tease, a “Hamp’s Hump” (Lou Donaldson) Tease (JR), a West LA Fade Away Tease (MB) and a “Rudolph The Red Nose Reindeer” (Robert Lewis May) Tease (MB)$$ – With a Uncle John’s Band Tease (SM) & an “Inspector Gadget Theme” (Unknown) Tease (SM)%% – With a Feel Like a Stranger Tease (MB)^^ – WOLF! cover, First Time Played by Almost Dead&& – The Knack cover, First Time Played by Almost Dead** – Not Played by Almost Dead since Summer Camp, Chillicothe, IL, 2015.05.23, a gap of 59 showsDon’t miss Joe Russo’s Almost Dead’s upcoming performance at Fool’s Paradise on March 31st in St. Augustine, FL. The group will be join hosts Lettuce and bands like, The Floozies, The Motet, and more, with Antwaun Stanley and Oteil Burbridge as artists-at-large! More information can be found here.last_img read more

first_imgAs students returned to Saint Mary’s campus for the new school year, many noticed new arrangements at Cyber Cafe.According to general manager of Dining Services Barry Bowles, the cafe went through a remodeling over the summer to help improve efficiency, to meet better the needs of students and to further sustainability goals held by Sodexo, the dining services provider of Saint Mary’s.Caitlyn Jordan | The Observer Bowles said the new configuration of the cafe is actually the same setup it had a number of years ago. He said the College had a need for more seating in the Student Center, especially since Rice Commons holds more and more events each year and thus cannot always be utilized by students.“We need seats,” Bowles said. “We need a comfortable space for students. … I’ve seen professors doing small groups in [Cyber] this year. Professors meeting with students in there, that type of thing. I think it’s serving its purpose to what we wanted it to do. I still am excited about what we’re doing.”Another change is the absence of the iMacs that used to line a wall of the cafe. Bowles said those computers were the most underutilized computers on campus, so IT moved them to other buildings on campus.However, the IT department increased the strength of the wi-fi in the cafe, and they are working on including charging stations so students can still use their personal devices, Bowles said.Not only did the cafe switch its market and seating area, but Bowles said other changes have also been made. Two programs the cafe is focusing on this year are options from Starbucks and sustainability.“Our biggest concern coming back was sustainability issues,” Bowles said. “All those little creamers and sugar packets and everything else. You’ll notice everything now is self-contained. We’re trying to reduce the amount of waste we have in that area. … It may not seem like much to have the bulk liquid creamer and the bulk sugar, but every little bit is helping.”Starbucks options will also increase in the cafe, Bowles said, and those changes are expected to happen in the near future.The new look of the cafe also helps decrease wait times for food and motivates employees to work better, Bowles said. People no longer have to crowd the cash registers because there is more open space to wait for orders.“We are busier, but students don’t wait as long, and now the wait is actually tolerable because not everyone is standing right there,” he said. “There’s places to go and sit down and wait for you to be called. It’s a lot more comfortable, and there’s not that big congestion.“What that did was ease the stress on the staff. It has this mental effect for employees that they are doing a good job and they are moving fast. Before, they couldn’t really tell.”As for the market, Bowles said the switch helped make everything look more organized. The new area made shelves a more viable option, and the products are better spaced out.The market also increased its selection, he said.“We’re carrying more products that students were looking for,” Bowles said. “What’s nice about how it’s laid out now is that it looks more organized and it looks a lot better kept than what we’ve done in the past.”He said some products were discontinued, such as two-liter bottles of soda, because those were not selling at the prices Sodexo was required to have. The chip section has been reduced, but the overall aesthetic of the market makes this less noticeable.Students and employees have welcomed the changes within Cyber Cafe, Bowles said. He has received positive feedback, and the cafe made $1,000 more in the first week of school than it had the same week previous years.Tags: cyber cafe, Food Serviceslast_img read more

first_img FacebookTwitterLinkedInEmailPrint分享Market forces will continue to drive rapid evolution of the energy industry, organizers of IEEFA’s Energy Finance 2016 conference said in opening remarks today.“Money talks,” said Michael Burger, executive director for the Sabin Center for Climate Change at Columbia Law School, which is playing host to the conference. “Much if not most climate action will be driven by money and markets.”Sandy Buchanan, IEEFA’s executive director, said finance has become a growing force in energy market transitions and that information shared at the conference will be used “as parts of campaigns going on around the world.”Buchanan said 2015 was a watershed year in coal-management policy especially, noting the recent federal moratorium on Powder River Basin coal leases, the announcement this year that New York State is going coal free, the growing difficulties facing development of coal mines in Australia and trends in India and China that show slowdown in the appetite for coal in those countries.“Capital flight will increasingly be a thing,” said Tim Buckley, IEEFA’s director of energy finance studies, Australia, noting the decision last year by Norway’s pension fund to divest from coal and how the World Bank, the Asian Development Bank and major investment banks have distanced themselves from coal.“Further capital flight is inevitable,” said Buckley, citing ongoing collapses in coal stock and in stocks closely tied to coal-fired generation. IEEFA Energy Finance 2016: Market Forces Continue to Push Energy Sector Change Globallylast_img read more

first_img When a leaf falls in the jungle, the eagle sees it, the serpent senses it, and the tiger smells it. The Iwia soldier sees, senses, and smells it… IWIA Soldier creed “Welcome to the jungle!” shout two indigenous soldiers who stand guard dressed in their traditional garb, before one goes through the main entrance of the school yard. Complete with spears, war paint, and screaming out a war chant in their native tongue, it’s an intimidating sight to say the least. Located in the eastern Amazon region of Ecuador’s Pastaza province, the Iwias Jungle and Counterinsurgency School was founded in 1997 to train indigenous Ecuadorean soldiers in the art of jungle warfare. Iwia means “jungle demons” in the local Shuar language of one of the seven indigenous tribes of the region, and the term is attributed to one of the jungle gods of this tradition. The school bearing this name seeks to recruit soldiers that are native to the country’s Amazon because of their inherent expertise and familiarity of jungle survival. Applicants must also be fluent in their native tongue and be familiar with their home environment. “Our mission here is to train the indigenous soldier in jungle special operations and hone their knowledge of their natural habitat,” says Lieutenant Colonel Marcelo Pozo, director of the school. “Who better to fight alongside you in the jungle than one who is native to this area?” The Shuar warriors date back to the pre-Columbian era, when they became known for being bloody fighters who hunted down their enemies to behead them. Today, the Shuars share the Ecuadorean Amazon with other natives, including the Achuar, Huaorani, Kichwa, Sápara, Andoa and Shiwiar. In 1981, Ecuador and neighboring Peru brought a long-standing border dispute between them to war during the Conflict of Paquisha. Indigenous soldiers participated in the conflict, showing the Ecuadorean military their aptitude for jungle warfare. After witnessing this first-hand, and with a vision to the future, Ecuadorean Joint Staff Colonel (Ret.) Gonzalo Barragán proposed the creation of a special group of indigenous soldiers from the country’s Amazon. Col. Barragán then created the first military specialty courses in the native Shuar tongue, paving the way for what would become the IWIAS School as it stands today, headquartered in a military base of varied and rough terrain near the city of Puyo. Then, in 1995, the Ecuador-Peru conflict took a heightened turn and the two nations again took arms during the Cenepa Conflict, over an unmarked line of demarcation between the two, along the Cenepa river. Again, the indigenous jungle soldiers joined their Ecuadorean military brethren and proved that they were a force to be reckoned with because of their ancestral customs and their domain of the jungle environment during operations to defend their national sovereignty. The Iwias’s performance during the Cenepa Conflict led the Ecuadorean government to officially recognize them with the War Merit Cross for defending territorial integrity. With the aim of training indigenous aspiring soldiers to become professional elite combatants of the Ecuadorean Army’s jungle units, the school currently offers a two-year curriculum with five different officer and troop level specialty courses: Iwias Course: Is the initial and most important course in the program, and lasts close to three months. It trains natives in jungle warfare using conventional weapons (rifles, pistols, machine guns) and indigenous weapons (spears, knives, poisonous blow darts). This course also tests each native’s physical and mental fitness and their ability and capacity to survive in the jungle. Upon completing this initial phase, soldiers then have the opportunity to specialize in a variety of disciplines native to the region. Wañuchic Course: The name means “jungle killer” in the Kychwa language. It is designed to sharpen the soldiers’ hunting skills and train them as snipers. The soldiers that complete this course go on to form part of a special operations battalion in which their specific mission is to hunt to survive in the jungle using any readily-available or easy to build weapon. Tayuwa Course: The name comes from the Shuar language meaning “explorer”, and is also the name of a local bird – the tayo – which lives inside caves. This course trains soldiers to support operations by exploring the jungle, caves, caverns, and rivers through the use of special equipment and material to take advantage of the terrain. Ñaupak Course: The name also originates in the Kychwa tongue, and means “preceding”, a precursor, something that leads a way, and trains soldiers to carry out infiltrations by fluvial, aerial and land means in order to select heliports, claim beach heads and carry out helicopter rescues by maximizing special jungle operations. Arutam Course: The name means “ecologist” in the Shuar language and represents the god of nature and master of waterfalls. The course trains soldiers to apply their ancestral knowledge in everything relating to natural medicine, including the production and application of poisons as well as conserving the flora and fauna of the eastern region. Soldiers enrolled in this specialty course learn how to use nature’s pharmacy to build first aid kits to cure anything from cuts, wounds, and insect bites, to blood hemorrhaging, recipes to obtain an energy boost, and use tranquilizers. These soldiers also learn what plants are poisonous and how they can be used to fabricate lethal weapons such as the blow dart. Currently there are approximately 5,000 Iwias soldiers in the Ecuadorean Army, with the school graduating an average of 300 in each class. Once an Iwia graduate concludes his specialized training, he is deployed into the eastern region for 12 years, unless special circumstances warrant otherwise. Recently, Iwias soldiers have been deployed to the northern border with Colombia to combat incursions from illegal armed groups in that country. In the past, the school has received visits from Brazilian military, which has a similar school in their Amazon basin. Though Ecuador’s Iwias School has traditionally focused on recruiting Ecuadorean male indigenous tribal members, its doors do not remain closed to applicants from other countries. “I invite all our partner nations to be a part of our school,” said Lt. Col. Pozo. “We are the Iwias, the demons of the jungle, the demons of the Ecuadorean Army…and as our motto emblazoned on our patch proclaims – Never Defeated!” I congratulate the Arutam and the Iwias. But I see indigenous soldiers being mentioned. We the Shuar are not Indians or indigenous. There are no Indians here. We are Shuar, a civilization like any other in the world. They call small or conquered people Indians, why don’t they do the same with other civilizations of the world? If the Shuar population was 20 millions they wouldn’t say it, even less if we had atomic bombs. How simple thinking that of the Peruvians who believe themselves to be superior. Before Christopher Columbus there were no Indians. There were empires, kings, princes, etc. And today to be called indigenous, how ignorant. Luis Tibipa the truth is that it’s very nice to be in the army, and I like that I can apply for the aspiring soldier course. I admire the IWIAS a lot since in 1994 I did my military service on their base (puyo), and being from guayaquil it was an unforgettable experience for me, one that I still tell my friends about; go through survival tracks in the rainforest is something you carry will you all your life….I wanted to take the course but they didn’t let me because I wasn’t a native, this is the only thing that prevented it because they made us learn everything, our instructors were IWIAS themselves, so much so that at the end of the military service, in 1995 when we had the war with Peru, all of us who had performed military service in the east were called, because we were the most recent and the most fit to go back… but after that we received a notification at home that we didn’t have to go back; it was all so great, what an experience, God willing I’d like to send my son when his turn comes, but he’s only 2 years old… my company was called batallon de selva 48 Sangay (Lorocachi) diablos de selva “never vanquished”…. until next time With reference to Alex’s comment, my dear friend, for your information the term is SURVIVAL COURSE, there is no outliving course! There is nothing like giving your life for the homeland. I agree with you, Jose Luis. I’m doing a monograph of the arutam course but I need more information. Maybe you can provide me with more information. I love it and would like to be a part of them. I AM PROUD TO BE FROM ECUADOR AND TO HAVE THIS GROUP OF IWIA WARRIORS I want to get into the Iwias’ school I need to register please. How do I get into the website of the brave seeders? I need to register. I want to join the armed forces of Ecuador I am proud to be from Ecuador and have this group of Iwia warriors. It’s great to be able to count on such a well-prepared army. Iwias, Ecuadoran pride The Best of Ecuador Ecuadoran Pride. I Was In The Military Naval Infantry Special Forces I am Paraguayan. Admirable to the founder of this school to keep up the well being of the country in that remote area Good afternoon I am from the province of Guayas and I want to enroll but I don’t know how to speak any Amazonian language just Spanish can I enroll By Dialogo July 01, 2012last_img read more

first_imgYou may not have seen, but Microsoft just wrote a check few can imagine. In pursuit of a comprehensive business platform, they are acquiring LinkedIn for a staggering $26.2 billion. In cash.It would be the largest acquisition in company history, far exceeding the $8.5 billion they paid for Skype. So what can a social media platform for job hunters, executives, general employees, and recruiters possibly have to offer for a software and services firm like Microsoft? I mean, they have Office. What else could they want?Big Data. Hold on, let me rephrase that. #BigData. Because knowing the trends behind it helps to better understand the rationale. Remember that article CU Insight shared of mine about your members’ data? It’s truly big business, and whatever you aren’t doing, someone else is. Besides, it’s really about better serving your members, and using the information you already have is the best way forward. continue reading » 2SHARESShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblrlast_img read more

first_imgWojciech Szczesny reveals Arsene Wenger’s furious reaction to White Hart Lane selfie The goalkeeper grabbed his phone after beating Spurs in 2014 (Picture: Instagram / @poldi_official)Wojciech Szczesny has revealed that Arsene Wenger was very unhappy with the goalkeeper over his now infamous selfie at White Hart Lane when Arsenal beat Spurs back in 2014.A solitary strike from Tomas Rosicky in just the second minute secured bragging rights for the red half of north London, with Szczesny rushing to the away end at full-time, grabbing his phone and taking a selfie with Lukas Poldolski and Kieran Gibbs.While Szczesny’s cheeky gesture went down well with fans, Wenger was rather less impressed and gave his keeper a dressing down after he found out what he had done. Metro Sport ReporterMonday 27 Apr 2020 12:40 pmShare this article via facebookShare this article via twitterShare this article via messengerShare this with Share this article via emailShare this article via flipboardCopy link1.9kShares Advertisement Advertisementcenter_img Comment Wenger was not best pleased with Szczesny’s antics when he was at Arsenal (Picture: Getty)The goalkeeper continued: ‘When he had to he was quite cold. The boss is a very warm person and you know his image, he’s open and friendly to everybody, but when he speaks to you as an employee of his football club he can be quite cold.‘And I think that’s his way of managing the football club, and you also have to understand the age difference between the boss and the players. He was 40 odd years older than us. So there’s some respect that comes just from the age difference and it’s only fair that way.’MORE: Wojciech Szczesny reveals conversation with Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger after he was caught smokingMORE: Arsenal winning race to sign Chelsea star Willian on free transferFollow Metro Sport across our social channels, on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.For more stories like this, check our sport page. FIFA and WHO team up to give you five ways to tackle spread of coronavirusTo view this video please enable JavaScript, and consider upgrading to a web browser that supports HTML5 video Play VideoLoaded: 0%0:00Progress: 0%PlayMuteCurrent Time 0:00/Duration Time 1:43FullscreenFIFA and WHO team up to give you five ways to tackle spread of coronavirus is a modal window.Beginning of dialog window. Escape will cancel and close the window.TextColorWhiteBlackRedGreenBlueYellowMagentaCyanTransparencyOpaqueSemi-TransparentBackgroundColorBlackWhiteRedGreenBlueYellowMagentaCyanTransparencyOpaqueSemi-TransparentTransparentWindowColorBlackWhiteRedGreenBlueYellowMagentaCyanTransparencyTransparentSemi-TransparentOpaqueFont Size50%75%100%125%150%175%200%300%400%Text Edge StyleNoneRaisedDepressedUniformDropshadowFont FamilyProportional Sans-SerifMonospace Sans-SerifProportional SerifMonospace SerifCasualScriptSmall CapsReset restore all settings to the default valuesDoneClose Modal DialogEnd of dialog window.Asked if Wenger had ever given him a grilling, Szczesny told Arsenal’s new In Lockdown podcast: ‘I had one where he wasn’t happy, that was the famous selfie at White Hart Lane.AdvertisementAdvertisementADVERTISEMENT‘He wasn’t exactly happy about that one and looking back at it I would never do it again. But I think I was 21 or 22 years old at the time and you really enjoy those kind of things and it was great for me back then.‘Now looking back at it, it was probably childish and I know he wasn’t happy with that one at the time. No punishments whatsoever, but he let me know.More: Arsenal FCArsenal flop Denis Suarez delivers verdict on Thomas Partey and Lucas Torreira movesThomas Partey debut? Ian Wright picks his Arsenal starting XI vs Manchester CityArsene Wenger explains why Mikel Arteta is ‘lucky’ to be managing Arsenal‘I might not be exactly accurate in the way I report this back to you, but it was kind of, “You never see Iker Casillas doing that do you?” and I was like, “Yeah you’re probably right there”.’Szczesny, who spent two seasons on loan at Roma before joining Juventus in 2017, also revealed that Wenger could be quite cold with his players when he needed to be and rarely discussed anything other than football with them.last_img read more

first_imgNotus Heavy Lift Solutions has entered the US offshore wind market with the launch of an office in New York.According to Notus Heavy Lift Solutions, the venture is a result of several trips to the US which led to multiple client engagements in the North American region and provided the platform for expansion.The company said that due to the levels of interest it will also look to open a second office in Boston in the near future.“With the many years of inhouse experience and expertise Notus Heavy Lift Solutions has gained within the EU Offshore Wind Industry, we are in a strong position to add significant value and contribute to the burgeoning US offshore wind sectors,” Notus Heavy Lift Solutions Managing Director, Wesley Walberg, said.“Our primary focus will be to provide the correct level of support at an accelerated pace to overcome the steep learning curve that the US sector finds itself in. We are best positioned to support the US market in this way, ensuring future success whilst providing relevant local content and expertise along this exciting journey.”In addition, the company’s newly appointed Head of Global Sales, Richard Probert, will be involved in the US business, although the position has not been disclosed.In regard to offshore wind projects, the UK-based Notus Heavy Lift Solutions has worked on several domestic projects including the Lincs, Teesside, West of Duddon Sands, Gwynt y Môr and Westermost Rough wind farms.Several US East Coast states have recently committed to developing over 8GW of offshore wind capacity by 2030, with New Jersey leading the pack with a 3.5GW target, followed by New York’s 2.4GW commitment.Massachusetts aims at adding 1.6GW, with Maryland committing to two projects with a combined capacity of some 368MW. Connecticut’s recently issued Request for Proposals (RfP) pushed the overall offshore wind target over the 8GW mark.last_img read more

first_imgLifeNews 31 October 2013A group of 16 states have filed briefs with the U.S. Supreme Court this week that encourage the high court to reverse a federal appeals court decision overturning a ban the state of Arizona passed to ban abortions after 20 weeks because unborn children feel pain.The states are among the parties that filed briefs asking the high court to reverse a U.S. Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit decision against an Arizona law restricting non-emergency abortions after 20 weeks. Arizona legislators enacted the law based on evidence that shows children experience pain beginning at least at that stage and that women can experience increased physical risk and significant psychological trauma from late-term abortions.Alliance Defending Freedom attorneys are co-counsel in the case, Horne v. Isaacson, along with Arizona Solicitor General Robert Ellman, Maricopa County Attorney William Montgomery, former U.S. Attorney General Edwin Meese III, John Eastman of the Center for Constitutional Jurisprudence, and attorneys with Americans United for Life. Last month, Montgomery and Arizona Attorney General Tom Horne petitioned the Supreme Court to hear the case.“Every innocent life deserves to be protected,” said Alliance Defending Freedom Senior Counsel Casey Mattox. “Not only does this law protect children in the womb who experience horrific pain during a late-term abortion, it also protects mothers from the increased risk of physical harm and tremendous psychological consequences that come with late-term abortions.”“As the numerous states and organizations who have filed briefs with the Supreme Court rightly argue, Arizona’s law is entirely reasonable and constitutional,” added lead counsel John Eastman, director of the Center for Constitutional Jurisprudence and one of nearly 2,300 attorneys allied with Alliance Defending Freedom. “We hope the Supreme Court accepts this invitation to revisit the extreme constraints Roe v. Wade imposed on the ability of states to respond to new medical knowledge and safeguard women’s health.” read more

first_imgMadagascar is seeking to relaunch its Lychee sector as it slowly recovers from the 2009 coup and economic collapse. Prior to the political crisis, Madagascar used to export an average of more than 30,000 tonnes annually, but this has steadily dropped to about 22,500 tonnes. Growers are however confident that this year’s crop will help maintain traditional markets and expandlast_img

first_imgThousands ofanti-government protesters had gathered in central Baghdad on Monday, defying aplea by Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi to stand down. Separately, atleast one protester was killed and 10 wounded in Shatra town, sources said. Security andmedical sources put the toll at four killed and 34 wounded. BAGHDAD – Iraqisecurity forces killed at least five people when they opened fire on protestershere, a witness said, as thousands took part in the wave of anti-governmentprotests.     Demonstrationsalso took place in other locations, including the main Gulf port Umm Qasr andsouthern Shatra, where security forces allegedly killed a protester.     Over 250 Iraqiswere killed in demonstrations since the start of October.(Reuters) Demonstrators take part in the anti-government protests in Baghdad, Iraq on Nov. 4. REUTERS/THAIER AL-SUDANIlast_img read more